From FB: Radio Show on What Happened to Willie Jo Mills?

Join us Wednesday night on F.A.C.E.U.S. with Robin and Lulu Host Sherry Johnston WHAT HAPPENED TO WILLIE JO MILLS? Sherry said her mom was overmedicated and shriveled to 89 pounds while under the care of the court-appointed guardians and looked like a concentration camp victim and barred from visiting her mother at Silverado Kingwood Memory Care Community after she complained about the lack of attention paid to her mom. *** Listen Here Live*** May 3, 2017. 6-8 pm PST/ 7-9 pm MST/ 8-10 pm CST/ 9-11 pm EST (7:00pm Colorado Time) Join online…/faceus-robin-lulu-host-sherr… OR call our GUEST LINE 845-241-9962. Press 1 to join the conversation. Willie Jo mills was an elderly lady that raised 3 children and was a widow since 1993. Willie Jo had a stroke in 2007, her son with a POA (Power Of Attorney) locked her out of her house in 2007- 2008, refused to share information with the family, tried to put Willie Jo Mills in Hospice, took all the money and hid it. The daughters filed a lawsuit against him and the judge froze the money. In retaliation, he filed an application for guardian and creation of 867 trust and forced Willie Jo Mills into a guardianship without any “DUE PROCESS’ Willie Jo’s home was sold and all her assets liquidated. Willie Jo was drugged on and off for 5.5 years and forced to live in an memory care facility with all her mental faculties intact, costing $7,000 a month for minimum care, her Probate Court case was in Harris County, Texas. Tune in to BlogTalk Radio Channel Hidden Truth Revealed F.A.C.E.U.S. with Robin and Lulu.

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