Fundraiser and Moving Experience today, Sun. 2 to 4 pm 4/2/17 PLUS hear the story of yet another murder in probate

We are moving, and any assistance packing and moving tomorrow will be greatly appreciated.  Plus we still need to raise funds for more office space and all donations are appreciated.

For those of you that can make it because you live in Chicago, we will be holding a fund raiser and you can help pack and move stuff, if you are so inclined.  If you don’t live here, you can text a check to 773 255 7608, or paypal or chase quick pay me.  The money is not for me, it’s for all the victims of court sanctioned murder and those still at risk.

I’m not exactly sure where I’m moving, but I have to get out.  Lost our lease.

Every day running a Not for Profit is always an adventure, you never know what will happen.

But this fundraiser will be in the loving memory of Jay Brouckmersch who was a lovely 94 year old woman, beloved by her daughter Joyce who doted upon her during her final days on earth.

Come and hear the story of the judge who murdered her from her courtroom on the 18th floor.  Protective daughter Joyce did everything she could during the last two weeks of her mother’s life to save her.  She was in court nearly every day begging and pleading with Judge X to help her mother and save her from certain death.  All daughter Joyce asked the court for was a blood transfusion (because a local hospital previously overdosed mom on heparin without the daughter’s consent or knowledge), plus some iV fluids to hydrate her mom. It is believed that a wrongful guardianship petition was filed by the hospital in order to prevent a malpractice suit, so the hospital filed an emergency petition for guardianship (but of course “forgot” to make sure the daughter was served or notified), then the hospital put a DNR/hospice on Mother Jay, despite the fact Mother Jay  was Roman Catholic, did not believe in any of that and the court, with a rubber stamp, suspended Joyce’s Power of Attorney and health care surrogate form.  No due process, no hearing, nothing, nada.

Next thing you know, after days of trying to get her mom to the ER, the nursing home finally gave in, mom went to the ER, but wait till you hear this one.

Mom was severely dehydrated, in acute kidney failure, was in cardiac arrhythmia from the dehydration, her whole body was shutting down from severe dehydration, so what does the OSG do? (Office of State Guardian)*  They call the ER doctor and instruct him not to treat and then to return mom to the nursing home where she dies 2 days later.

Unfreaking believable.

I am going to try to get the daughter to come, but she is beside herself with grief.  She blames herself and she believes she should have tried to kidnap her mother from the OSG to save her life.

What do YOU think? Should she have kidnapped her mother?  What about the evil psychopathic wench from the OSG that signed the murder warrant on a 94 year old desperately sick woman?

If you are a lawyer, how many crimes were committed?  Why doesn’t the FBI do anything and why do they refuse to listen to these murder cases?

When is Tim Evans going to do anything about these psychopathic judges? Why doesn’t the OSG test all their lawyers for psychopathy with a PET brain scan and boot them out if they have it?  Why doesn’t the state legislature do anything?

How many more murders will happen with the stroke of a judge’s pen and a rubber court stamp.

In any case, come hear the names of all the evil scalawags involved.

You won’t want to miss this story.

I will be glad to share with you all the gritty details.  Today, Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m.  This just goes to prove the 18th floor of the Daley center is still nothing more than a death trap for the unwary.


  • a/k/a “Office of State Ghouls”

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