From KD: Letter to the President

Subject: Fw: A letter to the President re: ELDER CLEANSING requesting an HONEST INVESTIGATION! It is time for the elderly to be SAFE in America!
Date: Oct 26, 2017 10:11 PM
It is very sad that the legal profession should be disgraced by so many members of the judiciary having no moral compass and engaged in ELDER CLEANSING.
Complaints have been filed by many citizens Jerome Larkin for his participation in the criminal enterprises and felonies of ELDER CLEANSING but the COVER UP CONTINUES.   Hopefully President T was serious about ‘draining the swamp’ and we (the great unwashed) will see criminal prosecutions of public officials such as Mr. Larkin who have so easily abandoned their public trust.
At the very least, Larkin ought to pay ILLINOIS INCOME TAXES on the booty stolen from so many elderly and on the MEDICARE FRAUDS that he overtly protects.
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Subject: A letter to the President re: ELDER CLEANSING requesting an HONEST INVESTIGATION! It is time for the elderly to be SAFE in America!

October 26, 2017  – Chicago, Illinois – from Kenneth Ditkowsky.

Dear President T,

The Attorney Activist Andrew Ostrowski case was a wake-up call to every one of us.     In the past 30 days Ostrowski was physically hauled out of his home on spurious ‘mental health’ proceedings arrest warrants.     Fortunately, he had social media at his disposal and was able to escape the fate of many victims of the health care felonies of ELDER CLEANSING.      Indeed, Andy was not subjected to the fate of the late Mary Sykes of Chicago, Illinois.     The miscreants could not isolate him, medicate and dope him out of his mind, obtain a plenary guardian for him so as to facilitate the theft of his Estate and hundreds of thousands of dollars of Medicare and other Federal Health care funds.

This American Gulag has been conducted openly and notoriously and remains one of the best kept secrets in America.     The Government Accounting Office has sent to Congress four separate reports and every day a bunch of blogs highlights the Judicial and Political corruption that fees the unreported scandal.   (NB.  Probate Sharks, AAAPG, NASGA, MaryGSykes ****)    The Circuit Court of Cook County Probate Division case of Mary Sykes 09 P 4585 demonstrates the chronology, the perfidy, and outright criminal conspiracy that generates the felonies and the clear conspiracy prohibited by 18 USCA 371.    The Alice Gore and Robert Jaycox  cases are indicative of the total disrespect for human life and dignity that the corrupt political and judicial officials demonstrate —AND the fact that both you and I are under the right circumstances potential victims.     In fact, no one is safe including some of our best friends and worst enemies.       To the miscreants each of us is a commodity to be exploited.

The amounts of money involved in this health care fraud is staggering.      Philip Esformes was indicted in the Federal Court in South Florida for stealing a billion (nine zeros) dollars in Medicare funds.     Esformes is small potatoes compared to some of the other nursing home operators who operate right here in Chicago, Illinois.      Indeed, it is believed that Esformes’ father’s COOK COUNTY, Illinois operation dwarfs the Florida Operation many fold and he (Morris Esformes) is not the largest practitioner either in Cook County and certainly not Nationally.      However, he and his comrades are one of the biggest barriers to any health care reform in the United States of America in the foreseeable future.

Health care fraud is one of the biggest cottage industries in the United States and taxes all health care with a 700% surcharge.     No health care reform is even remotely possible without the reduction of the health care fraud surcharge dramatically.     It is amusing to hear the Political people bragging about their concern for the elderly!    “HORSE FEATHERS!”      Most are complicit!      Ditto for the media.

The nitty gritty is the Political establishment depends on HEALTH CARE FRAUD and Elder Cleansing for its very existence.     This bold statement unfortunately is true.     Check out the voting records of the residents who reside in the Esformes and related nursing homes.     How many residents voted against the candidates of the dominant political party?      Check out the campaign contributions of the nursing home operators.    How much was given to non-dominant party causes?       Check out the unofficial and non-documented transactions between the nursing home operators and the operatives of the dominant party officials, judicial operatives etc.     (such facts are known to the media – they say virtually nothing.    Indeed, the Philip Esformes indictment for stealing a billion dollars from Medicare should be big news – the alleged disrespect you allegedly showed for x received more coverage and longer coverage.    Ditto for Seth Gillman!)      Indeed, I expect that any action you take as to requesting an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the Gulag/Elder Cleansing scandal will get negative media coverage, however, as both YOU and I are potential victims any inquiry is in our manifest best interests.     We both are a “fall” away from being a serious commodity.

