From AG: It’s women’s herstory month. How much do you really know about women’s legal herstory. How much do your kids know?

From Alan Greyson, Congressional Rep:

When do women face attacks on equal access to health care? Now.

When have women been denied equal pay? Now.

When have conservatives organized nationally to block the Equal Rights Amendment? Now. Here and now.

And if you’re looking for history (or herstory), look how slowly change has come: The 19th Amendment, giving women the vote, was ratified “only” 129 years after the Bill of Rights, and “only” 50 years after the 15th Amendment gave male ex-slaves the vote. Contraceptives weren’t covered under the Public Health Service Act until 1970, 26 years after the PHSA itself became law. “Female hysteria” was a recognized (albeit fictive) mental illness until 1952. (One of the baneful symptoms of female hysteria was “sexual desire.”) The states have passed more than a thousand anti-abortion laws to try to counter Roe v. Wade since 1973. And, of course, women are paid only 80 cents for every dollar paid to men.

Last question in today’s quiz. Who said this:

“I’m willing to fight for Social Security, Medicare, student loans, U.S. jobs, equal pay, progressive taxation and full employment.”

 From Joanne;
And don’t forget the EEOC was passed in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act, but had absolutely no teeth until much later in 1982.  Until then, women were not allowed to be lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers, architects etc. They were supposed to only be teachers and nurses.   If a woman graduated college in one of these fields (assuming she could get in), she was told she could only be a secretary or assistant to a man in those fields.
It is well known in patent history, women were told not to file patents or to file them in the name of a male relative.  I actually met patent attorneys who told women this years ago because they felt the examiners would not grant patents to a female name unless was for female clothing or personal products.
I actually sweated out getting my first job with General Motors Corp. because no car division was hiring female mechanical engineers, until the EEOC in 1982 finally told the Fortune 500 they had to start hiring women professionals and had to set quotas.  So I got a job.  I had great grades and references, etc. but otherwise I, like the other bright female engineers who loved math and science would have had to go back to get a masters degree and wait for jobs to appear.  Many of my friends in the Masters and PhD programs were just women waiting patiently for the EEOC.  Now a former judge from the EEOC, Mary Elizabeth Bullock has stories of how major corporations have corrupted even out own beloved EEOC.  You can friend this famous honest woman lawyer on Facebook.  She is still fighting for women and minorities to take back the EEOC to Truth and Justice.
Women fought long and hard for equal rights.  I remember being as young as 10, paying a quarter and going down to the Daley center by myself to attend the numerous women’s marches and ralleys for equal rights and it was mostly the hippies that pushed for this and pushed for peace during the war era years.  I believe they were the first wave of special entities sent for peace and love and truth and justice and they made a big splash.
Now we have the crystals, indigoes and rainbow kids and they are making their own wave with even more energy of the light; and no, they’re not going away, and there is no going back.
One of the signs I am told of ascension for the plant is equal rights between men and women and no gender wars and we just appreciate one another.  When we get the ERA, it will be another sign. Remember communism fell in a day and not due to any forces on earth. Same for the Berlin wall.  It is through prayer we make those changes here on earth.
It’s coming.   I’m praying for it.

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