A request for volunteers==false imprisonment of a gship victim

I have a client who is a Targeted Individual who has been false imprisoned.

I would appreciate volunteers that can talk to him daily and hold his hand while he is falsely imprisoned.

You will need to sign up with the nation’s inmate phone system (www.connectnetwork.co) and put $25 down minimum to spend some $4 on the transaction fee plus 25 cents per minute.

He needs someone to hold his hand, tell him you care and tell him it will be alright.

Contact me and give me your phone number and I will pass it on.  Set up an account, fund it with $25 min  (sorry, I have nothing to do with it, this is the cost of helping those incarcerated) and  I will pass along your phone number.  He will then call you and you can offer your support.

Many people are falsely imprisoned. This person is under a false guardianship (never served).  This is your chance to help.

At any time, any one of us can be falsely imprisoned and it takes a gargantuan effort to straighten out that mess, and it’s far worse if you are poor or have been targeted for harassment by those with wealth and/or clout.

In this case, it appears his “guardians” have been stealing his social security benefits for 18 years and likely military disabled dependent benefits and he suspects there is a trust worth millions that was also pinched from him by “guardians.”

We all well know the story.  Soon as AD started getting social security benefits, copies of his gship file (and btw, there are NO annual reports on anything filed with the court for 18 years, no accounting, report of his health or welfare, etc.), but AD was harassed for years with the guardians interfering with any job he got, and any relationship he became involved in.  One troubling point is it appears at one point he married and divorced.  I’m still trying to figure out how his divorce lawyer charged him thousands when he was under a guardianship.  If you are under a gship, you can’t get married and if anyone wants child support they have to motion the gship court for it.   What a mess.
Activist/lawyer Andy Ostrowski was recently put in a false psych hold and it took 10 days for him to be released–even with over 20k views of his false arrest streaming live on FaceBook (many friends watched and then reposted soon as police told him to shut down his laptop, but his laptop is still missing and has not been recovered, despite the fact his house was locked up on the way out the door)

We all have to stick together in all of this.


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