Demand from Lanre Amu to Jerome Larkin–reinstate my license and pay $35 million in damages!

As you all are well aware, Mr. Amu had a trial by the ARDC that was totally devoid of due process.  No judges showed up that he could cross examine on all their perfidy and corruption, yet Mr. Amu was accused of making “false statements” against judges.

Here is the link to the original document:

The most inane part of all of this is that if you Google Lanre Amu, you will see his decision in which the ARDC finds him guilty (as they did Ken and myself) of making “false statements” regarding judges, and then right below it is an article on Judge Lynn Egan in which Crain’s Chicago business did an investigative report on exactly what Mr. Amu claimed as corruption–and more. (Amu was appearing before Judge Lynn Egan not knowing that her brother’s law firm was his opponents, appearing on cases–and winning, not surprisingly. When he found out he was furious and accused her of engaging in corruption. Jerome Larkin and the ARDC said Amu was lying, Crain’s Chicago Business said that Egan was corrupt, making Larkin a liar.  There has been no retraction of that article, but more–Judge Egan sits on the board of corporations which appeared before her.  Those corporations subsequently removed her for her corruption and apologized to the public.  No apology ever emanates from the judges accused of corruption and/or the ARDC, their protectorate.)

With that in mind, read on.

B.C.E., M.S.C.E., P.E., M.B.A., J.D.
Engineering, Business, Law & Media
B.C.E. (UMN,’84), M.S.C.E. (UMN, ’86), M.B.A. (UIC,’89), J.D.(’95)
Address: Plot No. 30, Kugbo, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria
Telephone: 0909 301 3007; 0815 781 6971 Email:
March 21, 2017
Attention: Mr. Jerome Larkin, Administrator
Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
130 East Randolph Drive, Suite 1500
Chicago, Illinois 60606-6219
Clerk Email:
Chief Counsel Email:
In re: Petition to Reinstate Law License and Notice of Claim of ’Lanre O. Amu
against the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission,
(IARDC), an Agency of the Illinois State Government.
Dear Mr. Jerome Larkin:
1. Attached is my Notice of Claim against the Illinois Attorney Registration and
Disciplinary Commission (IARDC), an Agency of the Illinois State
Government. (See In re: Lanre O. Amu, 2011 PR00106)
2. I hereby demand (i) $35 Million Dollars ($35,000,000.00) in damages for the
crimes perpetrated against me by Messrs. Roberto Verrando and Steven Splitt,
(ii) I also demand the immediate and the unconditional reinstatement of my law
license which was wrongfully suspended, and (iii) I also demand a letter of
apology for the wrongs and damages visited upon me for no just cause.
3. Motivated primarily by xenophobia, IARDC, an institution of government, was
used in a highly sophisticated way to undermine the effective Administration of
Justice in the Courts in my matters and as a result I sustained serious damages.
My reputation, and properties, including a 16 year legal practice Firm were
destroyed. I was dispossessed in America because of my Race (Black) and my
When the Truth which has so far been covered up is finally unearthed, I will be
vindicated. I estimate that a thorough investigation of this matter will take the
US government, including the FBI and the US Department of Justice,
approximately 48 official hours.
4. The sophisticated xenophobic crimes perpetrated against me in Illinois
involved the use of an institution of State government, i.e., the IARDC, under
the pretext of a disciplinary proceedings against me. The entire “faceless”
proceeding initiated against me through the IARDC was a sham ab initio and
the undisclosed perpetrators knew it. The charges brought against me were
non-existent and false; and the prosecutions of those charges through the
institutions for Administration of Justice and the Courts were perverted. The
objective was to dispossess and liquidate me because I am a foreigner who
posed a threat to their ability to continue the status quo wrongdoing to many
African-immigrants whom I represented in the Courts of Illinois. I was tagged
a foreigner in America, the land of immigrants, even though I had lived my
entire adult life between the ages of 21 and 54 in the United States of America
without a single blemish on my record or reputation prior to this experience.
5. The spirit and the letter of American law, including the Bill of Rights,
specifically the First Amendment, the Due Process Clause and the Equal
Protection Clause of the Fourteen Amendment, to the US Constitution protect
me from these violations. So far, the whole matter has been swept under the
carpet by those who do not respect the spirit of the American law when it
comes to applying existing laws to immigrants like me. With this Notice of
Claim, at issue is whether the US government itself will now own up to its
responsibility to uphold my rights under American laws. It is my hope and
prayer that your office will appreciate the magnitude of what happened here,
recognize its responsibility to take up my cause to the highest level of the US
Government, and uphold my rights under the letter and the spirit of American
6. The fortunate aspect of all of these is that the evidence of the crime
perpetrated against me is not destructible. Truth crushed to earth shall rise
again. The evidence of the crimes perpetrated against me in Illinois is there
even tomorrow. The evidence is simply waiting to be unearthed by a Honest
and Transparent investigation.
