From AD: False arrest and False imprisonment of Mentally Disabled Adult in Corrupt Humboldt County Cal.

I recently received a call from a young man who is high functioning Autistic/Aspergers.  He advised me he has been under a guardianship since 1998.

The court documents he sent me can be viewed here:

These documents indicate he was in fact guardianized in New York in 1998.  I have not been able to get updated court documents, but I am working on that.  Many states seal guardianships records claiming that it protects the disabled adult but we all know for a fact it protects felons in suits with licenses looting estates.

Mr. Dannewitz advises me that social security indicates thousands of dollars in payments under his account; however, he has not received a dime and the guardians are the payees.  Not surprising.

He also advises me that whenever he attempts to unwind the Guardianship or take any action to protect his rights, he becomes a target of harassment.

Recently, he asked the Suffolk New York Clerk of Court for all his files and records, and he believes this action may have prompted  false arrest.

I’m sure none of you are surprised.

In addition, one parent is in the military as an officer and is extremely secretive about his work and clearly has the clout and authority to harass his son with all sorts of troubles such that in the past, Mr. Dannewitz has lost jobs, has had to move, etc., and of course as a disabled person, his social security disability payment have never ever reached him.

Below is the fax I sent to the Public Defender’s offices today.  Please feel free to cut and paste and send your own fax to demand immediate release of this person.



To: Humboldt County CaliforniaPublic Defender Offices
Fax: 707 445 7320 From:                  Suspended Ill., N.  Carolina and Patent Bars   JoAnne M. Denison, Pat. Atty.  Reg.  No.  34,150 JUSTICE 4 EVERY1, NFP FAX 888-350-0192 5330 W Devon Ave #6 CELL PH 773-255-7608 Chicago IL 60646 PHONE 312-553-1300 or  A social justice services Not for Profit
.For transmission problems, please call 312-553-1300A confirmation copy       WILL   ✔   will NOT be sent.October 4, 2017

Re: False Arrest and  Imprisonment of  Allen Dannewitz, Jr. In Humboldt County Lock up Secton 529, Inmate No. 1700007690
To the Public Defender of Humboldt County;
I have been informed by a Mr. Allen Dannewitz, Jr. That he was rencently falsely arrested and imprisoned despite the fact he was guardianized in Suffolk County New York in 1998.  The case number is 287 G 1998 and a copy of the court order declaring his parents to be his legal guardians is attached hereto.
It is my understanding that at the time of the arrest and at the time of arraignment, he told everyone that he had been adjudicated mentally disabled and a guardian was appointed for him, all of which was ignored.  No one, it appears, including your offices, has investigated his assertions, despite the fact they are indeed very serious assertions of how his case must legally be handled.
I would appreciate your filing a Petition with the court for his immediate release.  Unless and until that order is vacated, he cannot be held, he cannot be tried for any criminal offense in a court of law.  This is US Supreme Court law.  He can only be held in a Mental Hospital if he is a danger to himself or others which he clearly is not.  He must be released and he cannot be tried until the Guardianship proceeding and Judgment is vacated.
Also, while I have tried to call Mr. Dannewitz to assist him in this outrageous violation of his Constitutional rights, the phone charges for the prison system in Humboldt county are absolutely outrageous and unconscionable.  For a short conversation, I paid $25 to speak with him.  I currently use and they charge my business .001 cents per minute.
Please forward a copy of this message on to Mr. Dannewitz immediately so that he knows that members of the public will be assisting him in his endeavors to obtain justice.
I trust that you will take appropriate and swift action to demand his immediate release and I thank you for your assistance in this matter in advance.
I will be sending Mr. Dannewitz stamps, stationary and envelopes so he can communicate with the world in light of the usurious phone system which has been corruptly installed to block communications between inmates, friends and family–all of whom suffer when outrageous charges block access to their loved ones.
I would greatly appreciate your emailing and having the prison social worker or other staff allow him to make daily calls to me at an arranged time so that he does not feel he has been abandoned to the State wolves and hyenas running a corrupt police/judicial/prison system that does not respect the rights of the Mentally Disabled Adult in California.
Very Truly Yours,
JoAnne Denison
JoAnne M. Denison
cc: blogs for and





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