From KKD: Void Judgments, Larkin perfidy, etc.

I received an e-mail that I responded to with my comments in red.    I am forwarding the words and phrases as the problem is brought forward in a very straight forward manner, to wit:
On Thursday, March 8, 2018, 11:21:28 AM CST, MARK TOMEY SR. <> wrote:
Mr. Ditkowsky: some legal passages concerning “void judgements”
          a.) “Any judge who does not comply with his oath of office to the Constitution 

of the United States, wars against the Constitution and engages in violation of the 

Supreme Law of the Land. If a judge does not fully comply with the Constitution, then

his orders are void. In re Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888), he is without jurisdiction, and 

he/ she has engaged in an act or acts of treason. U.S. v. Will 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101 

S. Ct. 471, 66 EEd. 2d 392, 406 (1980); Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 

5 L. Ed. 257 (1821).    I have no problem with the statement – but note a judge who acts ultra vires creats a voidable judgment at best – not a void judgment.
               b.) Judgement is a “void judgement” if court has rendered judgement lacked 

jurisdiction of the subject matter, or of the parties, or acted in a manner inconsistent 

with due process. Klugh v. U.S., D.C.S.C., 610 F. Supp. 892, 901.  absolutely correct.

               c.) A court lacks jurisdiction anytime it denies a citizen the Bill of Rights 

or amendments, particularly Due Process 1308, (C.A. 10 (Colo.). 1994); VC.A. 10   Now we are getting into the area of distinctions.    If a judge acts badly, or exceeds his authority an Appellate Court usually reverses the action.    Here the action of the judge is subject to reversal and we can consider the judgment rendered voidable.    A voidable judgment is fully enforceable until reversed.      

(Colo.), 1994).  “Spitzberg v Notaro – Judge Gerald Rosenberg void – There is a miscon-

ception by some attorneys and judges that only a judge may declare an order void, but 

this is not the law: (1) there is no statute nor case law that supports this position, and 

(2) should there be any case law that allegedly supported this argument, it would be 

directly contrary to the law established by the U.S. Supreme Court in Vallely v. Northern This is true but, self help is prohibited.   Thus if a judge enters an order that it is illegal to wear a red shirt, indeed that order is void.    If Law Enforcement desires to enforce the order, it is protected UNTIL the order is ruled by a Court having jurisdiction as void.     Ordinary citizens like you and me do not get to determine which orders are void, voidable, valid, or not applicable.   This is the function of the judicial system.      This is also the reason that CORRUPTION in the Courts is such a devastating crime. 

Fire & Marine Ins. Co. 254 U.S. 348, 41 S. Ctr. 116 (1920) as well as other state courts, e.g.

by the Illinois Supreme Court in People v Miller. Supra. 

              d.) Per Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 1574, void 

judgement is defined as “one which has no legal effect, invalidity of which may be 

asserted by any person whose rights are affected at any time and at any place directly 

or collaterally.”

              e.) Violation of due process results in “void judgements”: “A court lacks jurisdic-

tion anytime it denies you the Bill of Rights or amendments, particularly Due Process” 

1308 (C.A. 10 (Colo.), 1994); V.T.A., Inc. v. Airco, Inc., 597 F. 2d 220, 221 (1979).  A judge-

ment reached without due process of the law is without jurisdiction and thus void. See above:     I have no quarrel with these definitions – my quarrel is with the ‘lay’ interpretation  by some that by their determination that a judgment is void – it is.     In fact it is NOT.    You may feel that your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS have been violated, but only a Court having jurisdiction to make that determination has the authority to determine that facts.

