From Ken Ditkowsky–Fixing the broken and troubled Cook County Probate System–where is Larkin on this?

Indeed, it is good to hear from you.   It is not good to be reminded that IT IS UNSAFE TO GROW OLD IN AMERICA AND IN PARTICULAR COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS.  So far, the Ill. Atty. Registration and Discipline Commission, headed by Jerome Larkin, is giving favored attorneys a pass on perfidy in the court room. Why these attorneys are not investigated is completely unknown at this time, because all probate lawyers and many general practice lawyers know this is a serious problem, yet nothing is done by the authorities and the ARDC is used to cover up the problem.   
Under Illinois law, and in particular 755 ILCS 5/11A – 3b the Illinois Legislature has made it clear that guardianship is not  an invitation to exploit and abuse under corrupt court supervision convenient elderly people. A guardianship is very strictly limited to essentially helping a disabled person (such as a senior) to be able to enjoy the fruits of American citizenship.    It is not a forfeiture of rights (as has been the case in Sykes, Gore, et al) and it is not an invitation for greedy individuals with clout to exploit or abuse elderly citizens.
Yes, I am aware that an elderly person in Illinois is treated as prey by so many of our corrupt judges and the Courts actually encourage exploitation for profit.   Yes, I am aware that certain “care facilities’ openly and notoriously exploit the elderly and disabled openly, regularly and notoriously.    Yes, I am aware that this is an open secret and most of our political and judicial elite deplore this situation in public and practice it in private.   The Philip Esformes case (the theft of a billion dollars in Medicare funds) is an example.  The immunity that is given to his Chicago cohorts is a stark example of the role of clout and corruption the permeates Illinois and the body politic.   And yes, I am aware that here in Illinois Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission along with the Illinois Supreme Court Justices are hell bent in preventing any lawyer from exposing judicial corruption.   Rule 8.3 in Illinois is meaningless and 18 USCA 4 protestations to law enforcement are fatal to a legal career.   Thus, obtaining a lawyer is a chore – no lawyer who is not willing to risk his/her career and reputation will come within fifty feet of one of these cases.   Mr. Larkin has demonstrated very clearly that he is willing to commit and suborn perjury and any other incidental crime to in violation of 18 USCA 371 to protect the exploitation, abuse, forfeiture of human rights, and retroactive abortion of senior citizens by dishonest judicial officials. 
The question of what to do is interesting.    The first step is to ascertain all the facts applicable to the case and find out what, if any, disabilitly the designated victim might possess.    If the senior has no disabilities, such as Mary Sykes, the the mere application for guardianship suggests a real fraud is in the works.   Prepare for a ‘wired judge.’    (NB.  Judge Maureen Connors at page 91 of her evidence deposition admitted to being “fixed.”). If this is the issue that has to be dealt with you have to know that no matter what evidence is presented an adverse decision is forthcoming.   You are going to have to haunt law enforcement until you can find someone who believes in America and the Rule of Law.    The petitioner must prove the incompetence and its degree by clear and convincing evidence.    As was noted in the Sykes case all Judge Connors needed with the attornment of her two guardian ad litem.   No notice – no hearing required.
The second step after all the facts have been garnered is to attempt to find a courageous health care professional – such as a doctor – to be prepared to testify as to the health care status of anticipated victim.   Fraud at this point in the process will be in the air.   The Shrink in the Jaycox case, who was being paid by the nursing home operator, had no problem with an outright lie.   (His lie was uncovered when he had Mr. Jayox sign the consents for an operation that were totally inconsistent with his(the shrink) report.   An affidavit detailing the MD’s analysis should be obtained.    As the Fraud is accompanied by intimidation in these cases take whatever you can get and garner all medical records.    As part of the 2nd step a video recorded interview of the elderly victim to be  should be obtained.  There should be questions that make clear:
1) to the extent that the elderly person knows the objects of her bounty,
2) to the extent that the elderly persons knows the extent and nature of her estate.
3) questions the bear on the business accumen of the proposed victim – for instance – can she deposit her social security check in the local bank.  Does she do her own shopping at the grocery store?  Does she pay her own bills?  *****
Photographs work very well to refute the nursing home people, the propoponent of the guardianship and the guardian ad litem.    Expect that strong objection will be made to any photographs, expecially those that illustrate the elder cleansing.   In the Sykes case, the miscreants fought hard to prevent any photographs or videos involving Mary to be viewed.   Truth and decency are also victims in these cases.
The 3rd step is to put all the evidence together, and make certain that it is scanned and submitted to LAW ENFORCEMENT and in particular the Justice Department.   As you can see I’ve forwarded your note to Law Enforcement.   If the government is going to have a successful health care program it is going to have to eliminate most of the fraud that is not obtaining a favored position with the Political Establishment.   It was no accident that Philip Esformes was able to steal a billion dollars from Medicare.   Without the facilitation of criminals imbedded in Government and the judicary he would not have been so successful.   Here in Illinois under the shepardship of Jerome Larkin and his IARDC we would have had another “Operation Greylord” and this time more judges would go to jail rather than be elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois.     NB.  If an honest attorney can be garnered, I’d advise that the victims family seek his/her aid as soon as possible; however, based upon Amu’s 3 year suspension, Denison’s 3 year suspension and my 4 years suspension all for calling for an HONEST INVESTIGATION do not expect that any attorney with the skills to deal with the problem is going to accept the assignment.   Larkin filed a document with the Supreme Court of Illinois that in words and phrases stated that the blog MARYGSYKES in exposing corruption was akin “to yelling fire in a crowded theater.”   ( As you recall, I got an extra year suspension for not being repentant for writing about this corruption to the Attorney General of the United States!)
The 4th Step is to test the resolve of the effort to obtain a guardianship.   As your friend as a Power of Attorney, this document ought to be brought to the attention of the Court and to the division of the Court that was set up to deal with the Americans With Disabilities Act cases.   Believe it or not, we have all sorts of agencies and government groups that are set up to aid us in defending the ongoing WAR AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.    So far most of these government agencies have demonstrated impotency and disinterest – however, hope springs eternal.   Read 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.   These provisions are not optional – they are jurisdictional!   The fact that presiding judges in the Sykes case (and most other cases of elder cleansing) believe that the RULE OF LAW is optional and does not apply in COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS each one of the requirements is important.   Make a record, and keep bother Law Enforcment until they act to protect the loved one who is being preyed upon.
The rest of the steps at this point are irrelevant.   If you have not obtained law enforcement to do its job at this point in time, the victim is going to be subjected to RETROACTIVE ABORTION and cremated immediately after the last dollar or its equivalent is safely in the hands of the elder cleansers.
The perfidy is S.O.P.    Not only has Illinois government (and the USA) failed to investigate the Mary Sykes case, but even though the State is on the verge of Bankruptcy the approximatley 3 million dollars of taxable booty has not been taxed and not a dime of interest or penalties collected.    As the crimes are committed by conspirators, their liabilty is joint and several – no effort has been expended to require co-conspirators such as Jerome larkin to pay the taxes due!

Obamacare will be replaced by a new and possibly better health care plan – BUT IT WILL FAIL.   It will fail and become a disaster because there is a 700% fraud surcharge levied on health care services.   The new president as a businessman should address this problem if he wishes to make good on his promises!     

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