From Comments: Orange County, Cal. Hoag Hospital patient suffers horrific abuse

From a commentator:

Exactly the same scheme found in Orange County CA. between hospitals in the area. Hoag Hospital, the newly privatized acute care facility, Shlomo Rechnitz’s Mesa Verde (that prescribed pain meds right before he was creatively transferred to Hoag that mysteriously disappeared, but that Medicare paid for without question), transferred to Kindred Hospital Westminster with an unnecessary tracheotomy which was purposely left in over 21 days to jack up remuneration and hold him captive, and finally the facility (Pacific Haven)whose Kindred employed doctor finally killed my Dad by reducing his blood pressure using black boxed, unnecessary antibiotic in the fluroquinalone group (not to be given to those with prolonged QT interval or naturally low blood pressure-both of which my Dad has), “he might be getting pneumonia” with unneeded tylenol to dehydrate. After he died, he was discovered after nearly a 2 week delay of his autopsy by Pacific Haven cooperative Omega Society to still have alcohol and Ritalin in his blood in “nontherapeutic” amounts. Of course that means they were once in therapeutic amounts. This was not reported to authorities by the new Regional Autopsy group because it was in nonthereutic amounts, even though he was flushed with enormous amounts of fluids at Pacific Haven after his kidneys failed, to wash him out. So much so, that while he was still alive, he was oozing fluids from every pore on his body, leaving him in a puddle at death. From A to Z this was a homicide coverup. And it was a RICO organised crime. Now we are being sued by Kindred Hospital for nonpayment of Dad’s illegal bill while he was in “captivity” at that hospital. They are now trying to assign the CEO of Kindred, Julie Meyer, to be the new trustee to handle my Dad’s probate (conflict of interest much?). They are also deposing my elderly 93 year old Mom in an attempt to assign a guardian to her and to remove her from the family. We can find no lawyer to go up against Kindred, and now we know why…it is a huge case of organised crime involving the most powerful people in Orange County. We finally filed murder charges after being told we couldn’t…since everyone is getting kickbacks it seems. My Dad left Hoag with a moderate amount of DRGs and the number exploded at Kindred. We can only assume his case was hung in the doctors’ lounge/office at Kindred, because he ended up having over 30 doctors seeing him (literally seeing him…leaning in the doorway and just looking at him followed by $180 to 250.00 bills for every doctor for every day he was there). Hundreds of thousands in doctor’s bills and millions in hospital bills. My Dad got Medi-Cal approved the day before he was murdered by Pacific Haven and we are still trying to get the cash back from them that my Mom paid back for months while awaiting approval. Even our lawyer seems to be part of the problem. This is not the way I had planned on spending my retirement, to be sure! My poor Mom is totally beaten up! We babyboomer kids are also elders in or 60s and 70s, so it is elder abuse on every level. I am hoping we can break up this evil bunch of scoundrels as well.

From Joanne:

I have sent this person a corruption horror story form to fill out.  I will let everyone know when I learn more about this case.  I have asked him or her to fill out my guardianship/elder abuse corruption horror story form.  You can find that here:

We will continue to send a synopsis of these forms out to the authorities, congress and the white house.  Still no word from any of them.  over 30 murders and persons at risk, but not a peep from the white house, the FBI, states attorneys, anyone.  It’s sad.

Also, please pray for Barbara Stone and that she be immediately released.  I will be contacting her friends for more information on her case.



6 thoughts on “From Comments: Orange County, Cal. Hoag Hospital patient suffers horrific abuse

  1. So true. Those doctors killed my dad also . I was going to court for my dad’s conservatorship and I also feel that there’s corruption in the court involved.

  2. So true. Those doctors killed my dad also . I was going to court for my dad’s conservatorship and I also feel that there’s corruption in the court involved.

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