7. It is rather ironic that the US which prides itself in sending delegates and
emissaries to countries in Africa to lecture, teach, and preach about global
peace, justice, anti-terrorism, mutual cooperation, security, capacity building,
technical assistance, development, anti-corruption, transparency, good
governance, etc., will harbor these vices against some African-immigrants
within its own borders, and that the mainstream US Media will simply not
report these violations. We are hopeful that when the US is confronted with
the evidence of the institutional wrongdoing and corruption within its own
borders in this case, the US will make amends and act consistent with what it
lectures, teaches and preaches in Africa.
8. The system for Administration of Justice, i.e., the Court is the last hope of the
common man. When that governmental institution is hijacked and perverted in
the US against some vulnerable African-immigrants because of xenophobia as
in this case, lives can be destroyed and properties taken away without due
compensation. Worst still, none of these will be reported in the mainstream
Media in the United States in a conspiracy and/or culture of silence in face of
atrocities against a vulnerable group of immigrants.
9. I write this conscious of the fact that the primary duty of Government, any
government, is to protect lives and properties.
10. The issues in my case include:
10.1 How can a lawyer’s professional license (mine) and means of
livelihood be suspended for three (3) years without any person
testifying to any wrongdoing by that lawyer (me) as was done to me
in Illinois on August 6, 2013?
10.2 How can a tribunal make a finding that I a lawyer made a false
statement of material fact concerning the integrity of Judge Lynn
Egan in relation to her brother’s law firm Pretzel & Stouffer’s1
1 One of the owners of the Pretzel & Stouffer Firm is Matthew Egan, the brother of
Judge Lynn Egan. Pretzel & Stouffer secured a verdict in excess of $ 385 Million
conflicted representation when there is no evidence of a false
statement in the record of proceedings, and when in fact the objective
evidence in the record of proceedings supports a finding that Judge
Lynn Egan and the law firm of Pretzel & Stouffer engaged in ethical
lapses in violation of the Cannon of Judicial Ethics Judge Egan swore
to abide by when she was made a judge in the Circuit Court of Cook
10.3 In light of the Crain Chicago Business’ investigation published in
their newspapers on March 1, 2014 and April 4, 2014, almost a year
after my suspension, exposing ethical lapses by Judge Lynn Egan and
her brother’s law firm, Pretzel & Stouffer, an independent
investigation that mirrors “on all fours” my written complaint
between 2009 and 2011 against Judge Lynn Egan and her brother’s
law firm, Pretzel & Stouffer, how can my suspension for making a
false statement of material fact in my written complaint against Judge
Egan stand?
10.4 Why was I subjected to a different trial than similarly situated
Caucasian lawyers charged with similar offenses I was charged with?
10.5 Why was I subjected to a harsher sentence (given 3 years actual
suspension) while similarly situated Caucasian lawyers actually found
guilty of similar charges were given just 60 days suspended sentence
with minimal or no interruption in their legal practice, when in fact I
am not even guilty of the false charges leveled against me? (Please
see IARDC Cases: In re Brian Keith Sides, 11 PR 0144 and In Re John
N. Dore, 07 CH 0122)
10.6 Why is it that similarly placed Caucasian lawyers charged with
similar offences were allowed to defend themselves by having the
judges and/or lawyers involved testify under Oath concerning the
Dollars for its client Citgo in the Circuit Court of Cook County in 2006. Citgo is an
interested or material party in the case that I brought in which Matthew Egan’s law
firm of Pretzel & Stouffer defended and Judge Lynn Egan who is Matthew Egan’s
brother presided prior to the undisclosed relationship between the presiding judge
Lynn Egan and the defense law firm Pretzel & Stouffer come to light causing me to
file a formal written complaint against Judge Lynn Egan. This complaint resulted in
my three (3) year suspension from the practice of law in Illinois which is the subject
of the Claim I am now making here.
charges, and I was denied that right of self defense and simply found
guilty without any evidence. (Please see IARDC Cases: In re Brian
Keith Sides, 11 PR 0144 and In Re John N. Dore, 07 CH 0122)
11. Honest answers to issues 10.1 to 10.6 above is at the heart of a fair resolution
of this claim.
