From KKD–Nev. Judge files BK, defaults on $2 million in loans and lies on Financial Disclosure form.

with the internet now, there are no more secrets for public officials, and investigative reports find a gold mine of informatio on corruption:


February 7, 2018

Clark County Family Court Judge Cynthia N. Giuliani was elected November 4, 2008, officially taking the bench on January 5, 2009. Judge Giuliani was re-elected to the Eighth Judicial District Family Court in 2014. Her current term expires in January 2021.

Less than a year after taking the bench on January 5, 2009, Judge Giuliani and her husband, local Attorney Roger A. Giuliani, filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition on December 31, 2009, in Federal Court. According to their bankruptcy filing, the couple owed $2,579,954.65 on real estate holds worth $1,980,500.00. Their real estate holdings took a major hit when the market crashed in 2008. Most, if not all, of the properties, had loans which exceed the values by as much as 100% of the 2009 market values.

Clearly, the couple struggled in 2008 with more than eleven mortgage payments on properties underwater.

Every year Judges are required under Nevada law to submit a Financial Disclosure Statement, disclosing all their assets and liabilities including all creditors they owe money to. Judges must sign the FDS under penalty of perjury. Judge Giuliani’s FDS submitted on January 13, 2010, just 13 days after filing her Bankruptcy petition, failed to disclose the $2.5 million in debts she and her husband owed to over eleven different creditors. When a debtor files a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition, the debts are still valid for 90 days until the court discharges them. Many debts are not discharged automatically if the debtor has significant assets as did Judge Giuliani had.

As cited below on this page, Section D of the FDS requires “List each creditor to whom you or a member of your household owes $5,000 or more…”  Judge Giuliani wrote “None”. did reach out to Judge Giuliani for a statement but we never heard back.

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter


Judge Giuliani’s BK Petition filed December 31, 2009 



Judge Giuliani’s Financial Disclosure Statement filed Jan 13, 2010 (thirteen days later)




January 13, 2010 Financial Disclosure Statement 

Comments from Ken Ditkowsky on article:
On 25 January 2018 4:15 PM, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:
Transparency is a word that is used solely to describe the attitude that others, other than the corrupt Political and Judicial elite are to exhibit.    You recalled that here in Illinois Jerome Larkin and the criminals he employees do not file the required FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE statements required of all public employees – ditto for some judges.  Our local law enforcement people even when confronted could care less — the criminal know exactly where their money may be and thus why should the public be kept in the dark as to DARK MONEY received by these public officials.
Would you expect anything different in Las Vegas.    Bankruptcy Fraud is a skill that a judge who is regularly on the edge (i.e. being caught for being ‘wired’) must learn and the advanced learning should be encouraged – not thwarted!
Frankly, under the ethical compact that is in force in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Vegas, etc EXPOSING JUDICIAL CORRUPTION is akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater!”    Indeed, Lanre Amu received an interim suspension of his law license for comply with 18 USCA 4 and Rule 8.3  — The fact that his disclosure was echoed by CRAINS CHICAGO business publication may keep Mr. Amu from ever obtaining his law license.    He was caught practicing law while black!    According to the Illinois Lawyer Disciplinary Commission and the Supreme Court of Illinois exposing corruption is an ethically challenged activity and the 2nd oldest profession cannot and will not tolerate it.
Ms. Price is just following the law as dictated by the SWAMP!
I forwarded a copy of his e-mail to the certain law enforcement people and the White house.   obstruction of justice by public officials encompasses much more that aiding and abetting (18 USCA 371) the evasion of America’s immigration laws – it also encompasses local law enforcement people (and in particular judges and court personnel) giving special treatment to corrupt members of the Political and Judicial elite.    Maybe the DOJ can prosecute a few of these bureaucrats!

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