Volunteers and donations needed!

If you want to help fight corruption in Cook County and the US, here is what we need:

  1.  Volunteer attorneys, paralegals and court corruption victims.  Help other pro se people.  As long as you don’t charge and just help people, you don’t run afoul of the licensed bar rules.  Try to take cases from the poor and indigent, like I do.  Start a charity or use mine, no problem.  If you have access to Westlaw and Lexis or even Fastcase, all the better.
  2.   Copy paper.  I go through a lot of copy paper. So drop off any packs you have or any left overs from packs.  We run thru paper like bankshees.
  3.   Patreon.com.  I just signed up at Patreon.com/joannedenison.  Donate monthly.  You can do this anonymously.
  4.   Moving assistance.  I am looking at moving to a better, nicer office space that is brand new with state of the art facilities.  Let me know if you are strong and can lift a box or two or can provide a moving van. We are moving up and out.
  5.   Prayers. If you have no money, just pray for us. We need to oust all the corruption in Cook County, the State of Illinois and the US, next will be world wide. I see corruption in guardianship creeping into London and Sydney Austrailia. Let’s do something better to protect the elderly and disabled who often cannot speak for themselves.

Bless you all


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