12. After 34 years of exemplary life in the United States, it is a gross violation of
my Civil Rights and my Human rights to be subjected to this humiliating
treatment in America, some 50 years after the Civil Rights Act that affirmatively
prohibits such behavior by government and its institutions in the United States.
13. I pray that you give this matter the level of seriousness that it deserves, and I
look forward to hearing from you on the way forward in this matter.
14. Thank you very much for your cooperation and God Bless.
Very truly yours,
’Lanre O. Amu
+1 234 (0) 909 301 3007
‘Lanre O. Amu
B.C.E., M.S.C.E., P.E., M.B.A., J.D.
Engineering, Business, Law & Media
B.C.E. (UMN,’84), M.S.C.E. (UMN, ’86), M.B.A. (UIC,’89), J.D.(’95)
March 20, 2017
Notice of Claim for Damages and Injury Sustained as a Result of Xenophobia,
Race and National Origin Discrimination in Illinois, the United States
1. The U.S. or Illinois Agency to Which this Claim is Directed:
Mr. Jerome Larkin,
The Administrator
The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC)
130 East Randolph Drive, Suite 1500
Chicago, Illinois 60606-6219
Telephone Number: +1-312-565-2600
Clerk Email:
Chief Counsel Email:
2. The Full Name of the Claimant:
’Lanre O. Amu, B.C.E. (U of Mn, ’84), M.S.C.E. (U of Mn, ’86), P.E. (Illinois
’89), M.B.A. (UIC, ’89), J.D. (John Marshall Law School, 1995)
3. The Current Address of the Claimant
Plot No. 30, Kugbo, Abuja, FCT
4. Current Phone Number of the Claimant:
+234 (0) 909-301-3007
5. Email Address of the Claimant
6. Date of Birth of the Claimant:
August 1, 1961
7. Date of the Incident or Period of the Incident:
From August 6, 2013 to the Present time.
8. Basis of Claim, Alleged Wrongdoing, and/or Explanation of What
8.1 Official Corruption of the Administration of Justice against the Claimant
because of Xenophobia, Race (Black) and National Origin (Nigeria)
Discrimination. Specifically, Messrs. Robert Verrando and Steven Splitt,
officials of the IARDC knowingly brought and prosecuted false charges against
me in my capacity as a professional lawyer in Illinois after I made written
complaints which exposed judicial corruption in the Illinois Court proceedings
I handled on behalf of four African-Immigrant Clients. These officials of the
IARDC manipulated the Administration of Justice to work a conviction against
me without any evidence whatsoever to support the charges they made against
me. They accomplished these by simply disregarding my Constitutional Rights
to be given a fair and impartial trial according to the Due Proceedings laid
down for the Administration of Justice and because I am seen as a foreigner
nobody in the system for Administration of Justice raised an eye brow or took
steps to prevent or correct the Human Rights Violations against me.
8.2 What I have described here is sophisticated white collar crime by
officials who knew the workings of system for Administration of Justice in
Illinois and the United States of America inside out.
8.3 Through the manipulation of the system for Administration of Justice,
they secured a conviction that I made false statement concerning the integrity
of a judge and that I made false statement to a tribunal. But till today, there is
no evidence of any false statement by me in the record to back up the
conviction they secured illegally.
8.4 As fortune will have it, about a year after I was suspended for three (3)
years from the practice of law for allegedly making a false statement concerning
the integrity of Judge Lynn Egan, a major independent newspaper in Illinois,
the Crain Chicago Newspaper corroborated “on all fours” the very complaint I
had made which the IARDC officials Messrs. Robert Verrando and Steven
Splitt had knowingly rubbished as a lie. And to make matters worse, the
Justices of the matter bought the false, corrupt, and perverted arguments of
Messrs. Verrando and Steven that I made false statement hook, line, and sinker
in a conspiracy to violate my Human Rights, silent me, and get rid of me. The
Crain Chicago Business Newspaper expose is clear irrefutable independent
evidence that I did not make any false statement and that the government
officials prosecuting and persecuting me are the ones making false statements
against me, and perverting the very justice they were Sworn under Oath before
God and Man to uphold in their drive to eliminate me.
Briefly Describe the Nature and Extent of the Damage:
My 16 year legal practice was abruptly brought to a halt, and my legal aid and
assistant thrown out of work causing catastrophic financial losses. I was
humiliated and dehumanized. Severe harm was done to my reputation as a
person of honesty and good character. I felt unfairly labelled as a liar in my
profession, and stigmatized. I began to fear for my safety. This is shocking and
a bitter experience in a country I have lived for 34 years out of 54 years of life.
