From EB: an update on Barbara Stone and her mother held in an abusive guardianship

Subject: Texas Attorney Schwager produces Lawyer (Debra Rochlin, an American Hero) to Federal Court who claims she was threatened by FL Judge (Michael Genden) to stop representing Helen Stone a woman in a predatory guardianship with a feeding tube shoved down her throat while the lawyers guardians etc rip off her Estate) or Else he the Judge would destroy the lawyers life.

In the opening of the audio recording of the hearing the Magistrate Judge hammers Candice L Schwager for a small mistake in her pleading that was mainly due to a misread on my part and others but he knows she is coming with witness that will show Judge Michael Genden called Helen Stone’s lawyer and threatened her to get off case or else. See below for highlight times. Schwager is the first lawyer I have seen willing to dance toe to toe with a hostile fed judge and expose the lawyer/judge corruption to the courts fearlessly (while getting creamed). Anyone else have some examples of this kind of lawyer willing to risk it all for her client. I believe Rochlin got a bar complaint filed against her after this hearing by Chief Judge of Fl Courts Jorge Labarga and Barbara Stone was disbarred (even though she had not practiced in years) again instigated by Labarga. Not many lawyers are willing to expose at expense of license and despite Rochlin exposing fraud that judge had obligations

At 19 Minutes Debra Rochlin Testifies Judge Michael Genden Threatened Her to Get off Helen Stone’s case or else.

At 2 hours 6 minutes Eliot Bernstein Testimony Regarding Michael Genden sham hearing to arrest Barbara Stone

Judge William Zolch
Hearing conducted by Magistrate Patrick Hunt

3 thoughts on “From EB: an update on Barbara Stone and her mother held in an abusive guardianship

  1. I am so glad that “Eliot Bernstein” uploaded the hearing with “Barbara Stone” on the internet thru his Youtube Channel…Thank you Eliot Bernstein, Barbara Stone, Candice Schwager, JM Denison,, Thank you for publishing… Thank you for caring… With love to you from Janet Christensen OBrien , Public Interest Issues Show on Seattle Community Media.

    • Thanks for your comment. We have to turn guardianship around into a kind, caring, inexpensive program for the elderly in need and their families. What happened to Barbara was horrendous.

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