From SK and AP–A new year and they’re jumping right in with the corruption in the courts

From SK today:  She went to court, a custody/divorce case where a good mother lost custody/visitation because her former (bad) attorney made a deal and threatened her that unless she acceded to supervised visitation (where a bad therapist was making money off a wrongful court order), the police were going to arrest her.  Of course, she did nothing wrong, and that turned out to be a lie, but the damage was done and she could not see her kids for months.

But wait, it gets better.  Last court date when our savvy smart pro se mom used the words constitution, due process, bar complaint, she ended up quickly with 5 deputy sheriffs in the court room.  Bit of gang banging there.  This time, she had several of them show up when her case was called and one followed her out, asking her questions about who contacted a certain state agency alleging corruption in the court. She was smart enough to tell him nothing, but the tone of the statements made by the bailiff was clearly intimidation.  The bailiff said the sheriff’s department was “trying to figure out” who was alleging corruption in the court and they had narrowed it down to certain cases and litigants.  It didn’t seem to her they were concerned about cleaning up the corruption in this cases, rather than how to figure out how to cover it up and harass and intimidate anyone who happens to mention the “C” word.  Way to go crooked bailiffs.

From AP tdoay:  Last month his case was (get this one) DWP’d because he filed his courtesy copies early.  That DWP was ruled without prejudice.  This month he files a motion to reinstate and this time it is DWP’d again with prejudice (meaning the order is final and appealable). The reason?  According to opposing counsel, he received a notice from the US courts efile system something was filed, but there was no attachment.  So the computer glitched.  The judge should have set a short date of 7 to 10 days to return to give him 10 days to study the motion.  She didn’t.  She just dismissed the motion with prejudice.  AP is suing certain judges and attorneys for civil rights/due process violations.  Do you think that has anything to do with the dismissal of his case?  For sure.  Good going Judge Moira Johnson, our special needs judge of the day.

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