Investigator Bill Paatalo: The Money Trail Dead-Ends

Livinglies's Weblog

By J. Guggenheim, LendingLies

Investigator Bill Paatalo has not put down the shovel since he started digging through voluminous amounts of bank data almost a decade ago.  He sifts through thousands of documents filed by the SEC, FDIC, OCC, court dockets, FBI, Attorney General offices, internet and documents submitted from concerned citizens and whistle-blowers.  Every so often he stumbles on a fascinating revelation along the way hidden deep in a document that amounts to one more piece of the puzzle.

Paatalo is obsessed with finding that sliver of truth that could put this entire fraud-scheme into context and he believes he may have found a critical element the banks don’t want anyone to know:  The Banks have NO IDEA who owns your loan and must resort to document fabrication to create the appearance that they do.

It was originally assumed that all foreclosure litigation in America could easily be solved…

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