From KKD: New Chicago Task force for Health Care Fraud Formed

With Chicago being a major center for health care fraud (see the tales of death of Jay Brouckmeersch, murdered in probate, Mary Sykes, Dorothy Baker, Helen Rector, Alan Frake, etc.) this comes as no surprise:

United States Attorney’s Office in Chicago Creates New Unit to Prosecute Criminal Health Care Fraud Violations

CHICAGO — Joel R. Levin, Acting United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, today announced the creation of a new unit dedicated to the prosecution of criminal health care fraud violations.


The newly created Health Care Fraud Unit will operate within the office’s Criminal Division. The unit will be tasked with prosecuting defendants in all types of health care fraud, from providers who engage in fraudulent billing schemes to doctors who falsify patients’ diagnoses to justify expensive tests or procedures that aren’t medically necessary.


“Every year, health care fraud causes millions of dollars in losses to Medicare and private insurers,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Levin. “Health care fraud also often exploits patients through unnecessary or unsafe medical procedures. Health care providers who cheat the system must be held accountable. Our office has successfully prosecuted numerous health care fraud cases in recent years. The new Health Care Fraud Unit will build on that success and bring even greater focus, efficiency and impact to our efforts in this important area.”


The unit will include five prosecutors, led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Heather McShain. Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Chahn Lee will serve as the unit’s Senior Counsel.


The office has a long history of prosecuting significant health care fraud cases, and the new unit is expected to expand on those efforts. Last week the office participated in the largest health care fraud enforcement action in Department of Justice history. The national takedown involved more than 400 defendants, including 15 individuals charged in the Northern District of Illinois.


Other significant health care fraud prosecutions include a north suburban chiropractor and his brother and father, each of whom was sentenced to prison in connection with a phony billing scheme that bilked insurance carriers out of more than $10.8 million. DR. VLADIMIR GORDIN JR., VLADIMIR GORDIN SR. and ALEXSANDER GORDIN used their chiropractic clinic, Gordin Medical Center S.C., to falsely bill for medical services that were either not provided or weren’t medically necessary. The Gordins were sentenced to prison terms earlier this year. Vladimir Gordin Jr. was sentenced to seven years; Vladimir Gordin Sr. was sentenced to two and a half years; and Alexsander Gordin was sentenced to two years.


The office also recently secured ten criminal convictions as part of a multi-year investigation into Sacred Heart Hospital in Chicago. For more than a decade, Sacred Heart executives conspired to pay kickbacks and bribes to physicians to induce them to refer patients for services that would be reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid. The fraud scheme earned Sacred Heart millions of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid. The convictions include EDWARD NOVAK, the hospital’s owner and chief executive officer; ROY PAYAWAL, the chief financial officer; CLARENCE NAGELVOORT and ANTHONY J. PUORRO, chief operating officers; DR. VENKATESWARA R. “V.R.” KUCHIPUDI, a physician; as well as four other physicians. Sacred Heart closed in 2013.


Fraud in the home health care and hospice industries have also been the subject of prosecutions, and the Health Care Fraud Unit will continue those efforts. The office’s investigation of home health care fraud has resulted in convictions of doctors, nurses, marketers, and executives at multiple companies, including DIKE AJIRI, the former owner of Chicago-based Mobile Doctors; BANIO KOROMA, a physician at Mobile Doctors; and DIANA JOCELYN GUMILA, the former clinical head of Schaumburg-based Doctor at Home. An investigation of PASSAGES HOSPICE in Lisle recently resulted in prison sentences for multiple defendants, including owner SETH GILLMAN, who was sentenced earlier this year to six and a half years in prison; and ANGELA ARMENTA, Passages’ former director of certified nursing assistants, who was sentenced last month to 20 months in prison.


The Health Care Fraud Unit will also focus on prosecutions related to the diversion of controlled substances, which is an area of emphasis for the office as it continues to battle the opioid crisis. The office has previously prosecuted significant diversion cases, including procuring the guilty plea of DR. SATHISH NARAYANAPPA BABU, who formerly owned Anik Life Sciences Medical Corp. in southwest suburban Darien. Dr. Babu prescribed controlled substances, including OxyContin and Hydrocodone, to certain patients without having examined them. Dr. Babu was sentenced in 2015 to 18 months in prison.


In announcing the new unit, Acting U.S. Attorney Levin acknowledged the cooperation and determination of the office’s investigative partners, including, among others, the Chicago offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

The formation of this unit several month’s ago was a step toward addressing the serious problem of elder cleansing right here in the Chicago area.     I understand that there is also a National unit.
The problem that runs right along with the fraud surcharge is the problem of official corruption.
Without the connivance of corrupt judges and public officials the health care frauds could not flourish!    In the Philip Esformes indictment there is a public official – a minor one – who allegedly took bribes.    Was she alone?    I think not!    The criminal conduct of the POLITICAL ELITE is the fuel that drives this particular fraud.    Only an HONEST INVESTIGATION commencing instanter can find out the facts.   This investigation has to start at square one.
Where is square one?    Dr. Sugar – you are writing the book!    I yield to your expertise.    By this e-mail all I want to do is send out the word that we MAY NOT BE ALONE!    We might have friends over at the Department of Justice!

Ken Ditkowsky

What we are really waiting for is for the FBI to investigate the murders and thefts involving the following estates:

  1.  Mary Sykes.  $3 million missing, unaccounted for.  One judge, Judge Stuart resigned and Judge Connors is being protected.  No jurisdiction in this case, no service upon Mary Sykes, or notice to her 2 elderly sisters Yolanda and Josephine prior to the guardianship trial.  Nearly $1 million is missing in gold coins.  The probate court quashed all discovery.  Mary was narcotized to death in the end.  Attorneys Farenga, Stern, Waller, Schmeidel, Soehilig and others were a part of the scheme.  Farenga, in particular, begged the ARDC not to investigate her but to investigate other attorneys (myself and Ken Ditkowsky who were complaining the case was corrupt) and the ARDC complied, handed us both lengthy suspensions, and ignored the fact millions are missing from the Sykes case and Mary was murdered in the end.  None of the miscreant attorneys have been investigated:  Farenga, Stern, Waller, Schmeidel and Soehlig all helped to cover up a nasty string of felonies.  At the ARDC, Larkin, Grogin, Opryszek and Smart helped to cover up the conspiracy there to loot and murder Mary at the end of her life.  No investigation has been undertaken.  No subpoenas have been served and depositions have not been taken.  Judge Stuart resigned over the case, but Connors is being protected.  Why?

Other cases which require investigation are Peterson, Frake, Dorothy Baker and others.  I have list of over 30 cases you can find here:

lots to investigate.


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