From Ken Ditkowsky–the 1st Amendment applies to everyone

Subject: Re: Fw: The First Amendment applies to every one.
Date: Aug 7, 2017 9:37 PM

Since the Presidential Election many of us have noted a distinct attempt by the mainstream media to denigrate any action taken by the current Administration.       It thus must be anticipated that the prosecutions of the criminals who are carrying on a WAR against the Elderly and the Disabled will not receive accolades.     Indeed, in the very same manner that the Judicial and Political elite have enthusiastically endorsed the forfeiture of FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS of those who object to the 700% fraud surcharge on Health care  we will see a campaign to inform us (the great unwashed) just how wonderful it is to be addicted to Opioids in sheltered care facilities as a prelude to our dehumanization and forfeiture of our estates.

The Alice Gore and Mary Sykes guardianship cases loom large in Illinois!     However, the 18 USCA 371 cover-up so far has been successful.     No one has been prosecuted for the murders of these grandmothers and not one dime of Federal or State Income Tax has been assessed on either the booty or the Medicare thefts.   Obviously,  this health care fraud is under the current administration of Cook County, Illinois exempt from even a “look see!”     A request for an “HONEST INVESTIGATION” or the exposure of corruption in the Courts (especially the Probate Division) is akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”     (you cannot make this stuff up.   Jerome Larkin the administrator of the Attorney Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) so wrote to the Illinois Supreme Court.   They issued an order of interim suspension for the attorney exposing judicial corruption and then followed through with a three years suspension of her license.   The villains who were murdering their elderly victim were lauded and paid handsomely – out of the Estate – for their villainy!      Our Illinois government made it very clear – they would rather increase taxes on the public than to interfere with the ELDER CLEANSING operations conducted in Illinois.

It appears for my searches of the Internet that this Administration in Washington is seriously following up on the fraud complaints and is making efforts to defeat those who are promulgating and conducting the WAR AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.       The wall of silence has been raised, but, the high profile case against  Philip Esformes will commence in the Spring.     As the interest in the billion dollar theft from Medicare is high, it is safe to assume that some rogue publications will report on the trial and the clandestine efforts to tilt the playing field.     Expect a campaign by the press to paint Mr. Esformes as the savior of the Western World and the benefactor of  minorities and the disadvantaged.

Of course lost in the efforts to discredit the prosecution you will not be reminded of the fact that the health care bandits consider you and I as a commodity.      Not long ago one of the Chicago Newspaper stated:

 Dr. Roland Borrasi chuckled as he told three doctors how he used kickbacks and cash bribes to shuttle unsuspecting nursing home residents into Chicago-area hospitals and psychiatric wards.

“Basically, I have a commodity; my commodity is nursing home patients,” Borrasi explained.

He didn’t know it at the time, but federal agents were secretly recording that meeting.

One of the doctors was wearing a wire as Borrasi matter-of-factly explained the mechanics of patient brokering to physicians in his medical group.

Those recordings, along with court documents and federal investigative reports obtained by the Tribune, describe a web of corruption in which hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed among doctors, nursing home executives and hospital administrators as the facility operators sought to fill their beds with a steady flow of destitute patients.

While taxpayers paid millions of dollars in fraudulent  Medicaid and  Medicare bills, one  Alzheimer’s patient was given inappropriate brain radiation treatments, a Borrasi associate told federal agents. A second patient, a disoriented elderly woman, was sent to an acute psychiatric ward after she refused to eat in her nursing home dining hall, another medical professional told federal agents.

“The fact that … greed subordinated the care of elderly and infirm patients who really needed it is horrific at best,” federal prosecutors wrote in a court filing earlier this year after Borrasi was sentenced for accepting more than $500,000 in kickbacks to steer vulnerable patients. Prosecutors described “the scope and breadth of the bribes” as “extraordinary .”


If you fool me (the great unwashed), shame on you; however, if you fool me a second time – shame on me!.        When the Esformes indictment came down in Florida, it should be noted that the Chicago press was very frugal with the dissemination of this major news story.     In fact,  it still is not letting the public know of the latest indictment.    This was for bribing inspectors who were assigned to make certain that 100% of the time the nursing homes met or exceeded the statutory requirements.

