From Ken Ditkowsky–Nursing Home Fraud and Robert Jaycox

The nursing home eviction are a side of the coin that also has to be addressed.    An eviction from a nursing home usually occurs when the last dollar has been extracted from the ‘victim’ and no matter what is tried the poor soul just will not die!

The Robert Jaycox case was so typical it barely raised an eyebrow.    Jaycox was the victim of an undiagnosed drug reaction.     The medication left him with severe and unrelenting spasms of pain in his legs that totally disabled him.   This was one of the side effects of the medication that his doctor prescribed for him, but no one in the hospital or the nursing home took the time to read the sheet on side effects.
Jaycox’s problems began when he invested his and his significant other’s life savings with a crooked real estate operator.   This led him to a doctor who did what most doctor’s do – he gave him a medication.    This medication had a side effect – i.e. the unrelenting spasms!    Of course without terminating the medication the side effects continued as did the massive unrelenting attempts to find an organic cause.     The little money that Jaycox had soon disappeared, and so did the benefits of private and public health care.     However, an Esformes controlled nursing home was available and Jaycox was transferred.
To access the money available from government health care, papers had to be signed.   Jaycox was not incompetent and smelled a rat.  He refused to sign – he was not happy with being a commodity.    No problem – the nursing home had the Court “wired” and the Office of the Public Guardian was summoned and they petitioned for a guardian to be appointed for Mr. Jaycox.    His significant other, Jaycox, and family members were of course threatened with eviction but there was government money available and the Political/Judicial elite were not going to allow a dime to escape.
The guardianship proceedings were thwarted when I was hired to defend.   I extracted from the physician who found Jaycox incompetent a fatal admission and the guardianship proceeding was NOT dismissed – it was continued.    (The Office of the Public Guardian had to regroup! )
Within days Mr. Jaycox had an real fatal disease – Aspirated pneumonia  –  this plus the recovery from “falling out of bed” and breaking a hip made him helpless.    The mission was completed – every dollar was extracted from every source, and especially the government!
Footnote:  when Jaycox died, he was cremated post haste!

Ken Ditkowsky

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