From BP: Checklist for corrupt state/medical kidnap cases

feel free to download and use on your case.

Don’t forget if the police or DCFS show up to grab your kid, they have to have a warrant unless there is imminent danger of serious injury or death. That means someone is hold a gun to their head, not that the child is thin or malnourishment is alleged, they re dirty or unkempt, etc.


state medical kidnap check list todo.jpg

2 thoughts on “From BP: Checklist for corrupt state/medical kidnap cases

  1. Do you know what happens to all this paper you are accumulating? It gathers dust in the several boxes you are saving,in your garage! While you are hoping your case will be called some day, the crooked judge and attorneys you are paying are taking your money and delay delay delay! The US Judicial system is a fraud and criminal enterprise set up solely to defraud, derail and obstruct p justice. These facts are more and more evident every day….just watch the News …Mueller has shown us that there is a separate and distinct level of punishment for those who “dare” ring the bells. This all the more reason to fight back….join a good Advocacy Group regarding your case (easily found online these days). My own particular focus is the corrupt Probate System which is Nationwide. There is only one way to rebuild a house and it is with many hands….one case (story) will not “fix” it! Join and get active and together, in numbers, we can make some noise.

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