Philip Esformes is expendable.     He is ‘small potatoes.’      The large operations here in Chicago (and in other major cities) are still being protected.       Yes, he – like Seth Gillman – may be sacrificed to save the more important operators – who have more clout!   But,  America’s salvation is at stake.     We have to protect the RULE OF LAW and work diligently to protect our society from those miscreants (and particular the political elite) who would sell us out for a few pieces of silver and a few votes.

Democracy is not a spectator sport!      Here in Illinois school children  have difficulty naming the names of five governors of our State who have not gone to JAIL!      We still have one governor in jail!      The motto of our pols is “from the Statehouse to the jailhouse’ or bust!

On Monday, August 7, 2017, 2:53:06 PM CDT, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:
What I was thinking of was you filing a formal petition directed to the Governor and the Supreme Court of Illinois , along with copies to everyone in sight, demanding not only the reinstatement of your law license, but a FULL AND COMPLETE INVESTIGATION of the 18 UsCA 371 cover-up of elder cleansing.

The ‘fraud’ committed by Jerome Larkin and the IARDC in attempting to silence you was outrageous and a serious stain on the reputation of the entire legal profession of this State of Illinois.   Larkin not only misrepresented the facts of In re: Mary Sykes -09 P 4585, but Supreme Court of the United STates decisions and the transcript of proceedings  – as well as he was not candid about his own conduct – i.e. hiring a non-licensed court reporter.

The actions of the judicial officials – i.e. the judges, the GALs, the attorney for the petitioner et al were criminal acts.   The cover up was another criminal act.    The United States of America is involved as Mary Sykes was placed in a nursing home and other sheltered care facilities unlawfully and without reasonable necessity.   The net is a theft of Medicare and Federal Health care funds. 
The mere incorporation by reference of the Circuit Court of Cook County file 09 P 4585 should alert any competent lawyer to the fact that the protections required in 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 in reference to Mary Sykes were not complied with in any way.
1) There was no service of summons according to the Sheriff.   In fact, the record reveals that the Petitioner (and her attorneys) knowing that Mary Sykes had been kidnapped and taken to DuPage County, Illinois directed the Sheriff to serve Mary in Cook County.   A quick search of the clerk’s records will indicate that the form of summons required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 was not handed out to attorneys.
2) the required 755 ILSC 5/11a – 10 service of prior notice of hearing on next of kin was never even attempted or contemplated by the petitioner or her attorney.
3) There was no hearing as to Mary Sykes’ competency – yet, Adam Stern is reported to have prepared an order appointing a plenary guardian knowing that the required hearing was not had.  Judge Connors, who on page 91 of her evidence deposition admitted to being wired, signed the order also knowing that all the protections of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 were ignored.
Mr. Larkin has in his files the affidavit of Gloria Sykes  – Gloria and Mary had a joint safety deposit box.    In that affidavit she avers the theft of a million dollars in gold coins.   This asset was never inventoried!    Why did Larkin refrain from investigation of their theft.  In fact, Larkin at the IARDC filed motions to quash discovery of the theft of items from the safe deposit box, but Gloria Sykes prevailed and uncovered reports indicating the Plenary Guardian had in fact drilled out the safe deposit box without a court order and emptied it.
Of course Mary Sykes died during captivity –  did she die of natural causes, because she was still protesting her captivity, or because the last dollar that could be extracted had been taken into possession of the guardian?    All Totaled over 3 million dollars has found its way into the miscreant’s pockets.   Larkin’s overt action was the cover-up!     He has proved his culpability by the manner in which he has conducted himself.    Had Larkin nothing to hide, he would have been happy to request an HONEST INVESTIGATION.    Hell – he would have hired a licensed court reporter and certainly NOT misrepresented the decisions of the SCOTUS.    He would have had no stake in the proceedings and thus it would not matter to him if we were disciplined or not.    A quick look at file 09 P 4585 would have caused him to bring charges against his stooge, the two guardians and Peter ****.    He also would have made criminal referrals to the States Attorney of Cook County for the theft, obstruction of justice and perjury. 
You have taken on the task of helping so many people who have become victimized by the health care fraud – your task would be simplified if you had your license back.    I respectfully suggest that you publicly demand JUSTICE for yourself.