9. Amount of Claim/Damages:
I am now asking to be made whole from the damages and injuries I have
sustained as a result of this incident. I claim damages against the Illinois
Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) in the sum of
$35 Million Dollars. [Thirty Five Million Dollars], and the unconditional
reinstatement of my law license which was corruptly and unlawfully suspended
on August 6, 2013 because of Xenophobia, Race (Black) and National Origin
(Nigeria) Discrimination.
10. Names, Address and Telephone Number of all Officials having
knowledge of this Incident:
Robert Verrando, Steven Splitt, James J. Grogan, and Kenneth Jablonski. They
are all officials of the IARDC. Address is listed in 1.0 above.
11. Please attach documents that support the allegations of the Claim
The enclosed investigative newspaper articles by Crain Chicago Business
independently corroborates my complaints “on all fours” against judicial
corruption which Messrs. Verrando and Splitt hid in my case as they
prosecuted and persecuted me for making false statements. The Article is 100%
proof that I did not make any false statement concerning the integrity of Judge
Lynn Egan, her brother Matthew Egan or his law Firm Pretzel and Stouffer. In
addition, there is no evidence whatsoever to back up the conviction they
secured against me.
12. Additional Comments:
I was a First Class [equivalent] Civil Engineering Graduate of the Institute of
Technology at the University of Minnesota in 1984. I am an asset to Nigeria,
the United States and Humanity at large. Because of my phenomenal rise in my
profession as a lawyer, I was seen by my prosecutors as a threat who needed to
be eliminated and that as a foreigner who took American jobs. So they plotted
against me by bringing false charges so as to destroy my thriving legal practice
and means of livelihood. By corrupting the system for Administration of
Justice against me, they frustrated my ability to seek relief through the normal
workings of the Courts in America. They use the Administration of Justice
apparatus to frustrate my right to a fair hearing in the Courts because I am a
foreigner. Access to be able to secure any form of justice through the normal
workings of the Administration of Justice system in American Courts was
closed to me because of Xenophobia, Race (Black) and National Origin
(Nigeria) Discrimination. This even though I have lived continuously in
America without any blemish on my record for 34 years. An honest,
transparent, and impartial investigation of this Claim will substantiate
everything I have stated here.
USA: Under penalties as provided by law pursuant to the Illinois Code of Civil
Procedure, 735 ILCS 5/109, the undersigned certifies that the statements set forth in
this Notice of Claim are True and Correct, except as to matters therein stated to be
on information and belief, and as to such matters therein stated the undersigned
certifies as aforesaid that s/he verily believes the same to be true.
Nigeria: I, ’Lanre O. Amu, do hereby Solemnly Affirm by Almighty God that this is
my name and that the facts Deposed to by me in this Notice of Claim are the Truth,
the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth.
Signature of Claimant Date
‘Lanre O. Amu March 20, 2017
March 01, 2014
Judge sits on hospital board while her
brother represents it in court
By Kristen Schorsch and Andrew L. Wang
For at least 15 years, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Lynn Egan has sat on the boards
governing a south suburban hospital while it regularly has hired her brother’s law firm.
Chicago-based Pretzel & Stouffer has represented Palos Community Hospital in almost half of the 170 cases involving the hospital filed over that period in the law division of the circuit court, according to a Crain’s review of court records. From 2011 to 2013, Matthew Egan, a partner in the firm, represented Palos in at least 15 cases before his sister’s judicial colleagues, most of them involving medical malpractice or personal injury.
The nonprofit hospital did not disclose the financial relationship with Mr. Egan in forms filed with the IRS between 1999 and 2011, the latest year for which records are publicly available. It did disclose a separate sibling relationship: payments totaling nearly $56,000 to the sister of its former CEO in 2011. In a response to questions from Crain’s, the hospital says it plans to review its procedures. “As it pertains to contracted legal services, we believe all of the required board disclosures have been made,” Palos board Chairman Edward Mulcahy says in a statement. “However, as a precaution, we will again review our internal processes.” Mr. Mulcahy says the administration, not board members, hire vendors.
The independent, 362-bed community hospital in Palos Heights is in the midst of a leadership shakeup. After roughly 30 years under CEO Sister Margaret Wright, who retired in 2013, the board hired Edgardo Tenreiro, chief operating officer at a Baton Rouge, La., hospital system. But with no public explanation, he departed three weeks ago after less than three months on the job.
Greg Paetow, a board member for three years, says he quit for “personal reasons” on Feb. 12, the same day Mr. Tenreiro left. A second person on the 12-member hospital board also resigned in February, as did Thomas Barcelona, chairman of the board of parent company St. George Corp., which solicits donations for the hospital.