Bass v. Hoagland, 172 F. 2d 205, 209 (1949). Any motion for relief from a void judgement 

is timely reguardless of when it is filed. V.T.A., Inc., supra@ 224 (footnote no. 9). If a 

judgement is  void, it is a nullity from the outset and any Civ. R60 (B) motion is there-

fore filed within a reasonable time. Omer v. Shala, supra@1308 The Words that you should focus upon MOTION FOR RELIEF.    A motion that refers to a voidable judgment has to be brought during term time or the statutory time (2 years) and must meet the criterion of GOOD FAITH and due diligence.     This is a very important distinction.

               f.) In my cases there was bias against a pro se litigant, which has become an

epidemic in American courts, where lawyers become judges who then protect the 

business of lawyers (purportedly illegal in the court system). Justice is not needed to

be purchased according to the law and was written to be”of the people, by the people

and for the people; “we the people”. Yet it has been reported by Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq,

Phd University of Cambridge England, MBA University of Michigan Business School and 

D.E.A. La Sorbonne Paris, who has taken up the cause of pro se litigants, through his 

investigation that over 97% of pro se litigant cases are being illegally dismissed by courts;

and as such said rulings are “void judgments”.   Bias does not create either a void or voidable judgment.   Neither does a judgment entered by a judge who has been ‘wired!’       Such is indeed a violation of civil rights, but if you do not speak up and follow the procedure for addressing the problem (or cannot prove the bias) a valid judgment can be rendered against you.     You also can waive the bias.     (Merely proceeding in the case and allowing the judge to rule on issues can be deemed a waiver.

Let me give you an example.     Lanre Amu, is a lawyer, a graduate engineer, etc.     He emigrated to America from Africa, became a citizen and a lawyer.    His skin color is very dark.     His clients also share his racial characteristics.
It is no secret that Chicago politics is dirty as can be and the “fix” is not uncommon.    Amu ran into an obvious fix representing a client.    The Judge was on the Board of Directors of the defendant and her brother was one of the attorneys for the defendant.  Amu complained and the Judge ignored him.    He then complained to the Bar (IARDC) etc.   His clout was zero and as is quite common the JUDICIAL ELITE were in ‘cover-up’ mode.    
As a believer in the Justice system he would not back down.    The IARDC commenced proceedings against him to induce him to ‘shut up!’     He refused and they sought and obtained an interim order suspending his law license.   He continued on and was awarded a 3 year suspension of his law license.    (During the interim a respected publication (Crain’s Chicago Business) independently investigated and found the exact facts that Amu complained of, to wit:  the Judge was on the Board of the defendant and her brother was an attorney for the defendant.     The JUDICIAL ELITE were unmoved and not only did Amu’s suspension stand, but, as a condition for reinstatement Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court want Amu to admit that he lied and Judge and her brother were acting entirely proper.   He has refused.
The judge, her brother, Mr. Larkin, the Justices of the Supreme Court of Illinois have all acted in the most reprehensible and unconstitutional manner possible –  however, this corrupt judges’ orders are NOT VOID – they are voidable and until our government acts this outrage will be the RULE OF CASE.
Mr. Amu, yours truly, you et al are not given the authority OR the power to unilaterally  impose PROPRIETY on even the most obvious of miscreants.    
Jerome Larkin exceeded his authority when under oath he filed FALSE PLEADINGS intended to deny both Amu and his clients EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.     Indeed, Larkin should be disbarred and sent to jail for his perfidy – BUT ALL OF THAT IS A SEPARATE ISSUE.    We live in a Nation of Laws and from time to time we will find in authority people who should not be – and should be in jail, but, to accomplish the demands of DEMOCRACY we in particular have to be like Caesar’s wife and follow the letter of the law even if it is grossly a bitter pill to absorb.
NB.  Amu’s remedy was Appeal and Petition LAW ENFORCEMENT to do their sworn duty.   Indeed, the remedy is inconvenient, uncertain, and time consuming – but it is the price we pay.       I also would like a more efficacious remedy. 
No matter where you turn, the carnage continues.    The government and the great unwashed pay a 700% fraud surcharge for health care.   Hardly a day goes by and the scenario is repeated, to wit:  an elder incarcerated and removed from his/her family.  The elder’s estate is decimated = if there is any money in it, if not MEDICARE and government programs are used to extract every possible dollar.    
As the time goes by and the theft of Medicare money (and the patient’s assets become more difficult the patient falls out of bed, has hit surgery, follow through illness and dies).   Fast cremation occurs and the elderly person being trafficking is swept under the web.    Anyone who complains has LEGAL PROBLEMS!
The beat continues, to wit:
On Thursday, March 8, 2018, 10:38:07 AM CST,  MTS wroge

