From EF: Pay to play well alive in Cook County Court System but this is not disclosed to voters or litigants

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Dear All,
I continue to report rampant corruption and violations of ethics in Illinois Court system, where majority of judges obtained their judicial seats through connections with certain politicians and powerful judges.
Alison Conlon, a  relative to a well-connected lawyer William F. Conlon,  (daughter?), was  appointed on  February 2, 2015, as a Circuit Court Judge by the Illinois Supreme Court, at the recommendation of Justice Mary Jane Theis.
Alison Conlon has all mandatory merits to be a judge in Cook County Court. Surprisingly, she just got a Municipal Division seat, but I am confident that with her credentials she will be moved to the higher Division promptly.
Alison is an insider who knows many secrets in our Court system but will never disclose them  because  her family is a part of the business. 
Alison Conlon paid very substantial amounts of money to Cook County Democrats (aka Madigan and Berrios $40,200).  Her relative (my guess- father)  William F. Conlon  gave $3,500 to Justice Theis; and $1,500 to Ed Burke. His Firm, Sidley Austin gave Justice Theis $9,500.00; Ed  Burke $27,000 and Justice Anne Burke over $14,000, which is  also a substantial merit for selection of judges by Justices Theis and Burke.   
Alison Conlon’s connections with Senior Federal Judge Suzanne Conlon (my guess- either mother or aunt) is a huge merit.  Sidley Austin (where Obamas worked) represent many shady corporations, like Johnson & Johnson (and I actually didn’t know about these cases) and usually very successful.
Alison Conlon’s relationship with Julia Bauer, niece to  Judge William J. Bauer, Senior Judge in Federal Court of Appeals, is a  merit, too. 
Another huge merit is a relative (my guess-uncle) James J. Conlon who works for Chief Timothy Evans. This connection cannot be underestimated by any lawyer who needs a particular judge to be assigned on their cases. In 2014 Hinshaw & Culbertson’s lawyers (VIP insiders, with at least 5 personal judges in our Court) somehow replaced judge Flannery, whom I submitted my Motion,  with judge Hogan who denied it in the eye blink;  and ruled for H&C from whom he received  $4,550 (without disclosures to me, of course).  Now I know exactly how it happened. 
William Conlon is a Chair in Chicago Board of Ethics, which is another merit. Most recently he was presiding over  an “illegal lobbying” scandal with  Emmanuel which involved ..,  well, lets call by its real name – bribes to the mayor, where Conlon was criticized for covering violations.  Of course William F. Conlon  will never find any violations of ethics among those  who helps his family to rack $$$ legal fees and get taxpayers-funded paychecks. 
Attorney Kevin Fee – Sidley Austin LLP – is a trial lawyer for IL Judicial Inquiry Board. So, if a judge is caught for drunk driving – he/she could be suspended (if its not a clout-heavy  judge). If a judge obstructs justice, criminally conceals material  evidence and commits fraud upon the Court, like Senechalle; or pay $25,100 for her judicial seat to convicted in bribes Isaak Carothers for his aunt’s judicial seat, like Patricia Spratt  – it all  will be  covered. JIB never even bothered to respond my complaint against Spratt – even with a runaround. Its normal to detain people in her Courtroom without any cause; and any explanations – because her family connections with Judge Bauer and his cronies will prevail. 
Basically this is the main reason why non-clout lawyers and ProSe litigants will never find neither fair election or fair hearings – this Court is built by insiders to serve insiders. Insiders cover for insiders, and so on. 
Worth to mention, neither Alison Conlon, Clare Quish, Patricia Spratt, John C. Griffin, Daniel J. Pierce, Thomas Hoffman, and other insiders, never disclosed how well connected are their families and friends in our legal system.
Conlon only said that her parents raised her in Glencoe…without mentioning any  connections in the Court.
Quish was presented to voters as a “former clerk for an Appeal Court Justice (without justice’s name (Theis, of course)) and a girl who was raised mostly by IRISH mother (never mentioned her well-connected uncle-judge in Law Division, and her father); 
Spratt said that she worked many years  for an Attorney General; a Federal Judge and an Appeal Court Judge – collectively William J. Bauer, which was not mentioned; cited a quote from a “dear friend” aka William Bauer, and so on. 
So, they know that their raise to power was corrupt – and tried  to deceive  IL voters.
 And for those of you that don’t know this, Illinois Supreme Court Judge Anne Burke is married to Ed (Fast Eddie) Burke, who often receives substantial donations to the DNC in cash, it is said.  He has admitted publicly that he has “the list” of lawyers who will get judgeships–for the right price, of course, paid in cash.

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