please cut and paste the below and write all these authorities

To the above Miami Dade Officials:

It is my understanding that a trial was recently held in Miami Dade wherein a Ms. Barbara Stone, attorney activist for the poor, elderly and disabled, was held in contempt of court for a wide variety of non cirminal activites.
This is to advise you that any criminal prosecution of her is wrongful and detrimental to the health, welfare and safety of the disabled persons and senior citizens of Miami Dade and across the nation.  Barbara is a tireless advocate for all of them, many of whom have been targeted for abusive guardianships, much like Helen Stone, where seniors and the disabled are targeted, isolated, chemically and physically restrained for months on end, forced to have abusive, dangerous caretakers or forced in to dangerous abuse nursing homes (nursing homes are nothing but slums and ghettos for the elderly/disabled and must be abolished).
Helen Stone’s case is typical.  While Barbara initiated a guardianship proceeding, little did she know how hopelessly abusive they are.  Barbara frequently visited her mother in Miami for weeks at a time every month or so.  She had Mother Helen set up in  condo where she could work out at a nearby health club, grocery shop and socialize.  At the beginning, Mother Helen was in relatively good health and ambulatory and rarely sick.  Then the court appointed an abusive guardian who hired 2 Hatian caregivers who barely spoke English.  By court order, Barbara was moved out of the home and the 2 abusive caretakers moved in where they ate all the food, drank everything, and in 2 or 3 months Mother Helen was admitted to the ICU with the following:  severe dehydration, malnutrition, contusions, lacerations, broken bones and infections.  The States attorneys offices and FBI were immediately alerted by Helen and they did nothing.  Immediately upon release, Mother Helen was returned to the same abusive situation with the same abusive caregivers and guardian by Judge Michael Gender and Attorney Roy Lustig (who should be imprisoned and disbarred for crimes against humanity and the violations of both Helen and Barbara’s civil and human rights).  The probate court then proceeded to put Mother Helen in a string of nursing homes where she did not want to be, she wanted to be back at her condo with her daughter Barbara.
In the end, these seniors are typically murdered by narcotizing them to death and then quickly cremating them to destory all evidence.
Barbara is innocent of all crimes. She needs to be immediately released and treated as the heroine she truly is.
Please advise me of anyone else I can contact to quickly get this matter resolved.  I would like all the emails and fax numbers for all judges and attorneys involved.
They need to be disbarred and indicted.
So far I have: Judge Tim Baily, Judge Jorge Labarga, Michael Genden, and attorneys Roy Lustig
Please advise me of whatever contact information you have and I will post.  They all need to be removed IMMEDIATELY
Joanne Denison


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