Let’s address the ‘nitty gritty.’      Last month South Florida had a hurricane and a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida was reported to have had a bunch of deaths – 12 in all.    It appeared that as usually happens the Power went out.     Florida this time of year is quite warm and air conditioning is a necessity, however, as is so often the situation the cabal’s nursing homes are cesspools and reasonably calculated to generate cash – not the advertise health care.    The situation became desperate as the temperature rose, however, even though there was a fully functioning hospital directly across the street because evacuation would shut off the flow of “health care” funds no 911 call was made.     Not even the patients facing crisis were wheeled the few yards across the street to safe quarters.    As commodities the few health care dollars were more important than a life or two.    (Some Government programs continue to pay after death !)        It has been reported Lawyers were dispatched to file lawsuits to thwart any action that the State of Florida contemplated.    Four lawsuits were reported to have been filed.    An interruption in the operation of the home – by an evacuation would have lost dollars for the operator — thus, a few commodities died!     To the health care miscreants their lives did not matter!

While congress has ignored the GAO reports, and law enforcement has been sluggish in cracking down on the full spectrum of this Gulag/elder cleansing scandal the facts are not unknown.    Indeed, the players are also known and honored profusely by their communities, the media, and the Establishment.     Prominent political and judicial figures are not embarrassed by their associations with these criminals, but flaunt their connections.

Please do not get me wrong – I do not condemn all nursing home operations or operators.    Many (if not most) of the faith based facilities do fine work and make more than reasonable efforts toward their commitment.   Indeed, some for profit facilities also are fine operations; however, certain operations like the Hollywood Hills and most of the cabal’s facilities are deplorable and manifestations of we charitably call criminal enterprises.       It is not the millions of dollars garnered from the patients, the insurance carriers and the government health care programs that is so disgusting –  it is the fact that these operations are openly and notoriously laughing at you and me, and appear to be immune to the Justice system’s reach.     (NB.  A few of these criminals are punished when they become too much of an embarrassment to the Political and Judicial elite, but, they are the exception).

An analysis of the problem reveals that strong ties between politics, the judiciary, and the criminal enterprises.      If you take a few moments and examine the Mary Sykes case (09 P 4585) at the Daley Center, Chicago, Illinois the ties will become obvious.

The Illinois legislature adopted 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et seq, and in 5/11a – 3 laid out exactly who was to be covered by the act and how the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Federal and State Constitutions were going to be complied with.     Safeguards were mandated.     These safeguards were further codified in 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.      The review of the Mary Sykes file reveals that in total the safeguards and judicial protections were ignored. [1]

That pattern of ELDER CLEANSING is demonstrated in Mary Sykes as she was systematically isolated from her friends, her community, her activities, and the members of her family that elected not to participate in the criminal activity.      Once isolated, by a series of mesne Court orders Mary was systematically stripped of her assets.     Thefts were given legitimacy by COURT ORDERS rubber stamped by a corrupt judge and every avenue was exploited.     Federal health care programs were utilized to enrich collateral conspirators and profiteers to the maximum.    It is respectfully suggested that, but for, the elder cleansing scandal few dollars of Federal money were even remotely necessary to expend, and Mary’s full human and civil rights would have been infringed upon.

However, by the criminal conspiracy just about every dime of Mary’s and her husband’s savings was stolen.     Medicare and other Federal programs were accessed for the profit of Mary’s captors in such a routine manner that it would have escaped notice but for the fact that Mary’s younger daughter noted and informed the Court that was not inclined to listen to her that Mary had insurance coverage (from her husband’s public employment as a Police officer) that was being ignored.     In secret, the wrongfully appointed (without jurisdiction) plenary guardian emptied Mary’s safety deposition box of a gold coin collection conservatively valued at a million dollars, and removed just about every other valuable known.    Most were not inventoried – they just disappeared.    Mary’s home, reported to be valued at $800,000, prior to the guardianship was sold (with the attornment of the ‘wired’ judge) for a fraction of its reported value to and through a clout heavy local political figure. [2]

The MARY SYKES scenario is repeated time and time again in just about every jurisdiction.   The result is always the same.     When the last dollar is removed from the government program and the last dollars extricated from the elder cleansed estate, the victim is put to death.     Most of the time “hospice” is used to extract some additional dollars from Federal programs.     The involuntary suicide is an easy transition.    In the Robert Jaycox matter, he was fed in a prone position until he contacted an aspirated pneumonia – death occurred rapidly, followed by a quick cremation.