Ken Ditkowsky

Dear Ken;

You are right and I have made recent demands to the US DOJ to prosecute these crimes and all the stolen money and the conspiracies to fleece estates and murder elders and the disabled.  If you are old or sick, you are an easy target.  They shoot fish in a barrel, now, don’t they?

Just this last week, I have heard of the murder of yet another abused probate victim, Mrs. Ilwanna Lahoody who was sentenced to hospice against her will, she contracted yet another bout of an UTI and pneumonia, and life saving antibiotics were denied her because, “well, don’t you know, she is in hospice”.

Apparently hospice has become the latest version of EMTALA or patient dumping act where the poor, elderly and disabled may be neglected.  (see, EMTALA, below)

Mrs. Lahoody was a devout Roman Catholic. She did not believe in Hospice or failure to treat.  She was isolated from her Protective, caring son for years by an evil court cabal because the son and mother were left $600k by dad a decade ago.  So what did the court do?  They invaded a joint account without a court order, Petition, Notice or Hearing.  Money is money, no matter how it is stolen.

In Illinois, we could not treat an elderly cat or dog like this, or we would be hit with Cruelty to Animals, but it happens all the time to the elderly and disabled in guardianship.  Their death sentence, without years of appeals, is now called hospice.  Confine them to bed with alarms, don’t let them get any fresh air or sunshine, feed them crappy food and soon, they will lose all hope and die.

No one will call an ambulance any longer when they are sick.  I am sure they don’t even pass out band aides in hospice.

Another case I just heard about is poor Mrs. FP.  She has Stern for a GAL and Quinn for a judge (the same judge that stood by and takes weeks or forever to get ER care for a critically ill woman.  I guess when a judge ignores please for weeks and days on days that an elder needs immediate ER care, her response is “emergency orders take 3 days.”)

THREE DAYS?!?!?!?!  These are the elderly, the disabled.  They should have court on the weekends to be sure the GALs and “guardians” aren’t murdering someone.

Getting back to Mrs. FP.  She wanted to live in her home until she died with her son caring for her there.  So what did evil sis do?  She granny napped her to the Joliet area, Mrs. FP was never served in accord with the Illinois Probate Act (no reading her rights, no leaving a sheet of her rights and how to challenge the guardianship), and in addition, I am told a certain GAL how goes out to visit and instructs the elderly/disabled they must NOT go to court!

This is how GALs are trained now?  To directly violate human and civil rights?

Two words:  bar complaint.

Long story short ,Mrs. FP’s home is a goner, her small savings, everything.  Of course, evil sis who was appointed guardian no longer has any desire to care for her and wants to put her in hospice/nursing home.

No one would ever believe what I do for a living.

The protective family members are always in tears, they are emotionally wiped out from ruthless, greedy judges and lawyers.

And, did a certain lawyer, Mr. JP ever file a Sodini motion when he learned no one was served/notified of the hearing?  Of course not!

Let’s pray for them all and that justice and human and civil rights will become an important part of our nation’s court system.


The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), also known as the “Patient AntiDumping” statute, is a Federal statute intended to prevent Medicare-participating hospitals with dedicated emergency departments from refusing to treat people based on their insurance status or ability to pay.

This means if you can get an elderly or disabled person to the ER, they MUST TREAT.  Except for poor Mrs. Brouckmeersch, at age 94, a state employee couldn’t wait to tell an NMH doc “don’t treat, return her to the ER” where of course she died the next day, leaving her Protective Daughter in tears over the abuse.  All Mrs. Brouckmeersch needed was an IV and a blood transfusion.  This was because previously NMH had overdosed her on heparin, and now they were going to murder her to cover up the abuse/malpractice.


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