From NASGA – Providence, RI passes bill to prevent isolation of elders in guardianship





See below.  In dozens of estates, every day on the 18th floor of the probate court, guardianized adults are severed from over 20+ relationships with family, friends and those that loved them.

The probate judges:  Quin, Stuart (retired), McGury, Dole and the rest of them say “so what” or just give lip service to cases where an adult ward is isolated from children and other loved ones (Sykes, isolated 5+ years from Gloria, a beloved daughter; Gore, isolate 10 months and put in a nursing home 45 min. each way from Bev Cooper, a beloved daughter who the court and GAL said could not take in her own mother–instead 99 gold teeth were pulled from her mouth and a diaper put on one end an a feeding tube against her will, she never left that bed and never saw the light of day again;   when Jay Brouckmeersh was taken to the ER and guardianized because her daughter would file a malpractice suit again NWM Hospital, her mother was critically ill and the daughter was isolated from her mother,  poor Igor Lahoody has been isolated from his mother Iwanna for years now and they have stolen all his and his mother’s money.

At least Providence RI is taking some remedial steps. Where is Rauner and the Illinois State Legislature on this?  Oh, they’re too busy raising taxes.  But every day millions are stolen in probate, the Ill. Dept. of Revenue should tax theft and embezzlement at a 100 or 200% premium and they don’t.

Someone needs to get a brain here, please.

PROVIDENCE — The General Assembly passed legislation introduced by Rep. Brian Patrick Kennedy (D-Dist. 38, Hopkinton, Westerly) and Sen. Frank S. Lombardi (D-Dist. 26, Cranston) Wednesday that would secure the rights of adults who are under a limited guardianship on June 29.

The bill would provide those under limited guardianship, guardianship and conservatorship with necessary rights designed to protect them from mental, physical and financial abuse by their guardians and conservators.

“Adults who are the wards of limited guardians sometimes have no recourse when they become the victims of abuse, whether that abuse be physical, emotional or financial,” Kennedy said. “This legislation spells out the rights of those wards and prohibits guardians from treading on those rights.”

Catherine Falk, the daughter of the late Peter Falk, best known for portraying Detective Columbo on television, is a national activist for guardianship reform and elder abuse awareness. She appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to testify on behalf of the legislation.

“It has become a common problem,” Lombardi said. “Some adult guardians will isolate those they’re supposed to protect in order to retaliate against families who complain. This legislation would protect adults who may be unable to express their preferences due to physical or mental condition. In that case, consent would be presumed based upon the protected person’s proven relationship history with the person seeking visitation.”

The second part of the legislation stipulates that an emergency hearing should be conducted if the protected person’s health is in significant decline or death may be imminent. In these circumstances, supervised visitation would be put in place until the hearing and subsequent court ruling is complete.”

— Legislative Press and Public Information Bureau

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