I have yet to decide what actions and against whom I will take in the

debacle of a 76 year old I had been caring for recently. Baltimore City

Social Services case worker Jorge Mitchell forced him into a Manor Care

facility. When I questioned why none of the family or I as his them power

of attorney had been contacted. said case worker stated that the facility

was good and “if you screw this up for me you will never see Alejandro again”.


It was his intent to see the elder apartment lease and be kept at Manor Care.

My wife, two of the elder’s brother and I went to see the situation for

ourselves. We found him not provided a simple tooth brush he had been

requesting. He was having problems swallowing and thus eating, but if he

did not finish his food in the allotted 1/2 hour, it was taken away and nothing else provided until the next meal


The unit attempted to set up the elder’s girlfriend as power of attorney, but she contacted an attorney, who sent a legal letter stating she would not accept this. Next, I found case workers told the elder if he signed paperwork for them, he would immediately go home. He signed and then got ready to leave. After waiting hours, he was

told he would never go home. I discovered the paperwork to be hospice
 and told all involved it was null and void as the elder never understood

what he was tricked into signing.

 Then, I got a call that he had fallen out of
bed and was sent to Union Memorial Hospital ER. There he stated to me he 
had been walking to the bathroom, when he fell and hit his head. He claimed 
he pressed the emergency call button for an hour but no one came to help
him. I told the ER doctor about his swallowing problem and that he was losing
weight. Said doctor stated they found nothing wrong from his fall and would
give him medication for thrush, as that was most likely his swallowing prob-
 I stated that I wanted the elder transported to York Hospital for further
care. Instead we were forced to drive him in our private car. At the York ER,
the elder was found to have a broken hip. But after his hip surgery he began continued issues with infections and blood pressure drops. The hospital never worked to have him transported to see a liver specialist, though the doctors stated his main issue was liver problems. I questioned his bad gallbladder
as possibly causing systemic poisoning of the elder as had occurred with his
older brother, but this was not taken seriously until the day before his death.
Doctors continually attempted to have me “pull the plug on him” in clear
violation of his written medical directives and without the benefit of a liver
specialist seeing him. The night before his death, a doctor stated he would
be stopping any attempts at resuscitation, would not send him to the ICU
and would withhold blood pressure medications.
 I stated that would be tantamount to murder, and told him not to take such actions. I call the hospital administration and was forced to leave a message for the head of
the hospital. next, I requested who ever was currently in charge of the
hospital that evening, but was forced to leave a message. So, I called the
nurse handling his care, and stated for the record, to be placed also into
his record, that all care must continue for him to maintain his life, or legal
action would be taken against all those involved. Also, I asked her to relay
this to his doctor. Yet about 15 hours later he was dead.
Was a withholding of care involved? I contacted the coroner’s office to let them know about all the improper actions that precluded his death and requested a forensic
autopsy. But the coroner’s office balked. I contacted the governor’s office,
head of the health department, inspector general’s office, etc. I followed

up with the district attorney and filed police reports as requested. In the

end the coroner stated ‘no one would bully her into doing an autopsy”.

