From Paul Abramson in California–Demand to ARDC to reverse my suspension

This is  copy of a fax Paul Abramson sent to the ARDC:

March 9th 2017
Re:13PR0001   request for reconsideration of Suspension of JoAnne Denison 
(sent by email and fax)
Dear Counselors (Smart and Opryszek)
I request you to reconsider the suspension of attorney JoAnne Denison which I believe was a wrongful conviction. Ms. Denison is a citizen of the United States of America and has the First Amendment right  of free speech to voice her opinion (in this instance judicial corruption in Illinois).
She is a tireless advocate of the unfortunate victims of the Illinois Judicial system which also in my opinion is a swamp that needs to be drained. The little guy seeking justice in your state does not stand a chance. That is why we need more people like Ms. Denison who not only should be exonerated of all the ARDC charges against her but commended for the work that she does to try and get justice served for those that need it most in this world.
Respectfully Submitted
Paul Abramson
Glendale CA
From Joanne:
Thanks so much Paul for doing this.

4 thoughts on “From Paul Abramson in California–Demand to ARDC to reverse my suspension

  1. First, who is Paul Abramson?

    Second, only our Illinois Supreme Court can reverse Denison’s suspension.

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