Ms. Egan (at right), who also serves on St. George’s board and is on the Palos hospital board’s executive committee, says she disclosed Mr. Egan’s representation of Palos on an annual conflict statement available to the hospital’s auditors and tax preparers.
“I believe that I have performed my service as a jurist and volunteer PCH board member in a responsible and ethical manner,” she says in a statement. “Any suggestion to the contrary is false.”
Ms. Egan did not respond to a request to provide the document. Disclosure statements she filed with the Illinois Supreme Court from 2011 to 2013 do not mention her brother or his law firm.
Mr. Egan says in an email that “no attorney in our firm has ever appeared before Judge Egan in any matter on behalf of Palos Community Hospital.” Notions of a potential conflict of interest are “false, indeed reckless,” he adds.
Even if Pretzel & Stouffer were the best firm for the job, experts say the lack of transparency raises questions.
“I would think in this case you would want to bend over backwards to disclose the conflict to make sure no one makes assumptions,” says David Becher, an associate professor of finance at Drexel University in Philadelphia. quote|David Becher, professor, Drexel University I would think in this case you would want to bend over backwards to disclose the conflict to make sure no one makes assumptions.
During Ms. Egan’s tenure on the board, Pretzel & Stouffer has been named only once in the
hospital’s available tax returns, as one of the five highest-paid vendors in 2002, making about $163,000. Nonprofits generally must disclose employees who are board members’ relatives if they make more than $10,000 a year, says David Lowenthal, a Chicago-based senior manager at accounting firm Plante & Moran PLLC.
The hospital has disclosed the compensation of board members Thomas Courtney, a lawyer who processes third-party liens for patient bills; Dr. Mark Sinibaldi, the medical director of the psychiatric unit; and Ms. Wright’s sister, who also worked at the hospital.
Having Ms. Egan and fellow law division Judge Deborah Dooling on the hospital board raises other questions. The Illinois Supreme Court’s Code of Judicial Conduct allows judges to serve on charitable boards so long as the service doesn’t interfere with their duties.
The code, however, warns that a judge should not serve if the organization is “regularly engaged in adversary proceedings in any court” and singles out hospitals as a potential trouble spot.
Ms. Egan says she “carefully considered whether my service on the board was permissible” and, after consulting the Illinois Judicial Ethics Committee, concluded there was no issue. Ms. Dooling did not return messages.
One past chair of the ethics committee says he would caution judges against serving on a hospital board because hospitals are frequently named in malpractice litigation.
“The fact that Dooling and Egan sit in the law division makes it more obvious that they should not be on the board,” says Warren Lupel, special counsel at Chicago firm Much Shelist PC. “If (cases are) frequent, it’s ‘regularly engaged,’ and certainly for a hospital, it is frequent.”

Andis Robeznieks Reporter about a year ago
RT @kschorsch: .@CookCntyCourt judge sits on @Palos_Hospital board while
brother defends hospital in court.
Kristen Schorsch Reporter about a year ago
.@CookCntyCourt judge sits on @Palos_Hospital board while brother defends
hospital in court.
Paul Merrion Journalist about a year ago
Judge sits on hospital board while her brother represents it in court
@CrainsChicago #chicago #twill…
Kristen Schorsch Reporter about a year ago
.@Palos_Hospital to review protocol for hiring legal services after @andrewwang13
and I question family affair.
Kristen Schorsch Reporter about a year ago
Family affair @Palos_Hospital. @CookCntyCourt judge on board while brother
defends Palos in court. @andrewwang13
Peter Frost Food, Beverage and Dining Reporter about a year ago
RT @andrewwang13: At @Palos_Hospital, it’s a family affair. Via me and
@kschorsch.… @CrainsChicago
Andrew Wang Journalist about a year ago
At @Palos_Hospital, it’s a family affair. Via me and @kschorsch.… @CrainsChicago
Judge Lynn Egan sits on Palos hospital board while brother represents it in Circuit

I2F SUBMITTED – 1799912054 – LANREOAMU – 05/26/2015 11:33:16 PM DOCUMENT ACCEPTED ON: 05/27/2015 09:39:57 AM
Cook County Judge Resigns from Palos
Community Hospital Boards
A Cook County Circuit judge has relinquished her role on
two leadership roles for Palos Community Hospital.
By Lauren Traut (Patch Staff) – April 7, 2014 2:01 am ET
A Cook County Circuit Judge who also sat on boards that oversee Palos Community Hospital has resigned, after revelations that the hospital regularly used her brother’s law firm. Officials confirmed Friday that Judge Lynn Egan had stepped down from her roles on two boards, Crain’s Chicago reports.
