“Professional” guardian Mary Rowan kidnaps again, places disabled man in uninspected “group home” and he dies in fire 2 days later.


You would think that they took out April Parks 3 weeks ago for having hundreds of wards she kidnapped, forced them into dangerous group homes and nursing homes against their will, drained estates by churning bills and strife in families, Mary Rowan would be next.

Think again.  She’s still hot on the trail of being an infamous serial murderer of the disabled and elderly victims she guardianizes and then drains estates and kills them off.



Video above: Mary Rowan ward Raymond Davis among five men dead in fire in uninspected group home; husband John Cavataio featured in footage

Probate Court judge ordered Davis seized from his own apartment by Rowan and Detroit police March 7, 2017; two days later he died in fire

Well-known country music star Sharmian Lynette Worley’s mother Wanda Worley also a Mary Rowan kidnap victim, song below is for her mom

Are wealthy elite running homes for victims of probate kidnappings?



Wed. March 29, 2017,  11 a.m., 33rd District Court

19000 Van Horn at Allen Rd; Woodhaven; Judge Jennifer Coleman Hesson

By Diane Bukowski

March 27, 2017

DETROIT, MI —  Serial kidnapper-guardian Mary Rowan continues to strike. Now she may also be an accessory to murder. But Wayne Co. Prosecutor Kym Worthy is ignoring her and has charged one of the allegedly mentally ill residents of a home at Whittier near Beaconsfield for a fire fanned by gusting winds that killed five men March 9.

The men were Raymond Davis, James Johnson, Leo Dear, William Ballard, and Norman Connors according to Channel Four.

On March 7, Rowan and Detroit police seized Raymond Davis, who is blind, from his own apartment, according to probate court records. Two days later  he was dead in a fire in the Whittier Ave. apartment building where Rowan placed him. See http://voiceofdetroit.net/wp-content/uploads/Raymond-Davis-Docket-Information.pdf.

Although Channel Four reported Rowan had just obtained custody of Davis, her name first appears in his records Jan. 19, 2017. Channel Four interviewed John Cavataio, who admitted his wife was Davis’ guardian. VOD established in its earlier stories on Rowan that she is married to John Cavataio and lives in Grosse Pointe Park.

Six months ago, Rowan seized Wanda Lynette Worley, mother of well-known Nashville-based country music star Sharmian (pronounced Char-min) from the home she shared with her daughter in Brownstown Twp. Sharmian told VOD it was not Rowan’s first attempt. See http://voiceofdetroit.net/wp-content/uploads/Wanda-Worley-WCPC-roster.pdf.

“First, Mary Rowan come banging on my mobile home, screaming as loud as she could, ‘Where is Wanda Worley, I’m the guardian.’” Sharmian told VOD. “I told her get off my property now and she left. A week or two later, I was in my front yard, weatherizing  the house and cleaning it a with hose. She pulled up again. I still didn’t know who the woman was. I continued washing my house. I told her again do not come on my property. She looked like the Wicked Witch of the West, very scary and intimidating, and I was not giving my mother to her. So I squirted her with  the hose and got her wet.”

Both Sharmian and Rowan called the police, who took her mother after assuring Sharmian she would be OK and would be back in a couple of days.

But Wanda Worley has not come back home for good since. Meanwhile, Sharmian faces misdemeanor charges of “resisting, hindering and obstructing a police officer/public official.”

A trial on the charges will take place in 33rd District Court Wed. March 29 at 11 a.m, in front of Judge Jennifer Coleman Hesson. In 2012, however, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in People vs. Moreno that resistance to illegal police conduct is justified. See link to story below.

Additionally, during testimony in 2012 in the well-known case of Marianne Godboldo, Detroit police officers testified that it is not their job to seize individuals subject to probate court orders, but the job of the Wayne County Sheriff’s department.

Two judges in Detroit dismissed all criminal charges against Godboldo twice, saying the order produced by CPS worker Mia Wenk to take her 13-year-old daughter was invalid. When a third trial was scheduled, Godboldo tragically succumbed to a brain aneurysm from the pressure and has been in a coma since.

Sharmian said, “I never saw a court order to take my mom, and if there is one, I believe it is fake. I want to get her [Rowan] for lying to the police, kidnapping and filing fake documents. I don’t believe the judge’s signature appointing Mary Rowan as my mom’s guardian is his. The records say she was appointed Sept. 21, 2016, but my mom was in the hospital then.”

Wayne County Probate Court Judge David Braxton is handling Wanda Worley’s case. Sharmian told VOD that she has been working to get her mother off the highly addictive prescription drug Lyrica. She said she believes that various doctors and hospitals have prescribed drugs for her that make her unable to function properly.

She said she voluntarily admitted her mother to a psychiatric hospital in Wyandotte last fall, showing documents from Probate Court that indicated SHE was her mother’s guardian. But when she came to take her home, the hospital called police on her, and she was forced to contact a legal services attorney to get her mother released back home.

Worley told VOD during a brief visit with her daughter last week that she has been shunted from one Detroit home to another, allegedly adult foster care homes. She is currently at 12317 Monica. It is questionable whether any of the homes are licensed as such.

Sharmian said her mother had been at the Monica address for five months, with eight other men and women. Her mother told her a woman named Wendy runs it.

“Every one of them is a ward of Mary Rowan,” Sharmian said her mother told her. “None of them know what she looks like. They all hate her. One 83-year-old woman says Mary Rowan cleaned out her bank accounts and took her house. My mom got bedbugs while she was there. They finally brought in an exterminator and threw all the beds out. Then, when those 60 mph winds happened, the home lost electricity for 3 days and no one saved the people for three days—they were freezing. Then they put mom and eight others in another home  on Lindsay St. There are more homes, all of them about 15 minutes away from the Monica address, and the people believe Wendy owns all of them.”

However, Wayne County records list the taxpayer at the Monica address as Capital Clearance Group, Ltd. It is four years delinquent on property taxes there, like the house on Whittier that burned.  According to Register of Deeds records, the group also owns 31 other properties in Detroit. The company is not registered with the State of Michigan. Various sites claim it is based in Wyoming and has offices all over the world. See http://voiceofdetroit.net/wp-content/uploads/Capital-Clearance-Group-Ltd-properties-in-Wayne-County.pdf.

“Three investment experts and banking elites came together in 2007 and amidst the Sub-Prime debt crisis of 2008 and burst of the property bubble, managed to collectively conduct a wholesale acquisition of land and properties across various states at a low borrowing cost and purchase price,”  says one site. “In a short span of just one year, the founders of Capital Clearance Group managed to grow it to tens of millions of dollars in total Assets Under Management based on its current market value.” See http://www.capitalclearance.com/web/index.html.

Are rich folks running what are essentially prisons for those illegally kidnapped through the probate courts? Sharmian said she is now working with groups throughout the country against such abuse. She has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sharmian1. She and her mother were recently interviewed on The Oakley Radio blogspot at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/marti-oakley/2017/03/26/out-of-the-closet-sharmian-worely-the-guardianship-of-her-mother.

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