The extraction of FEDERAL FUNDS is akin to falling off a log.      The victim’s social security and pension, if any, is sequestered by the plenary guardian.    Administrative costs and expenses (including attorney fees) are readily approved by the court without real examination.     Additional charges are necessary because friends and family tend to object to their ‘loved one’ being denied his/her humanity, civil rights etc.    Ergo, the Court orders protection for the guardians and bars the family from physical contact without supervision from the victim.     A specially formed group is assigned to supervise visitation at the most inconvenient times for the family. [3]     No dollar in the possession of the victim is ignored.    18 USCA 371 liability of co-conspirators – i.e. people doing substantial acts in furtherance of the conspiracy are ignored.    Not even the tax collector is interested in collecting the taxes, interest and penalties that the conspirators have earned.

As indicated by the Philip Esformes indictment that ability to access FEDERAL FUNDS and Medicare funds is easy.      The acute care facility (nursing home) is funded by both Federal and private insurance.    The nursing home’s expenses are readily available and almost an open book; however, they are a facade.        The nursing facility outsources much of its activities.     For instance, a wholly owned Utility company charged for the electric and gas used by the facility (Multiuit)      The pharmaceutical costs were first run though a company called Total and then Omnicare.      Opioids and other chemicals could be purchased domestically and otherwise in railroad car quantities and sold to the patient and the government at several hundred percent of retail costs [4].    (NB.  Everyone has heard of the $12.00 aspirin pill!)   Linen supplies, nursing services, administration, cleaning, food service and every function is ‘farmed out’ with only skeleton staff as actual employees of the facility.      The rationale is deniability.       The nursing staff is very expensive and Registered nurses are in high demand.     Thus, when the facility is pre-warned (see Esformes indictment) that an inspector is scheduled for one of those surprise visits the correct number of RN’s are present and no staffing deficient is even on the horizon.    A slight adjustment in the facilities’ and the personnel books were copasetic. [5]

The cabal protected itself by these “Enron” style corporations and many other shams.     For every dollar spent six to seven dollars was paid by either the insurance company, the government, or the patient.    Usually the government paid. [6]     Because come election time, a 150-bed nursing home will deliver no less than 140 votes for the dominant political party the Political elite are going to give special considerations to the facility.     Judges are going to co-operate with requests for involuntary assisted suicide, protective orders barring families from contact, and accountings for assets and income that could win prices for fiction.    In addition, physician reports detailing illnesses that have no basis in fact are given absolute credence.

Right today, Mr. President you have the secret service detail to protect you from being elder cleansed; however, have you listened to the statements of political people such as Maxime Waters?         Have you read some of the medical analysis of you in the press?      Do you remember Soviet Russia and the Gulag?     It could happen here and in fact for many it is in fact happening right here in the United States.

The ‘fixed’ trial is not a fiction.     The ‘mental health arrest’ of Andy Ostrowski did happen!     Literally thousands of citizens are every day complaining that their loved ones (or they themselves) have been spirited off the street, isolated, stripped of civil and human rights while every dollar that they saved, plus, their Federal and State health care benefits is being redistributed into the pockets of various health care professionals and their 18 USCA 371 political and judicial co-conspirators.

I beg you – we need an HONEST INVESTIGATION of these felonies followed by (if the evidence garnered so provides) and HONEST PROSECUTION of each and every one of the culprits.       We need this investigation now and part of the HEALTH CARE overhaul!      We need the attitude of our government to be slanted toward GOOD and HONEST GOVERNMENT rather than expectancy and subterfuge.      I wrote Senator Durbin shortly after I became involved in investigating the Sykes case.    I wrote for his help in addressing this very serious fraud.    His response was to send me a copy of one of his stupid speeches as to how he was protecting social security.     As Mary’s social security was being stolen by the miscreant corrupt jurist and her 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators I really could care less whether Mary received social security or not!

Draining the swamp means clearing out the predators who make it unsafe to grow old in America.

Ken Ditkowsky

[1] In Mary Sykes the Sheriff of Cook County in a letter denies ever serving summons on Mary Sykes, and indeed the Court file reveals that even though Mary was abducted by the person who became the plenary guardian and removed from the County, all summons was directed to Cook County, Illinois.   The two Guardian ad Litem, and the Judge were thus aware that no attempt is notifying Mary or her next of kin was being made.  (due process requires notice and hearing).      Service of Summons on a party is JURISDICTIONAL.

·         755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 mandates that the summons to be served in a guardianship matter is to have written in its body a disclosure of the protections to be afforded the person to be served.  The Clerk of the Court at the time did not print such a form and none was provided to the Sheriff.     The facade of asking the Court for a special process server to be appointed does appear in the file.

·         As the person needing a guardian is disabled and might not comprehend the loss of civil rights that is contemplated, jurisdictional notice to next of kin is also required.    This JURISDICTIONAL requirement was similarly ignored.      The Attorney for the guardian admitted this fact on more than one occasion.

·         Notice must be provided PRIOR to any hearing to certain relevant people prior to hearing.    This requirement was totally ignored.