Egan’s involvement with the hospital’s leadership spans 15 years, Crain’s reports. Her brother, Matthew Egan, is a partner in the Chicago-based law firm Pretzel & Stouffer. According to Crain’s, Matthew Egan “represented Palos in at least 15 cases before his sister’s judicial colleagues, most of them involving medical malpractice or personal injury.” Egan maintains that she disclosed her brother’s representation of Palos in an annual conflict statement available to hospital auditors and tax preparers. Crain’s reports that the hospital did not disclose the financial relationship with Matthew Egan in the hospital’s tax filings between 1999 and 2011.
Her resignation is the sixth since the abrupt departure of CEO Edgardo Tenreiro in February. Other recent resignations include board members Carole Ruzich and Thomas Courtney. Ruzich sat on the board of the hospital’s parent company St. George Corp., and Courtney was one of 12 on the hospital’s board, Crain’s Chicago Business reports. Ruzich also serves as a trustee for the Village of Orland Park.
Palos hospital Fitch ratings outlook slips from ‘stable’ condition after resignations
 10 Apr 2014 02:41
 Written by Tim Hadac
The ongoing exodus of members of the governing board of Palos Community Hospital and its parent, the St. George Corp., has apparently prompted the Fitch credit ratings agency to frown upon the Palos Heights medical institution.
Crain’s Chicago Business reported last Tuesday that Fitch has changed its ratings outlook for the hospital from “stable” to “negative” and “warned of a potential downgrade” due to in part due to “instability at the governance and management level.”
“The recent resignation of five parent board and hospital board members coupled with the Feb. 12 resignation of the former CEO, Edgardo Tenreiro, raises concern about the stability and direction of the organization as it attempts to improve operating performance and complete its campus project,” the Fitch report said.
On the other hand, the Fitch assessment, issued April 1, noted that the hospital has “significant balance-sheet strength” and “robust liquidity” that serves as a buffer against its weaker than anticipated financial performance. Fitch Ratings is one of the “Big Three” credit rating agencies.
The exodus continued late last week, with the resignation of Lynn Egan, a Cook County Circuit Court judge.
Egan had served on both the hospital board and its St. George Corp. counterpart.
She departed in the wake of disclosures by Crain’s Chicago Business that the hospital had hired her brother’s law firm and that the hospital “did not disclose the financial relationship with Ms. Egan’s brother, Matthew Egan, in forms filed with the IRS between 1999 and 2011, the latest year for which records are publicly available. At the same time, Palos did disclose that other board members and the sister of retired Palos CEO Sister Margaret Wright received payments as vendors or employees of the hospital, records show.”
Egan has not made any public comment about her resignation.
In response to Egan’s departure, hospital officials released a statement to The Regional News earlier this week:
“Over the last 15 years, Lynn Egan volunteered countless hours supporting the mission of PCH. We are immensely grateful for her dedication, hard work and service on behalf of our patients, staff, physicians and community and are saddened to lose a volunteer with her high standards and ethical commitment to the hospital. Among her many contributions, Ms. Egan initiated and championed the hospital’s successful efforts in bringing gender, ethnic and religious diversity to the board of directors.
“Palos Community Hospital has reviewed its conflict of interest policy and determined it is
consistent with standard industry practices. The board member’s annual disclosure statements were also reviewed and it was determined that Ms. Egan and the other board members filed accurate and complete forms, as required, with any potential conflicts fully disclosed.
“Board members did not have a role in selecting the Pretzel & Stouffer law firm as a vendor to the hospital for legal services. In fact, the firm was retained by the then CEO, Sister Margaret Wright. The required disclosures regarding the relationship between PCH and the law firm Pretzel & Stouffer were made in a timely and transparent way with the assistance of outside experts and all vendor relationships were appropriately described, as required, to the IRS.
“PCH is confident in both the legal work provided by that law firm and the disclosures made by its board members.”
Egan was the sixth board member to call it quits after the abrupt resignation of Tenreiro, who had been hired with great fanfare but left just 90 days into in his tenure.
In January, Tenreiro said in a Crain’s Chicago Business interview that the hospital has “been losing about $1 million to a couple million dollars a month. It is a challenge, no question about it. It’s a combination of our costs being too high and our revenue not being high enough. On the revenue side, we’re going to have to work much closer with our physicians to identify ideas for growth. Our labor productivity is not where we want it to be. You want to match your demand for the service with the labor that you have. In order to make that happen, you have to really focus on being lean and Six Sigma (a data-driven approach to measure quality), which are the tools that we’re going to be providing. You have to cut costs at the same time.”
