From Gloria Sykes–Michigan changes to elder abuse law makes it easier to charge a perp

Detroit is a hot bed of guardianship corruption with Mary Rowan handling over 100 cases, forcing the elderly into locked down nursing homes and drugging them and forcing the sale of their homes. Will she be charged with this?

And remember, Flint Mich. still hasn’t cleaned up their deadly water, so I wonder what’s up with this.  Only Mich. politicians could be worse than Illinois, purposefully poisoning the population–men, women, children, the elderly, and nothing is done about it.


From the Michigan Paper —

A bill originally sponsored by a local assistant prosecutor makes it easier for prosecutors to charge someone with abusing a vulnerable adult without noticeable injury.

Public Act 480 of 2016, signed into law last week by Gov. Rick Snyder, says a person can be charged if he or she intentionally commits an act that poses an unreasonable risk, harm or injury to a vulnerable adult, regardless of whether physical harm results. Previously, physical injury had to be shown.

The change affects fourth-degree vulnerable adult abuse, a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.

Derek Miller, a former Democratic state representative from Warren, introduced the bill after he worked several years an assistant prosecutor in Macomb County and before he was appointed county treasurer in January 2016. He lost the treasurer’s post in the November election to Republican Larry Rocca and was rehired recently by county Prosecutor Eric Smith.


Miller previously prosecuted vulnerable-adult cases as a member of Smith’s Senior Crime Unit along with former assistant prosecutor Suzanne Faunce, who is now a district court judge in Warren. Both of them said they got frustrated with learning about certain types of abuse but being unable to prosecute the offender.

“One of the things that I got frustrated was attempting to prosecute a case in which a vulnerable adult was tied up or bound to a bed or laying in their own feces or urine … because the vulnerable adult statute didn’t provide any way to prosecute folks if there wasn’t physical harm,” he said. “The act is egregious enough that it is deserving of a criminal charge.”

Miller said a vulnerable adult must be treated civilly even if it is difficult because the person is suffering from dementia.

“They (vulnerable adults) are still human beings,” he said. “(Offenders) need to be held accountable.”

State Rep. John Chirkun, D-Roseville, took over shepherding the bill to passage after Miller left his state post. Chirkun worked 29 years for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

“As a former law enforcement officer, I know what can happen when a caregiver fails a vulnerable adult,” Chirkun said. “We need to be aware of abuse that leaves no physical signs because it is just as damaging and harmful to the victim.”


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