New book on Amazon about Probate/Disabled Abuse – A Breach of Trust-5 stars

You have a wonderful life. You’re running a business, have money in the bank and get to visit with all your friends and family whenever you like. Then one day you wake up to find someone shoving a pill down your throat in some lowdown nursing home situated in a dangerous part of the city. Without your permission, they’re liquidating your business and making all of your money disappear. You do whatever you can to try to get out of this nightmare, but discover the people who did this to you are simply too powerful. Think it can’t happen to you? Think again.

This is the true story of a newly licensed nursing facility administrator (LNFA) and the people she meets. The stories they tell her are both hard to believe and impossible to ignore. She begins investigating and the more layers she peels away, the worse it gets. Eventually, this leads to catastrophic consequences for three special people under her care. Can she repair the damage and stop the madness before it’s too late? Or are the forces against her too powerful?
A Breach of Trust exposes the weakest link in the freedoms we all hold dear. Cross the wrong line, say the wrong thing, and at any moment you too could be stripped naked and taken captive. It is for these three special friends and all the future victims that Susan Hodges offers this advice: whatever you do, don’t cross these people because soon, you might discover your life belongs to them now!

I have not read this book, but it has been rated 5 stars on 18 reviews.

Here is a dramatic trailer for the book.  The actress does a great job.

2 thoughts on “New book on Amazon about Probate/Disabled Abuse – A Breach of Trust-5 stars

  1. Thank you for this post. I will be purchasing this book. My Dad was killed by the white collar crimes of the Hoag Hospital-Kindred connection which followed him to every facility until they successfully killed him at Pacific Haven with a Kindred doctor lying on his death certificate. They are suing us after they exhausted a healthy man’s Medicare for 3 million dollars at $6600.00 per day for abusing him. They were finally successful at killing him. Now they are trying to seize his estate and Mom’s through probate court (even with a trust). Just last week my Aunt made the mistake of taking my Uncle to the Hoag ER for what nobody know…not even Hoag. They finally stated that they admitted him for “possible sepsis” even though there is no such thing as possible sepsis in this day and age of blood tests with faster results. Either it is or it isn’t. They really didn’t treat him with any sepsis protocol I have heard of…with antibiotics and extreme hydration or the Vit. C, corticosteroid, thiamine protocol. Even though they would not or could not prove to me he had sepsis, they said he had been put on the Sepsis Pathway (somehow reminds of the Liverpool Care Pathway). That seems exactly what was going on. They put his food where he couldn’t reach it, refused to acknowledge that my Uncle is nearly blind with macular degeneration or that he is left handed (hog tieing him with everything on his left hand). They insisted that he use a diaper which he never needed until they put that phony iv in with potassium chloride. He was mortified when the CNA yelled at him to “just poop in your diaper!”. Reminding everyone that bedsores are a great source for lucrative complications. He has been in that hospital several times over the last 6 years. All these facts should be ON THE FRONT of his chart. I think it was a concerted effort to take his independence away. He was stable, but they refused to assess him, holding him captive, when he could have done fine at home with a nurse. Instead my Aunt got threats of being reported to Adult Protective Services, and a guardianship. Finally they snuck him out (kidnapped him actually) to one of their contracted facilities: Newport Subacute…a disaster area. My sister finally found him and arranged for him to be transferred to his home with an aid. The rest of the family was very sick with bronchitis, so we are lucky that my sister could fly in from Hawaii to take care of him. Hoag and Newport Subacute have each called three times to have “their people” come to the home for an assessment…attempt to kidnap elders. Every horror story being told here on this site is absolutely the truth. I think much is actually worse than reported here. Thank you for getting the word out. I just wish more people could read this info.

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