Others who have recently departed from the boards of the hospital and its parent corporation include Greg Paetow, Jim Reilly, Tom Barcelona, Carole Ruzich, and Thomas Courtney.
Not all the departures are necessarily connected or related to the turmoil at the hospital.
Ruzich, in a recent statement to The Regional News, said:
“After serving for the maximum 12 years on the Palos Community Hospital Board of Directors, my term on that board expired in November 2013. I was thereafter asked to serve on the St. George Corporation Board of Directors. I did resign recently from that board, as it became clear to me that the time demands of serving was making it difficult to keep up with the responsibilities of my law practice, my service as a trustee with the Village of Orland Park, and my family.
“My work at my law firm is very deadline driven, while my village service is very time consuming as we are seeking to attract new developments to Orland Park. The role of the St. George Board of Directors is very important to Palos Community Hospital, and one to which I did not feel I could devote the appropriate amount of time. Out of fairness to my family and my constituents, I simply decided I needed to give something up.”
The ongoing saga appears to have caused considerable concern among the 2,820 employees at the 362-bed hospital, the largest employer in Palos Heights.
“There’s a lot of worry among people at all levels, as you might imagine,” a nurse said this week, who spoke on condition of confidentiality. “We hear what the hospital has said, but of course there are all kinds of rumors flying up and down the hallways and bouncing off the walls. Most of them probably aren’t true, but who knows where the truth lies or what the future holds? This is a stressful time to work here, that much I can say.”
B.C.E., M.S.C.E., P.E., M.B.A., J.D.
Engineering, Business, Law & Media
B.C.E. (UMN,’84), M.S.C.E. (UMN, ’86), M.B.A. (UIC,’89), J.D.(’95)
Address: Plot No. 30, Kugbo, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria
Telephone: 0909 301 3007; 0815 781 6971 Email:
March 1, 2017
I am Highly Qualified, Interested, and Readily Available for Faithful, Loyal, and Honest
Service. I have worked as an Engineer; I have worked in the Power Industry; I have
worked in the Business and Corporate World; I have lectured in College; and I have
Practiced Law.
Full Names: Mr. Olanrewaju Olakunle Temitayo Amu
Date and Place of Birth: August 1, 1961, in Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality, State of Origin and LGA: Nigeria by Birth, Ogun State, Ijebu-Ode LGA
Primary School: Ereko Methodist School, Berkley Street, Lagos, Nigeria, 1967-1973
Secondary School: Igbobi College, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, 1973-1978
H.S.C.: Federal Government College, Ijanikin, Lagos, Nigeria, 1978-1980
Higher School: Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria, 1980-1982
Undergraduate: University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, 1984
Graduate: University of Minnesota, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, 1986
Graduate: University of Illinois at Chicago, Master of Business Administration, 1989
Graduate: The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois, Juris Doctorate, 1995
Professional License: Licensed Professional Engineer, P.E., Illinois 1989
Practice of Law: Before various State and Federal Courts, Including the Illinois Supreme
Court and the Supreme Court of the United States, between 1996 and 2013.
Brief on Qualifications: Education, Work Experience, and Community Involvement
Mr. Amu is educated in Engineering, Business, and Law. Mr. Amu attended the Institute
of Technology at the University of Minnesota and received a Bachelor of Civil
Engineering degree, with High Distinction, (The equivalent of a First Class) in 1984.
Thereafter, Mr. Amu received a Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree from the
Graduate School of the University of Minnesota in 1986. Mr. Amu worked as an Engineer
for Sargent & Lundy, a Power Company, in Chicago, in 1986. Between 1986 and 1990,
Mr. Amu worked as an Engineer for Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineers, Inc.
(CTE), in Chicago. Mr. Amu received a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.)
degree with concentration in Strategic Management and Marketing from the University of
Illinois in Chicago in 1989. Mr. Amu later worked as an Engineer for Commonwealth
Edison Company (ComEd) now Exelon Corporation, in Chicago, from 1990 to 1992.
Between 1992 and 1995, Mr. Amu attended The John Marshall Law School in Chicago,
and received the degree of Juris Doctor in 1995.
