From DH: A letter to the Illinois ATG on corruption in the Illinois courts and a quote from Judge Brandeis

“The government is the potent omnipresent teacher. For good or ill it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. To declare that the end justifies the means — to declare that the government may commit crimes — would bring terrible retribution.”  Judge Louis Brandeis, Olmstead v. US 277 US 438.

From DTH, regarding the estate of his father in Cook County Illinois, DH:

This is a letter in response to an assistant states attorney from the offices of Lisa Madigan advising me that my complaints against the Probate Court and its staff would not be investigated or prosecuted because they don’t do that.

If not the Attorney General of Illinois, then who will stop these crimes against me and other innocent Illinois citizens?

Dear Mr. Matulis;

This is in response to your assertion that the Attorney General of Illinois (Lisa Madigan) has no jurisdiction to investigate or prosecute public corruption or crimes committed by court staff, the clerk of court’s offices and judges and Cook County Sheriff’s department employees.

I vehemently and assiduously beg to differ with this assertion of yours.

You told me my only relief lies with the Illinois JIB. (Judicial Inquiry Board)

However, the Illinois JIB rarely prosecutes cases. Thousands of grievances against judges are filed each year in Illinois but only less than .5 percent result in any discipline.

In this case, Judge O’Malley changed a docket date to deny me my hearing. She did it in a conspiracy with her clerk and Attorney David Blocher. All of these persons have committed the crimes of docket tampering, file tampering, destruction or spoliation of evidence and each is a felony.

The JIB has no jurisdiction over criminal activities.

I note that Judge Jessica Arong O’Brien’s assistant just pled guilty in federal court to loan or bank fraud so she can testify against Judge O’Brien next month and get a lighter sentence.

The FBI is doing it.

Also, it is incorrect that “there are no problems” in probate.

I would like to direct your attention to the following blogs which have tons and tons of stories about theft of estates by judges and attorneys and GALs:, NASGA or National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse,,, and many others.

In addition, I am attaching a PDF file of numerous cases in Illinois and from the US relating numerous tales of probate court corruption.

Finally, I would like to direct your attention to two instances where the Cook County Sheriff’s offices were complicit in corruption at the Daley Center.

During a first court date, I was told by Deputy Coughlin “this is my floor, I do what I want on my floor, and if you don’t leave the building immediately I will have you arrested.” This was after I was try to open my mother’s estate and the judge wouldn’t let me because I didn’t have an attorney. I told the judge there is no law and nothing in the Illinois Probate Act that requires me to have an attorney. That’s when the Judge (Malone) told the clerk to get the sheriffs on me. After Deputy Coughlin escorted me out of the Daley Center, she told me that if I came back (to court) for any reason, she would have me arrested.

During another court date, on my father’s estate, Sheriff Sanchez told me “if you don’t play the game the way the judges want, then you get to see ‘Big Bubba’”–implying a threat I would be beaten, arrested or abused. And she took me to see “Big Bubba” who held me up for a few hours telling me I did something wrong in court, when I did not. The judge was letting my sister steal about $300k from my father’s estate with impunity. The judge was mad that I told him that.

I would appreciate your investigating these crimes and keeping our courts safe, open and transparent.




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