From JM YG: How to find a “disappeared” person or activist–try Salvation Army Missing persons

Apparently Salvation Army will track down missing persons, even if they are in hospitals or psych wards.  Good news.  Keep this info handy and know that Andy Ostrowski video graphed his false psych hold capture and his FB friends recorded it and sent it out soon after AO’s computer was shut down and confiscated by the police–the likely true reason for the psych hold, to scam the disk.

The computer is back, but I’m sure it was breached.  AO also complains a lot of stuff is missing from his apartment.

Probably the safest course of action is for everyone to team up with Life 360, an app which tracks your every movement of your cell phone, providing it is on and charged and Life 360 is running.  Check it out and buddy up with another activist or court corruption victim so if you go missing suddenly, you can be tracked to within 3′.

We will create a furror and come and get you.  Have some peace of mind.  We are all in this together.

And speaking of Apps, RECORD EVERYTHING.  I don’t care if someone says it’s illegal.  We are generally all investigating a string of felonies, any state employee can be legally recorded at anytime in their official duties, and to deny recording should be considered evidence tampering and obstruction of justice.

In the Google App store, look for Tiny Scanner to take pictures of documents when the court clerk or some other idiot says “you can’t copy these.”  Or a public defender or states attorney, or perhaps someone wants you to sign a contract but never gives you a copy of what you signed.  Ledgerdermain is found everywhere is law.  Don’t let it bite you in the butt.  You also don’t want to take pictures of computer screens when you can use your cell phone as a scanner for files.  Tiny Scanner, for $5 will also uploa your files in to Gdrive, Outlook, etc. so they can be stored neatly and efficiently.  Highly recommended.  Works 99% good as a scanner.

Good luck on all your investigations and let me know if anyone finds a private investigator that can pull all of those “looks like money laundering to me”  suspicious property records of Banksters, Judges and lawyers in corrupt cases.

That looks like obstruction of justice to me.

thanks everyone



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