Breaking News! Karen Federighi, wrongfully guardianized and posting on Youtube and Facebook escapes guardianship purgatory to Mexico!

While we have all been looking desperately for Karen F in the US for a month since she disappeared–SHE IS NOW POSTING ON FACEBOOK.

YEAH!  She made it to Mexico and is now a free woman again.

I hope to hear form her soon. As you recall, she was perfectly competent, had all her smarts–and she is one smart cookie with 2 nursing jobs and an RN in nursing and a long list of continuing nursing education, she became the target for a guardianship when she stood to inherit hundreds of thousands of dollars and a miscreant relative got involved.

For several months she was holed up at a Best Western where she was watched round the clock by a probate goon that followed here everywhere.  Undoubtedly her estate was paying for all of this.

The probate court in Florida banned her from her own home, forced her to stay in a hotel against her will, locked her out of all her bank accounts.  But like Mary Todd Lincoln she escaped with a cache of fine jewelry she was pawning to buy food because her own Estate would not give her money for food. They wanted to force her into a locked down nursing home!

She told me she could still work and wanted to work as an RN, but her private probate goon watched her like a hawk and followed her everywhere, hacking into her phone and to her computer.  She bought Trac phones from drug stores and used those to talk safely.

They took all her papers and documents from her so she could go no where and do nothing.  Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Passport–you name it gone. Overnight. With no money and no back account it is surprising she survived for months and then escaped to Mexico where she applied for asylum.

This is what our country has gone to.  Probate court in Florida which Karen F fought is no better than in Chicago.  Story after story still comes across my desk.

Thank you for all your prayers to get Karen F safe out the US and out of a dangerous Florida Guardianship.

You can friend her on Facbook and track her progress as she makes a new life outside the US court system.

Sadly, Barbara Stone’s mother is still in guardianship.  And sadly, Barbara Stone is still afraid to speak out and tell the story about her string of crimes in Florida because they have threatened to kill her mother if she makes one peep to the authorities or to the public.  Continue to pray for her also.


From Karen F on Facebook

Greetings From Ensenada Mexico: Unbelievable that I have had no choice but to live like a fugitive from injustice thanks to the corrupt members of the Collier County Probate Court. To stay safe, I have had to disguise myself as a bag lady, a homeless guy (yes, dude!), a Muslim, a madam, a foreign tourist, an undercover cop, pet therapist, street performer, and even a wedding crasher! Praying for justice!

3 thoughts on “Breaking News! Karen Federighi, wrongfully guardianized and posting on Youtube and Facebook escapes guardianship purgatory to Mexico!

  1. I have been wondering how Barb is doing. I totally miss her and hearing about her mom. At lest both are still alive. Happy that Karen is doing well. Escaping the US is the ONLY alternative for wards. I said this right after my mom passed. In hindsight, I should have taken her out of the country.

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