From Ken Ditkowsky–time to stop the Fraud at the IARDC by Jerome Larkin

To: Iardc Postmaster <>, and 100 others…
Subject: Jerome Larkin frauds
Date: May 24, 2017 10:09 PM
Mr. Larkin and members of the IARDC
Is it not time for Illinois to enter the 21st Century and for the IARDC to end its racism!   I know that so far the media has placed a curtain of silence on your Jim Crow activities, but, let me make it very clear – hundreds of independent citizens are upset by the racism that Mr. larkin and the IARDC exhibited toward Lanre Amu and Civil Rights icon Diane Nash and rest assured one conversation at a time we will get the word out and demand Justice for all regardless of the color of their skin!
The Lanre Amu case is a blot on the integrity of the State of Illinois and the United States of America whether you are able to quash media coverage of the Jim Crow or not.    As Crain’s Chicago Business made the same averment as Mr. Amu, it is clear that Mr. larkin committed perjury.   Perjury is a felony!  Denial of Mr. Amu’s civil rights by a public official is similarly a serious Felony!   The use of the mail to accomplish these felonies is indeed the felony of MAIL FRAUD!
Maybe Mr. Larkin’s clout will protect him now – but, there is an new Sheriff in town!   Maybe – the US Attorney will feel obliged to see that every citizen – including those with dark skins – will enjoy equal protection of the law and in particular protection from public officials who breach their public trust!
What do I want?    I want the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission to do what they were designated to do — tell the truth, protect the public from corrupt judges, lawyers and judicial officials and conduct itself with honor, honesty and integrity!
I realize that with Mr. Larkin as the administrator this is a great deal to ask – but it is not too much!    Reinstate the license wrongfully taken from Amu and Denison now!    The Lynching of Amu makes Illinois live in infamy!   It is something that cannot be tolerated.
Mr. Larkin should be disbarred and prosecuted for his 18 USCA 371 co-conspiracies and his other criminal acts!    An Honest investigation will reveal his perfidy!    The COVER UP cannot continue.
Kenneth Ditkowsky

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