Activist Alert: Barbara Stone in jail, to go to prison for feeding her mother in an abusive gship in Miami Dade Fla–please write and call and demand her immediate release

Today I talked with RS and EB and they informed me that guardianship activist Barbara Stone has been taken into custody and is at the Miami Date Metro Lock up for a probation violation. This is BS, she is an innocent woman.

you can see her information here:,%20BARBARA%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20&IMTLOC=MWDC%20%20%20%20&ALPHA=10118501&GAMMA=4&DELTA=

this woman is a saint and has spent countless hours on the phone helping gship and disabled persons and their families when faced with the highly corrupt Miami Dade court system–a system where prosecutors openly run to the judge’s chambers and twitter ex parte over a criminal defendant.  You can’t possibly get more corrupt than that.

As you may recall, Barbara Stone was an attorney (her licensed was ripped away for blogging honestly and revealing massive corruption in Miami Dade, Fla.).  She worked tirelessly and had to endure the heartbreak as a guardianship was filed (she requested it, little did she know how abusive these were in Fla), then she was told she could not stay any longer at her mom’s house and visit with her (Barbara had arranged a condo for her mom to live in where she could easily grocery shop, go to the health club, socialize).  It was a 3 bedroom condo. What the abusive guardian and Judge Michael Genden did was move Barbara out, move in 2 Haitian caregivers who barely spoke English into the 2 other bedrooms, they ate all the food, and after 2 or 3 months, Mother Helen Stone was found malnourished, dehydrated, with massive infections, lacerations, contusions and even broken bones.  Mother Helen then spent 3 weeks in ICU. What did Judge Genden do about this? Return Mother Helen to the abusive caregivers and guardian until she was again hospitalized for the same (malnutrition and dehydration) then she was put into a series of nursing homes, places where she never wanted to be.

Next, at the first nursing home, Barbara is granted visitation. But Mother Helen is on a feeding tube and diaper.  No matter, Barbara puts her in a wheel chair and they proceed to Dennys to get a burger and forget about the feeding tube.  Mother Helen is estatic because she is always hungry. No one has fed her enough in months.  She has no problem eating and chewing up happily a burger and she loves the shake.

Then they go shopping and check into a hotel for a nap.  Next thing you know, police are at the door charging Barbara with kidnapping and interfering with the care and custody of an elder.  WTF is that?

Barbara then creates numerous blogs and petitions online to expose the perfidy of Judge Michael Genden and Atty Roy Lustig (who is in on the gship scams) and next thing you know, Barbara is hung out to dry.

This was a couple of years ago. I understand Helen has now passed, bless her soul, she loved Barbara very much, and Brabara was and is devoted to justice for her mom.

I am told at the trial, her PD did not put on any favorable character witnesses. But Judge Genden and Roy Lustig showed up with blood on their fangs, ready to protect their precious cash cow–abusive guardianships where people are forced into nursing homes, psychotropic drugs and restraints, a feeding tube at one end and a diaper at the other and when the money runs out, the elder is narcotized to death while food and water is with held. Then a quick cremation.

Barbara did nothing wrong, nothing criminal.  Soon as I can, I will get the emails of people to write to and demand justice for Barbara.

Judge Michael Genden needs to be removed.

Attorney Roy Lustig needs to be disbarred for his role in all of this.

Please pray for Barbara as she languishes in jail for crimes she did not commit.

All she did was expose corruption in Miami Dade.



8 thoughts on “Activist Alert: Barbara Stone in jail, to go to prison for feeding her mother in an abusive gship in Miami Dade Fla–please write and call and demand her immediate release

  1. I’m doing research on south Florida elderly explotation cases and I would like to speak with Barbara Stone. Can you share with me her contact information? Sorry for the spelling errors.  cheersdennis

    • Sure. Call the Miami Dade lock up today and get the phone number to the prison. Call them or fax them to leave a message with the social worker that you are press and want to do an interview with her and would like to arrange a time to speak with her or at least leave a message to call her. I believe she’s talking to Robert Sarahan and if you get me your number, I’ll leave it with him. By Monday she should be transferred to a regular prison and I’ll get that info too. Please write an email to Pam Bondi the AG to demand her immediate release. I have published a sample on my blog. Thanks. We need to get this viral.8

  2. Joanne,

    You are the best writer! To be able to describe this series of nightmares takes courage, brains and being able to perceive more than is presented.


    • You are overly kind. I am just doing my job for humanity. We need to make the world a better place. Please pray for Barbara and go to Pam Bondi’s website and send her an email demanding Barbara’s immediate release. It was all fraud on the court.

  3. Janet Christensen OBrien, Public Interest Issues Show on Seattle Community Media, Public Access TV on said:

    All Barbara Stone wanted is to see her mother “Helen Stone: and to make sure her mother “Helen Stone” could see her Rabbi and it is a sad case where Helen Stone dies without seeing her daughter Barbara Stone. Very Sad …. Someone should get Barbara Stone a lawyer so that Helen and Barbara Stone can have a voice. I still think “60 Minutes” should do a story on this. It is a Public Interest Issue for this case to be reviewed.

    Janet Christensen Obrien
    host and Producer of
    Public Interest Issues Show
    Seattle Community Media

    It is a shame when the press are intimidated by the Court.

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