From Anonymous-A story about corruption in mental health court

Here is the video about a mental health corruption victim in Chillicothe, Ohio.

We all know the state has a program of medical kidnap for kids, and it appears there is also one for adults.

Forced psychiatric drugging is clearly illegal in Illinois according to the Illinois Supreme Court Case In re Tiffany.  The Ill.Appellate court denied the appeal, but after filing a Petition for a Supervisory Order, the Ill. Supreme Court granted it and vacate the order to drug poor Ms. Tiffany.

Please pray for this young man.


3 thoughts on “From Anonymous-A story about corruption in mental health court

  1. This happened to me in Pennsylvania. I was hit by a distracted driver, who didn’t see me. I also have a documented history of arthritis in my left knee (my knee locked up, and the distracted driver never looked up in time to see me.)

    The hospital proceeded to LIE that they had a police report that reflected a suicide attempt ( it’s in my medical records that they never got it, that our police department has a policy that they do not release accident reports to the county mental health crisis line nor the hospital). However, they DID note that they got the information from.. my estranged mother.

    Two big problems with that. My mother was subject to a court order to not interfere with my medical or mental health care, because she had been found to make false reports to the children and youth agency about me, and she was at work 5 miles away from the accident scene when the accident happened. She didn’t see ANYTHING.

    This information was used to initiate a 302 and subsequent 303. The “mental health judge” at the 303 hearing allowed the 303 to proceed even with the hospital social worker’s admission they did not have the police report, and then a statement that “her mother says she cuts herself “. My shoulder was broken in the accident and I had a camisole tank top on at the hearing! It was visible that was a false statement.

    I had to lie and pretend to agree to go to an outpatient hospitalization program (the hospital wanted to ship me to a state psychiatric hospital) to get released.

    The entire situation was manipulated by my mother because she didn’t agree with my decision not to put my son up for adoption.

    Are there any other ways to spread the word that this system is abused?

    • I am sooo sorry to hear all o fthat. I hope you can find a good lawyer/doctor that can be on call and make sure your mother does not interfere with your life like that again.

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