From Ken Ditkowsky–where the real problem with Illinois corruption lies

Here in Chicago the murder rate is well over a murder a day and shootings are measured by the number per hour, rather than the number per month or year.     We have the strongest gun laws in the United States and the political elite call for more laws.    The big problem is that we have three criteria here in Illinois, to wit:

1.       Pass Laws

2.       Restrict freedom

3.       Complain bitterly and divert attention

Enforcement of the law is NOT an option as it could make someone who has some clout unhappy.     Let’s call a spade a spade.     Come election time, the gangs are important sources of votes for the dominant political party.    All those poor souls who lose children to gang violence are easily intimidated or fooled into voting against their best interests.     Need an example – take the last mayoral race.     Not only was the current mayor re-elected by all the minority alderman voted to ‘pay off’ the claimed family members of a youth who was shot 16 times by an alleged rogue policeman.      This payoff occurred because if the 4th Estate (the media) had  disclosed the perfidy the non-minority mayor would have gone down to defeat.

Racial discrimination and Jim Crow laws are still well protected in Chicago and in the State of Illinois.    Public Accommodations were denied to an icon of the Civil Rights movement and a lawyer who immigrated from Africa, obtained a number of advanced degrees, and citizenship made the mistake of complaining about a corrupt judge.    A public agency – the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission and the Illinois Supreme Court forfeited his law license and his rights of citizenship.     Mr. Lanre Amu was convicted of practicing law while black!     Even the fact that the same disclosure that Mr. Amu made was affirmed and made by a respected business publication (Crains Chicago Business) did not prevent, mitigate, or in any way impede the perjury and Civil Rights violations committed by Jerome Larkin and his criminal co-conspirators.

 The nefariousness of the forgoing does not raise even a scintilla of protest from any of the media, civil rights organizations, opposition political parties, civil leaders or even the general public.        It is so sad!

Our president has vowed to “Make America Great Again”!       Is this another empty promise?      The answer to these questions are not available at this time; however, we all know that each of us will grow old and grow vulnerable.      Unlike our forefathers we are looking for government to provide us with health care so that our lives will remain fruitful as we grow more and more vulnerable;  however, once again we do nothing!       The corruption in the health care industry is so obscene that it is almost unspeakable.     There is a 700% fraud surcharge to the average medical bill and to even question or ask for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the crimes associated with predation on the elderly can have serious side-effects to the questioner.     Mr. Larkin the administrator of the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission is not satisfied with perjury, tax evasion, fraud ***** he wrote to the Illinois Supreme Court that a blog that disclosed judicial corruption was akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater!”       (You cannot make this stuff up!)

 In a recent edition of the blog “Probate Sharks” the editor wrote the following:

 Editor’s note: This Shark reported that when Alice Gore’s daughter complained about a nursing home resident eating lunch off of a commode, the nursing home administrator took the only action he could.  He called the police on Alice’s daughter.  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

This is our future!       Philip Esformes was indicted in the Federal Court in Miami of stealing a billion dollars from Medicare and the State of Florida health care fund.     The Esformes clan’s nursing homes are a legend here in Chicago!      It was revealed to me, and I believe my source that the Guardian ad Litem who orchestrated the travesty and the abuse of Alice Gore (and her family) was “kin” to Esformes and used Esformes facilities to complete the task of stripping the Gore estate of 1.5 million dollars and the grains of gold that were in Alice’s mouth as she lay helpless, alone, and dying!

 We do not need more legislation, nor do we need more complaining – we need LAW ENFORCEMENT!

18 USCA 371 and other conspiracy statutes draw the public officials – such as Jerome Larkin – into the ring of fire.     Larkin by his wrongful use of the mails and wire (and wireless) communications to cover-up the criminal activities and intimidate those who demand JUSTICE is as an example a public official who is culpable and also liable for the Federal and State Income taxes (including interest and penalties) due on the booty.      Larkin by his breach of the public trust is despicable and he his activity of teaching legal ethics should be moved from a public venue into a more restricted venue – jail!

  Honest and diligent Law enforcement is our salvation.     Government does not want Americans resorting to self-help!       What remedy does the parent of child shot on the streets of Chicago have?     What remedy did Alice Gore or Mary Sykes have?   ********         Maybe the remedy for you and me is *******!

Ken Ditkowsky

From Joanne;

Please do not forget poor Jay Brouckmeersch who was killed last month in probate.  Her daughter fought for days to have her transferred to the ER when she needed IV fluids and a transfusion.  Finally Mother B. went to the NWMH Emergency Room where a worker from the Office of State Guardian actually called the hospital and told the ER doc “not to treat.”

The law is, once a patient reaches the ER, hospice or DNR or not, they MUST be treated.

What happened in Judge Quinn’s court when the daughter went there at least a half dozen times in just a couple of weeks prior to her mother’s death?  Well, as you might expect, basically nothing.

When Judge Quinn tried to ask about the signoffs for a DNR/hospice (which was illegal from the get go btw),  all the attorneys did was mumble.  No one had the paperwork and they didn’t even say they would get it to the judge!  It was like a courtroom of keystone cops, but at $300 per hour–billing the Mother, of course.

You can’t make THIS stuff up.

Now, Daughter Joy HAD her mother’s Powers of Attorney and she had cared for her mother for years.  So what did Judge Quinn do about that?  She summarily and illegally terminated them!  That’s right, no due process for either mother or daughter, she just took out a big old rubber stamp and said “suspended” which is the same thing as saying “mom, you’re dead.”  Why because the state takes over.

So why did they do all of this?  Because Northwestern Memorial Hospital has clout.  It has money.  It also has bad docs who overdosed mom on heparin and they didn’t want a malpractice suit, so they filed a petition for Letters of Guardianship because their tied in crony hospital/OSG guardian then would never sue them for malpractice.

But wait, it gets even better.  Apparently after an autopsy, it turns out Mother had pneumonia. Which means NWMH had Mother, didn’t diagnose the pneumonia and then they discharged her without treatment.

This is how we treat the elderly in Chicago.  And if I or Ken dares to complaint that the courts and the major hospitals are Snafu (military term, go look it up), WE get disciplined.  We get booted out and our names smeared.

While Larkin, Opryszek, Smart, Steven Splitt (who teaches attorney Ethics, of all things, go figure) and the Illinois Supreme Court couldn’t give a damn about the murders of 99 year old Alice Gore, 94 year old Mary Sykes, 92 year old Jay Brouckmeersch, 85 year old Alan Frake–all MURDERED in their precious and all so allegedly perfect court systems.

Today Paul Abramson faxed the Illinois Supreme Court and called them on the carpet about their perfidy in creating and running the cover up operation in Chicago and Springfield known as the ARDC or Attorny Regn and Disciplinary Comm.

Maybe you should too.

Otherwise our seniors will continue to be MURDERED in probate by the likes of Judge Quinn with impunity, just like the blacks gunned down in cold blood in the streets of Chicago.

The families of black youth get millions.  The families of the murdered elderly get their cases kicked out of the courts and covered up.


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