From KKD and the ABA: Junk faxes from lawyer warrant $4.2 million award, but fleecing and murdering Grandma still covered up in ND Illinois

While this article is interesting, Jay Brouckmeersch was murder in Feb. 2017 by the Office of State Guardian in conjunction with Judge Quinn who denied her necessary medical treatment and the lawyer for the OSG often didn’t even show up in court. The case was a travesty of justice.

In the Mary Sykes case, $3 million is missing from her estate, the home was sold for pennies on the dollar and in the end she was narcotized to death and isolated in a nursing home.  No investigation and no one cares.

Details of other cases across the nation have been published on this blog indicating the deaths/murders of dozens of disabled persons and senior citizens, and no authorities seem to care.

The White House receives regular emails on the numerous risk factors for seniors, and I have never heard a peep from them.

In the Mary Teichert case, two decisions have emanated from the ND of Illinois where the Scully children have sued for their civil rights violations, that their case was wrongfully and unconstitutionally sealed, Linda Scully was arrested dozens of times for trying to protect her mother’s $2 million apartment building which was sold for $250,000 in the end, ruined by the OPG and others.  In the end, the OPG had Mother Teichert narcotized to death and isolated from 30+ family member.

Apparently faxes are important to the tune of $4.2 million, but Judge Korcas in Federal Court pretends the complaint filed is not a “short and concise” statement of the case when in fact it is but he just doesn’t like what it says (mom was murdered and the courts and attorneys were involved).  you can find the complaint here:

you can find the decision of Judge Korcas here:

Now he’s holding the complaint hostage.  He won’t grant or deny the Scully Children’s Pauper’s Petitions and the 7th Circuit can’t hear the case until he does.

However, we all know that 333 junk faxes are worth $4.2 million.


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