From LS: Cook County Office of Public Guardian steals from elderly disabled persons–letter to ARDC will they do anything?

Linda ScullyLinda ScullyPO Box 481081Niles, IL 60714email greeksjuly@gmail.comphone 312 549 2112
February 22, 2018
ARDC Grievance Intake130 E. Randolph St, 15th FloorChicago, IL 60601
VIA FAX 312.565.2320
RE: Complaint regarding Attorneys Nathan Goldenson, Joseph Pieper, Julie Fontarosa. Ashley Coppola Probate cases no. 13 P 4339 (guardianship) and 15 P 3545 (decedent’s estate)
Dear Madam/Sir;
I would like to file a complaint against the above attorneys:
1) Nathan Goldenson.  Illegally broke a trust, filed false police reports for false arrest, illegally sealed a guardianship case without due process.  Nathan Goldenson broke a trust without due process to myself and my brother, who were beneficiaries of the trust.  We were never served, as shown by the records of Sheriff’s Department.  The building was ruined by Nathan Goldenson and the OPG by having a heating pipe cut, which allowed the pipes to freeze and torrents of water destroyed the building. He also allowed squatters to live in the building.  I was the property manager and when ever I tried to have squatters (who were drug dealers and gang bangers)  evicted, he interfered with the court process and had me falsely arrested.  Every time I was falsely arrested by him contacting the local police, the charges were dropped at the first hearing date.  I was falsely arrested numerous times when he called the police to try to have me illegally evicted from the premises, even though I was the beneficiary of the building land trust, together with my brother Mark Scully, who is disabled.
In addition, Nathan Goldenson had my powers of attorney sumarially terminated in court without due process–no notice, no hearing, no discovery, no petition ever filed.  The Illinois Power of Attorney act requires I be given notice and a hearing.  None of that happened.
In addition, he illegally had the guardianship case 4339 sealed as of the beginning of the case so that no one could obtain any court information.  This was done without due process, notice, a hearing, discovery.  It was not until Sept 2016 that I was able to unseal the file, and even then, the court records today show that most of the records still cannot be viewed or printed publicly.  All of these violations of due process occurred because of Nate Goldenson.
2) Julie Fontarosa took a file from the clerk of court.  Judge Malone and Judge Riley can attest to the fact that the guardianship file 4339 was missing for months .  One day, Julie Fonatarosa walked into the front door of the courtroom with the file–and no clerk was present.  She put it Judge Riley’s desk and when he came to the bench, he demanded to know where the file came from.  Nathan Goldenson was present, Ashley Coppola was present and so was Joseph Pieper.  None of the attorneys answered.  Mark Scully, John Bisbikas, Harold Scully and myself were present and no one said anything.  We were all shocked to see the file after it had ben missing for about 6 months. But there it was.  After i looked at the file, I noted that it was missing a lot of pleadings.  I eventually was able to obtain a copy of the entire file (except for missing items), but only after months of asking.
3) Nathan Goldenson and Joseph Pieper    While the Guardianship file was sealed, the Pieper law firm in addition was given numerous pleadings from the sealed file from the OPG attorney Nate Goldenson–in fact, they were even allowed to view a sealed court file.  In addition, these attorneys allowed a member of the public, Richard McGreal to view the sealed court file.  This fact was documented in a Pieper law firm bill under the initial JWP on page 1 of 9 on 5/23/17.  The date the papers were tendered was 5/27/15–well before the 9/16/16 date when the file was ordered unsealed by Judge Riley.
I am asking that all of the above attorneys be sanctioned and disbarred for breaking a trust without notice, terminating my Powers of Attorney without notice, stealing court records and documents and hiding them, illegally sealing files, trading information from sealed court files (as shown by the Pieper Law Firm’s billing records) and showing sealed court records to a member of the public.  None of these persons should be practicing law.  Additional details are given in the attached “Objections to Attorneys Fees” attached hereto and the billing records of the Joseph Pieper law firm.  Particularly egregious is the sealing of a court file, and then the attorneys involved (Goldenson, Pieper, etc.) admitting they were viewing and trading documents and using them in pleadings when the case was still in fact sealed by court order.
It should also be noted that my brother Mark Scully is disabled, has great difficulty in walking (he walks with a walker and brace on his leg, and he can barely speak).  He needs medical care not covered by his insurance and all the OPG did was steal from myself (I am disabled and on SSI due to a separated spine) and from Mark Scully, who needs funds crucial to necessary medical care.


Very Truly Yours,


Linda Scully


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