The corner’s office had the body sent to a funeral home and cremated,

destroying evidence. My question was why the coroner’s office was not

doing random autopsy’s to check on death of elderly in the hospital, let

alone checking on questionable deaths? their response was a ruling

that this elder had died of “complications from hip surgery”, even though

the treating doctor’s constantly stated that his main health issue was

a bad liver – though no liver specialist ever saw, diagnosed, or treated

him. The attitude when you are old, especially if found to have some
chronic or terminal condition, you should just die – does not matter

how much longer you might live if treated properly. But my response

is no one has an expiration date stamped upon them. And if you think
about it, we are all terminal from the time we are born. The elderly,
and people in general, have become like everything else in our society
today, throwaway; you do not fix it, there are too may more around,
just throw it away, as it has no true value anymore.  Sorry, but I am a
senior citizen, as are many friends, and I take umbrage to this attitude,
as should everyone, as all will become old someday if they live long
enough. I challenge everyone to speak out to protect the elderly!
Mark Tomey Sr.
COINCIDENTS ARE INTERESTING  – I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THEM, BUT THEY MAY EXIST.    If all these elderly people falling out of bed is a coincident maybe the miscreants would not resist so vigorously an HONEST INVESTIGATION!    Maybe the exposure of judicial corruption would not be akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater!”       May be all the corruption would not be so obvious and maybe the elderly victims would not be cremated as soon as their eyes close!!!!
The breach of trust is a TAXABLE EVENT!    If the establishment is so shocked by the concept of an HONEST INVESTIGATION maybe saving the State from bankruptcy would be a reasonable alternative.    As Medicare fraud is clearly present in every one of these cases and all the miscreants work together for a common purpose 18 USCA 371 is applicable.   Ergo, conspirators are JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY liable for damages and Federal and State Income Taxes.     Civil Tax collection carries no stigma!    Thus let me recommend that the State/Federal Bureaucrats intent  on engaging in the activites of ELDER CLEANSING (HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE ELDERLY) pay Federal and State Income taxes due  (plus interest and penalties).
Using the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 as an example.    3 million dollars was stolen from the Estate and tens of thousands of dollars stolen from HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS including Medicare.     Every miscreant who participated has joint and several liability, including Mr. Jerome Larkin and each of the attorneys at the IARDC who participated in attempting to silence the Rule 8.3 reporting of myself and Ms. Denison.
Ken Ditkowsky
Those of us who disregard history are doomed to relive it.    The Elder Cleansing/human trafficking in the elderly is a subject that everyone desires to avoid and ignore.    It does not matter who you are or what you are – when you get old you are a target.    Your children may protest, you may protest, friends may protest, but the protest usually falls on deaf ears.   Occasionally an anomaly occurs and there is a write up in a mainstream publication.  (you of course remember the New Yorker Magazine article published last year!)   The sad commentary is that the amount of money that the ‘swamp’ obtains from the felonies of elder cleansing is so huge that even a call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION meets with extreme resistance.
It is difficult to bring home to the ‘great unwashed’ that each of us is a potential target.     Not one of us is immune.     Unprincipled public officials who profit on the weakness of the potential targets today have the upper hand and are literally protected in every way as they prey on the elderly and the disabled.
I’ve sent everyone in sight the information as to the MARY SYKES and ALICE GORE cases.   I referred every one to the blogs PROBATE SHARKS, MARYGSYKES, NASGA, AAAPG, ****.   The five GAO REPORTS to Congress that have been virtually ignored by our elected representatives have been referred to numerous times.    No one is interested UNTIL THEY ARE THE TARGET or ONE OF THEIR LOVED ONES is a target!   At that point in time it is too late!    A corrupt judge has authorized your (or your loved one’s) estate to be ravaged and a Jerome Larkin clone – if not Larkin himself- has made certain that no lawyer who wants to keep his law license is going to complain.    The corrupt judge and corrupt judicial officials will use the power of the courts to intimidate you or to deny you justice, and you will be labelled a NUT and ignored.
Rest assured – the miscreants who ravage your estate ( or that of your loved one) will escape and enjoy the aforesaid estate fully – without even having to pay a dollar tax on the booty!    Your elected representatives when you write them will express extreme sympathy.     I wrote Senator Durbin (Illinois’ senior senator) and received his response – a copy of one of his stupid speeches on how he was saving social security  – so it too could be stolen.
(Philip Esformes over a year ago was indicted for stealing a billion (nine zeros) dollars in Medicare Funds! – his trial has not been had as of today.   Seth Gillman in a medicare hospice scheme stole many many millions of dollars – when he was rumored to be co-operating with the FBI, it was quite obvious that the POLITICAL ELITE and the JUDICIAL ELITE in Illinois were troubled – -Jerome Larkin and the IARDC filed a petition before the Supreme Court of Illinois for an interim suspension of Gillman’s license.    (There was no danger to public created by his stealing of trust funds or medicare funds etc – Larkin the IARDC only acted when they feared he might expose them to an HONEST INVESTIGATION by Federal Authorities!)