·         The tandem of   due process requires HEARING.     There was NO HEARING!    There was no testimony, and certainly the requirement of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 of clear and convincing evidence of the disability was not met!     The fact is Guardian ad Litem Adam Stern drafted an order appointing a plenary guardian and Judge Maureen Connors signed the order.   (On page 91 of her evidence deposition Judge Connors admits that she was reached (wired)) For her compliance, Judge Connors was elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois as a justice.

 From this point on the two-guardian ad litem, the guardian, the attorney for the guardian and the corrupt judge ran roughshod over the case and prevented and thwarted any attempt to extricate Mary and restore her civil rights.    Approximately Three million dollars in assets belonging to Mary and her younger daughter were stolen, plus thousands of dollars of Medicare and Insurance company funds.    Cries for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and or prosecution of the criminal activities were thwarted using the facilities of the STATE OF ILLINOIS.

[2] The sale of undervalued (bargain) transactions of real estate and other tangibles generates heavy profits for the miscreants by a series of mesne sales.    For instance, by the attornment of a judge on the ‘take’ the promulgator of the sale can induce a price for value property of fraction of the value to a “nominee.”    After the sale is approved by the Court and family objections are funneled aside the property is resold.    This sale is consistent with the first sale, and to another nominee.     A few months later, the property is resold again, this time to the account of the political miscreant, and finally the property is liquidated to the ultimate purchaser at market value.     The stolen property is reported is reported as a capital gain rather than as ordinary income earned from theft.

[3] The people assigned to do the supervision are there in reality not to supervise but to burden any attempt at communication or restoration of the victim’s rights.    They charge for everything.     In the Mary Sykes case there was a charge for doing something with the victim’s dog!    Of course, the Court approved.   In the Alice Gore case the supervisor was actually able to segregate Alice from her family and discourage any intercourse between Alice and her family.   Thus, the Guardian ad Litem could arrange for Alice’s teeth to be removed and the grains of gold therein contained sequestered into the GAL’s pocket.

[4] The plan for Andy after he was abducted was quite simple.   Inject him with chemicals and reduce him to a zombie.    When he appeared before a Judge, even though he is a lawyer, he would be unable to articulate anything or even know who he was.   The judge would be free to appoint a lawyer for him who would then agree that Andy lacked the capability to take care of himself = from that point on, Andy would be kept medicated – the government would pay for it – and he could be elder cleansed.    This technique is available to be used on both YOU and ME – if the miscreants can catch us!

[5] The Bert Morgan case gave a clue to how books and records could be works of fiction and no one complained.     In Berman, a young man was lured into a ‘go to jail free’ position.   As a young and naive pharmacy graduate, Morgan was offered a ‘dream job.’       A few months into the job, the youngster was flattered into believing that he was the 2nd “coming” and his talents had been discovered.   He was offered the position of CEO of the employment entity with all the trimmings.       The salary was obscene and benefits to die for.    The youngster dove headfirst into his job intent on giving a dollar’s work for a dollar’s pay and he excelled; however, such was not the plan of the miscreants.    To slow him down, they purchased him a luxury vehicle and a home about 40 miles from the work site.     With a wife and a young family, the youngster did not look a gift horse in the mouth and commenced enjoying his new life and the freedom that was built into the job.

 It all came to an end when the Federal Investigators confronted the young pharmacist with the fact that there were prescriptions out there that had been filled more than once.    The fraud became evident, and as the pharmacist in charge all was SOL!    The owners of the company had purchased a youngster to go to jail, and of course they denied knowing anything or anyone.    An Honest investigation will find that all the outsource companies have similar arrangements.

[6] The nursing home facility was a study in segregation.     Not every patient was a victim.    In fact, many were treated rather well (in most facilities – Hollywood Hills appears to be an exception).     People who mattered had and have reasonably good experiences and receive tolerable care.    The cost to Medicare and other providers is still quite expensive, but, it is usually a better value than the hospital for the provider.     If you have an effective advocate survival and good treatment are as good as they are in a well-run hospital – however, if you are pre-determined to be elder cleansed once the miscreants have their hands on you, with the aid a couple of corrupt judges you are history.

From Joanne;

I challenge ANYONE to get into a nursing home and take a survey of any resident (that is not drooling and slumped over from psychotropic drugs) and let us ask each and every resident 1) if they want to be there;  2) if they want to go home to their home or with a relative and 3) if this is at all possible.

Why don’t we just write the nursing homes and see if we can take such a survey.

I bet we don’t get a single taker on that one.

Nursing homes are slums and ghettos for the elderly.  No one wants to be there.

I bet you on this one.


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