Urgent request–seeking Lilly Tonkinson

If you know where this mildly disabled woman is, please lend a cell phone to her and let her call her mother, Mary Catherine Ford.

Mary Ford is desperate to talk to her daughter–and the evil Guardian won’t allow her phone call or emails or tell her where her daughter is.

The mother is heart broken.

Lilly Tonkinson is likely being housed in a facility without any educational opportunities, medical or dental. She has been beaten and abused in these facilities.  The court won’t listen to the mom or dad who have pleaded to get rid of an abusive Guardian and return their daughter.

It’s all about the money and I bet the “Guardian” (of pain and suffering) is getting some sort of kickback.

Please help her and spread the word.

We were able to do this once before.  I know there are kind, caring souls out there who do not believe in the abuse and isolation of the disabled.


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