The problem that we face is corruption and hypocrisy.       The local media here in Chicago must think that we – the great unwashed – are stupid.     They accept millions – maybe billions of dollars – from political organizations that are totally irresponsible and promise in election years the world and deliver only corruption and hypocrisy.     The news is slanted in most cases to glorify the POLITICAL ELITE and to reward favorites and punish those who are not liked.


We see multiple examples of the bias daily.   Today, the Chicago Tribune was lauding one of the candidates for Assessor and crying over the fact that she had been removed from the ballot by the election commission only to be reinstated when the political elite candidate appeared to be having trouble in the primary election.    The addition of the previously removed candidate splits the opposition vote and thus almost guarantees that the political elite candidate will be re-slated.      This is an old ploy but an effective one.      It is also being used in the Attorney General’s race for the nomination.     These two offices are essential to maintaining power.      


The parallels are numerous.     The Human Trafficking (elder cleansing) scandal is an obvious metaphor.    The Circuit Court of Cook County, Probate Division can only be described as a cesspool.     Unfortunately, the problem is universal.    The Elderly, and elderly widows are too lucrative and easy target to be neglected.    Five Government Accounting Office reports to Congress have been virtually ignored and government sponsored, and funded organizations have used ever device possible to attempt to silence blogs such as MaryGSykes, Probate Sharks, NASGA, AAAPG, ******.      No ‘dirty trick’ is too ethically challenged or despicable not to be used in the quest to ‘cover up’ the criminal activity of the publicly funded organizations.


In particular, here in Illinois the JoAnne Denison disciplinary proceeding stands out for its infamy and its reach for the nadir of ethical conduct.     The case started out as part of the cover-up of the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585.     One of the Guardian ad litem who was allegedly preying on the elderly matron/widow felt aggrieved that the blog Probate Sharks published a demand made by yours truly and Ms. Denison for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.        The demand for an HONEST INVESTIGATION was prompted by the fact that all the protections of the Act 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 and 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 were ignored, including but not limited to service of a proper summons, prior notice to next of kin,  the holding a hearing as to the extent and nature of any disability (755 ILCS 5/11a – 3), application of the proper standards etc.      Heretofore, a public official – such as a guardian or conservator was considered a fiduciary and owed the ‘ward’ the highest standard of conduct.    Heretofore, forfeiture of property and liberty was strictly prohibited by both the Illinois Constitution and the United States Constitution.     


The demand for an HONEST INVESTIGATION, even though ignored, was a call to LAW ENFORCEMENT to protect the Constitution of the United States of America, the Illinois Constitution of 1970, and the Rule of Law.     As there was three million dollars to be stolen sans Federal and State Tax enforcement, and millions in Federal Health Care money to steal the call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION was totally repugnant to the Establishment.      Attorney Denison not only refused to ‘back off’ from her demand for the political organization to comply with the demand that its members respect the rule of law and the Constitution, but, she published in her blog – – instances of criminal corruption by sitting Judges.    Many of these Judges were acting in criminal concert promulgating the felonies of ELDER CLEANSING and HUMAN TRAFFICKING.       Ms. Denison’s exposure of the continued criminal conduct and ‘OPERATION GREYLORD’ activities was not appreciated and connoted by the Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission as being akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”   


Mr. Larkin (the administrator) was not content with filing false pleadings under oath.     He made certain that he punished Attorney Denison and sullied her reputation and ability to practice law.     In so doing he himself violated the Law!     He engaged as an example an unlicensed ‘court reporter!’      One of the transcripts of proceedings was indeed interesting.    A judge (who presided over the Sykes case) admitted to telling a falsehood under oath during her direct examination according to Court watchers.     The official transcript was filed with the admission (elicited under cross examination) deleted.     The required standard of proof was modified from ‘clear and convincing’ to Jerome Larkin says it is true – to hell with the truth.