After graduating from Law School, between 1995 and 1996, Mr. Amu became associated
with the Law Firm of James D. Montgomery & Associates in Chicago. Between 1996 and
2000, Mr. Amu was also associated with the Law Firm of Standish E. Willis, Limited in
Chicago. Between 1996 and August 6, 2013, Mr. Amu was admitted to practice law before
the Illinois Supreme Court, the United States District Courts (Federal Courts), the United
States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United
On August 6, 2013, Mr. Amu was wrongfully suspended from the practice of law for three
(3) years by the Illinois Supreme Court after Mr. Amu filed a written complaint that
Exposed Judicial Corruption that is antithetical to the advancement of many African-
Immigrants in the United States. For more details, please watch YouTube: Attorney Amu
Honours include: Bachelor of Civil Engineering with High Distinction (>Top 10%);
Raymond C. Reese Research Prize by the American Society of Civil Engineers (A.S.C.E.);
Licensed Professional Engineer; Advocate for Judicial Reform and Court Reform.
Community Involvement: Mr. Amu maintains membership in Community Associations
and participates in Community Activities.
Professional Experiences:
Sargent & Lundy, Chicago-Engineer, 1986
Sargent & Lundy is a multinational Company that provides energy business, consulting
and project management services for new, and operating Power Plants, and renewable
energy projects worldwide. Activities include complete project management; engineering
design; construction management; project feasibility evaluation; strategic project siting;
and due diligence reviews. Energy projects include: Nuclear Power Plants, Fossil Power
Plants, Solar Power Plants, and Wind Power Plants. Sargent & Lundy Company in
Chicago has designed over 950 Power Plants with total capacity exceeding 140,000MW.
Amu worked as an engineer in Sargent & Lundy in 1986.
Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineers (CTE), Chicago-Engineer, 1987
Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineers, Inc. (CTE), is an Architect-Engineer firm
involved in the planning, designing, improving and maintenance of infrastructures
throughout the United States. It employs professionals specializing in Civil, Structural,
Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering; Architecture; Land Planning; Environmental
Science; and Computer Aided Drafting and Design. It provides consulting services to
communities, agencies, and businesses in areas of Environmental Engineering: water
resources, wastewater, storm water management, solid waste management, flood control,
land planning and development; Surface Transportation: roads, highways, bridges,
commuter rail transits, and railroads; Aviation: airport planning, airfields, and military
bases. Amu worked as an Engineer at Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineers, Inc.
(CTE) from 1987 to 1990.
Exelon Corporation, Chicago-Engineer, 1990
Exelon Corporation is a Power generation, transmission and distribution company in
Chicago, with more than 32,000 MW of owned capacity from Nuclear Power Plants,
Fossil Power Plants, Solar, Wind and Hydro Power generating sources. It generates,
transmits, and distributes energy to over 7 million customers in Illinois. Mr. Amu worked
as an Engineer for the company from 1990 to 1992.
Legal Practice, Chicago, 1995
Mr. Amu practiced law from 1996 to 2013. Mr. Amu practiced law before various courts
in the United States, including the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court of the
United States. A leading case that set a standard on the law of Spoliation of Evidence in
Illinois is Esther Brobbey et al. v. Enterprise Leasing Company of Chicago, General
Motors, and its Chevrolet Division, City Chevrolet, Buick and Geo, Inc., 404 Ill.App.3d
420 (1st Dist. 2010), petition for leave to appeal denied, #111108, January 26, 2011
(Illinois Supreme Court).[Google search] Amu represented the Plaintiffs Esther Brobbey et
al. against General Motors, and Enterprise Leasing Company in the case.
Special Counsel (Bar Attorney), Cook County Juvenile Court, 1997
Mr. Amu served as a Special Counsel (Bar Attorney) for over five (5) years in the Juvenile
Court of Cook County in cases where the State’s Attorney, the Guardian Ad Litem, and/or
the Public Defender has a conflict, and the services of independent special counsel is
needed to handle pending litigation.
Adjunct Lecturer: Harold Washington College, Chicago 1999
Mr. Amu was an adjunct lecturer teaching Business Law and Family Law in the paralegals
Studies Department at the Harold Washington College in Chicago, one of the City
Colleges of Chicago, between 1999 and 2000.
Arbitrator, Mandatory Arbitration of the Circuit Court of Cook County, 2000
Mr. Amu served as an Arbitrator at the Mandatory Arbitration Section of the Circuit Court
of Cook County Illinois between 1997 and 2002. Amu arbitrated cases involving all kinds
of disputes.
Media Course at Push Africa, Abuja, 2016
Mr. Amu completed a Print, Television and Radio Media Course at Push Africa in Abuja,
Nigeria, in 2016, and as part of that Course, I did my mandatory internship at the Armed
Forces Radio, 107.7 FM, in Asokoro, Abuja.
Further Details and References Available Upon Request

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