From FB: Karen Federighi may have been released from Guardianship

There have been several posts on FB announcing that Karen Federighi may have been released from a wrongful and abusive guardianship where evil relatives were involved in Miami Dade, Florida, a hotbed of guardianship abuse and corruption.

You will recall that Teresa Tozzo Lyles had a mother, Carmen Tozzo who was murdered in probate there. She is still fighting for justice for her mother.

Karen was told by many to get to Canada or to Mexico and keep on sending the judge evidence of her competence.  She was an experienced nurse with a Masters in Nursing, holding 2 jobs, age 57, one job was teaching young nurses.

An abusive and wrongful guardianship ruined all that.

She was advised by many to flee the country, there would be no justice as long as she was here. She fled to Mexico under cloak of night.  They took her passport and driver’s license.  They got her fired from her jobs.  These people are pure evil.

Now she has to get back to the US without a passport or driver’s license.  Please pray for her.  The guardianship has been dismissed.  I don’t know if she is still at risk.

I am trying to get copies of her court papers.

Keep on praying.


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