Unfortunately, the Denison perfidy is not an anomaly, but, is common place and as the investigation continues – S.O.P.      Rule 8.3 compliance in HUMAN TRAFFICKING by people favored by the political elite is not tolerated and a lawyer who complies with Rule 8.3 is almost guaranteed an interruption of his/her law license.     ELDER CLEANSING is a major fund-raising strategy for the POLITICAL ELITE.      

We – the great unwashed – will have no Democracy, no Republic, and no Freedom UNLESS we react and rebel.        The strategy of splitting our vote so that the machine candidate can be nominated or elected will be difficult to address – but, we must do so.     The outright campaign lies, and demonization of the opposition may be more difficult.      For instance, racism has become a catch word.    What is racism?     It certainly was not racism for Lanre Amu to have his license suspended for practicing law while black!    Indeed, Mr. Larkin’s perjury goes unpunished even though we (and Larkin) all know that CRAINS CHICAGO BUSINESS   make the very averment against Judge Egan that Amu did.    Larkin’s prevarication was rubber-stamped in the face of unequivocal evidence of Egan’s perfidy and ethically challenged behavior on the bench.    Hell – Egan did not even deny the misconduct!       Today, to obtain the reinstatement of his law license, the Illinois Supreme Court is demanding that Amu admit that he lied – even though everyone knows that he told the truth and Larkin was very frugal with the truth under oath.

 Of course, it was not racism in Illinois when Larkin’s legions denied admission to an icon of the Civil Rights movement.       This esteemed lady = who marched with DR. KING and who was recognized as one of the planners of the Selma March (Diane Nash) was denied entry to one of the kangaroo hearings in which Attorney Denison was being denied her civil rights.    (I personally was at the hearing and there was a vacant seat adjacent to me – I requested an apology for Ms. Nash from Mr. Larkin – no apology was ever given).

       It does not guaranty that I can kidnap Mary Sykes, drag her before a corrupt judge lacking jurisdiction and ethics and deprive Mary of her liberty, her property, and the fruits of her American citizenship.     (Amazing – but the Courts are protecting my whim (if I have sufficient political and judicial clout) to deprive others of due process, liberty and property)


The government supports health care fraud and its 700% surcharge.     Philip Esformes was indicted in the US Court for the Southern District of Florida for stealing a billion dollars in Medicare Money.    Seth Gillam was convicted of a serious Medicare Fraud involving Hospice, stealing from trust funds etc.    These are not isolated cases – they are the norm and unfortunately both Gillman and Esformes are not the biggest players in this trillion dollar criminal enterprise.     Florida elderly are not the only targets.    Why then are prosecutions so rare?  It is respectfully suggested that the POLITICAL ELITE are so invested in the Elder Cleansing frauds and the money that they can steal from both the government and the victim, that they have created a protected cottage industry.


It does not take a Philadelphia Lawyer to answer the query!      Prosecutions are rare because the criminals are heavily tied in with the ESTABLISHMENT.       In my Brewer case the canvass of the 50th Ward in Chicago revealed that my extremely qualified client received virtually NO VOTES from any of the nursing homes in the area.     It appeared that every resident voted for the incumbent alderman.     It appears that this was not an anomaly=  it appears representative of nursing home voting.      Let’s make this very clear – – a candidate running for public office can obtain enough votes from his/her relationship with the nursing home operator to swing the election either for him or against him.     Even lifetime voters for the candidate not favored by the nursing home operator will be seen to have voted for the candidate favored by the operator of the facility.   (Indeed – I am suggesting blatant vote fraud!)


ELDER CLEANSING (HUMAN TRAFFICKING) is not a minor event – it is a cancer that could destroy the America they we know.        The persons engaged in the criminal conspiracy are well connected public servants.   In Germany during the 1930s, and in Soviet Russia during the Gulags human cleansing/trafficking was a NATIONAL POLICY.      Today in Southern Florida and in Cook County, Illinois it is so commonplace that it can be deemed public policy.     The fact that so many of the practitioners and their political co-conspirators get away with it (and the life savings of the elderly) with such impunity suggests that America is in deep trouble!        At the very least – it would be nice if the DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY had an agent or two wander into Mr. Jerome Larkin’s office and collect the FEDERAL INCOME TAXES due on the booty that Mr. Larkin protected for his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators!   

In the HUMAN TRAFFICKING (ELDER CLEANSING ) SCANDAL we do not have a half dozen Congressional committees ferreting out the facts, but we do have scores of public officials who are engaged in the cover-up.
The words – HONEST INVESTIGATION are deemed to be ETHICALLY CHALLENGED!   No wonder the ‘swamp’ is so upset by even the thought of such an event!   Honesty in government and enforcement of the Law might totally revolutionize both Federal and State government!     Imagine a politico who actually did the job that he/she was elected to fulfill.  Imagine a JUDGE who took his owe seriously!    (It could result in a serious drop in revenue for the Political parties and might ******)


From Probate Sharks:

From Probate Sharks Blog: Hijacking a Fla. Estate for millions from Chicago

Posted on July 28, 2016

On the pages of the Probate Sharks blog is the following: Irving Faskowitz probate court case. Irving’s 2 million dollar estate was high jacked by Chicago and New York non-relatives who were also named Faskowitz. The real Faskowitz heirs never were informed of Irving’s death and never saw a penny.

One of the biggest problem that exists today is the unequal enforcement of the law, or the enforcement of the law to protect particular interests.    There is no question that when a person is placed in a police vehicle while in custody, and emerges dead there is a problem that the community should be concerned with.   The prosecutor knew that the individual was not murdered and no intent crime could be proven; however, in the true spirit of an opportunist unethical member of the political elite five police officers were ‘over charged’ with crimes that could not sustained.
The issue of whether or not criminal charges of some kind should have been brought is not relevant as the establishment was looking for a scapegoat.   It is this tactic that is destroying the basic institutions of America.   Special interests can routine ‘fix’ the process or the case and a large segment of the population screams to deaf ears the words: “foul!”
A burr under the skin has been the Florida Irving Faskowitz case.    Briefly the facts are allegedly as follows:
Irving Faskowitz died.   It just so happened that an infamous Chicago Lawyer had a maiden name that was very strongly similar; however, she was not related.   Exhibiting the criterion of conduct advocated by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and the Illinois Supreme Court and the conduct that they wish to foster, this lawyer filed documents claiming that she and a specific group of her relatations were heirs to the estate.    The claim was bogus on its face and so obscene that the Florida Attorney General rose out of her slumber and filed an objection.
As Lawyers live by the proposition that a bad settlement is better than the best litigation, the case settled and the spurious claimants got 1/2 of the Estate.   Victims of the infamous Chicago lawyer heard about the Florida expedition and screams to everyone who would listen ‘foul’    The protector of the virtue of Illinois lawyers the IARDC apparently have a special relationship with this lawyer could not be bothered to investigate, but gave its stamp of approval on the fraud.   Further action by the Florida Attorney General was unthinkable to Florida officials.   I guess they were too absorbed in annulling the Smith marriage and silencing the heirs of Helen Stone.
As the lawyer who filed the claim is an Illinois lawyer and was also believed to be culpable for the horrendous torture that Alice Gore was subjected to and to the quest for gold in her teeth the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court ratified their approval of the alleged theft and the complaining citizens were told to ‘stuff it!’
This is our current state of affairs in the cottage industry of elder cleansing.    Mr. Larkin is not a card carrying Nazi.   Indeed, he most probably has not even accidentally rubbed elbows with one.   Indeed, I would suspect that he is even loved by some children and dogs, but, he accepted a job to do – i.e. police the legal profession and rid it of the dishonest lawyers who prey on Illinois citizens – including the elderly.    Someone along the way Mr. Larkin got mixed up and decided to rid the legal profession of the lawyers who would pursuant to Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 speak up against corruption in the Court system.   Indeed, he felt it his duty to defend and coverup 18 UsCA 371 the confession of Judge Connors (at page 91 of her evidence deposition) that she was ‘wired.’   The confession of perjury in the JoAnne Denison hearing by Judge Stuart.   The Faskowitz theft and the hunt for gold in the mouth of Alice by lawyer *****.    ******.
Elderly people are being elder cleansed, and then euthanized and corrupt courts, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials and corrupt political figures are all actively engaged in the activity.   Our cause is just, but ignored.   Linking the cause to a great ***** Conspiracy is counter productive.   Judge **** sitting in Emmett County, Michigan is not involved in the Mary Sykes case directly, indirectly or in his dreams.   The WW2 Nazis who escaped from Germany in 1944/45 are all dead or nearly dead at this point in time.
Ladies – all we have in these elder cleansing cases is garden variety avarice and local conspiracies by a group of like thinking miscreants to enrich themselves by stealing from grandma.    Judge **** in Florida has no role in whatever Judge **** in Illinois is doing or not doing.   The attempt to link their actions just destroys our credibility.

The health care fraud surcharge of 700% is alive and well.  Corruption is alive and well in Illinois, Florida, *******.    It would effect you personally unless you do something to address it effectively.     In the F Estate even though the AG smelled a rat and tried to thwart the Fraud, the AG compromised the case and the miscreant lawyer escaped with a large sum of money totally free to taxes!     Of course the IDR ignored the Illinois taxes – the lawyer engaged in this criminal enterprise was a member of the POLITICAL ELITE and therefore was entitled to a ‘blind eye’ enforcement procedure.  Ditto for the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY!

Only the great unwashed are concerned that Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy.  Indeed, the 21 trillion dollar deficit is chump change of the Swamp – we, the great unwashed and our children and grandchildren will figure it out.
I had a horse a few years ago.   Every day I fed that horse a little less food — I was teaching the horse to not eat.     Just when I came close to success my horse died!      I still remember that when I wrote Senator Durbin for help in relation to the Elder Cleansing of Mary Sykes, he responded – he sent me a copy of a speech he gave detailing how her was saving social security.   (NB. the fact that Mary’s social security was also being stolen by the miscreants ******).  
The time might be NOW or NEVER!     Any day you or I could wind up in an ESFORMES nursing home!    Philip Esformes was charged by the USA of stealing a billion dollars from MEDICARE.    How much was stolen from patients and their insurance companies?    How many Mary Sykes and Alice Gores are there out there?   
NB. Concealed carry is NOT the answer or the solution – when they get you in a room, opioids are very effective!    A corrupt judge will appoint a conservator/guardian for you and enjoy being a zombie!   You will vote in every election as long as you are believed to be alive, but you will vote for people who are engaged in the 18 USCA371 conspiracy to deprive you of your liberty.   

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As a start the government has to start firing some of the corrupt members of the swamp!   In Illinois, Florida and in General (including the Federal Government)  members of the POLITICAL ELITE AND JUDICIAL ELITE who breach their public duty should be terminated.    We cannot afford them!    Jerome Larkin as an example should be first made to pay the FEDERAL INCOME AND STATE INCOME TAXES due as the result of his open and notorious conspiracy with criminals who robbed and deprived ELDERLY PEOPLE of their liberty, property and human rights, and then be terminated.     The penalty for breach of the public trust should be strict application of the RULE OF LAW and very strict enforcement of the tax law.    We have to take the profit out of human trafficking.

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