From Ken Ditkowsky on the wrongful suspension of Lanre Amu by Jerome Larkin, head Administrator of the IARDC

On practicing law while black.

Subject: Practicing Law while Black
Date: Jan 18, 2017 5:42 PM
Mr. Hurt,
Overt racism is rare in today’s world.    Gone are the days when a person who happened to have a skin color that was a deep hue is confronted by a raving racist.   Today’s racist is must more subtle.   He (I use this pronoun as I have a particular he in mind – Jerome Larkin!)subverts the legal process to feed his malady and all the while he is engaged in discrimination or other activities of racism he uses the facade of liberalism, public office, party affiliation, attorney discipline,  or some other guise to engage in his JIM CROW mantra.   Sometime his co-conspirators are people who have the same skin coloration as the victim.   These “uncle Toms” have very little of the commodity known as self respect. In other circumstances Avarice substitutes for integrity in parts of our Justice system.
The Amu case is replete with Jim Crow identity.   Amu is an anomaly.   He is an intellectual who happens to have several advanced degrees and a strongly developed conscience.    He also has a very dark skin color of an African.   Amu’s  strongly developed conscience is a handicap in Chicago where City Hall corruption is legend.   Chicago prides itself in having the best Judges and Political people money can buy.    We know how honest each of these judges is — a Chicago Judge who is bribed – stays bribed.  (It costs $150,000 to become a Judge – that is a cash bribe to an official of the Chicago Democratic Party.    To become a Federal Judge the price is substantially higher – I guess they have to payoff the Republicans)
Amu’s charges against the system and in particular a sitting judge were verified by the respected business publication:  CRAINS CHICAGO BUSINESS.    The fact that Crains Chicago Business conducted their own investigation and made the same charges that Amu did against a corrupt judge. But this apparently did not bother either Mr. Larkin or the Illinois Disciplinary Commission (IARDC).    The Establishment decided that Atty Amu having a dark skin was not entitled to his Constitutional Rights as he was complaining that an Establishment (White) Judge was corrupt.   Worse yet, he disclosed the corruption and a BUSINESS PUBLICATION made the same averment.   Indeed, under Illinois Disciplinary Law, and the rulings of the Supreme Court of Illinois Amu was a danger to the public and they suspended him on first an interim basis, and then on a longer term (3 years) and until further order of court.
Without a scintilla of evidence, and no witnesses put on the stand whatsoever, Larkin’s panels of commissioners determined that as Amu had a dark skin he should be barred from the practice of Law.  The Supreme Court concurred.    How can a man with the deep hue to his skin = who observes corrupt judges and reports the same to the authorities be allowed to practice law in Illinois? Clearly unthinkable to the Illinois Bar!     Thus Amu has been stripped of his license to practice law.   
Our president has pointed out the gains of our citizens who happen to have a dark hue to their skin color, and we are grateful.   We are grateful that Amu was not “lynched!”   No cross was burned on his lawn!   Indeed, all that the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission and the Supreme Court did was to take from him was his ability to practice of law.   They did not strip him of his Engineering degrees or licenses nor did they beat up his wife.   Indeed, they met due process by providing him with a very nice kangaroo hearing wherein he could say anything he wanted!     Indeed, he could bring in any witness he wanted and was assured that the ruling of the Supreme Court of Illinois would be suspension of his law license without regard for the fact that Larkin was committing prejury!.
Illinois, under its present administration has assumed the heritage of the “old South” in a modern form.   Our political and Judicial elite only practice “segregation” pursuant to the format of the Illinois movement.   In Amu’s case, a bit of frugality with the truth and selective adjudication by Mr. Larkin and his minions filled the bill; however, Mr. Larkin is not shy in his perfidy.
Representative Lewis was beaten to a Pulp during the Selma march and became an Icon of the Civil Rights movement so Larkin and his gang could not demonize or humiliate him however, another Icon of the Civil Rights movement (and one of the organizers of the Selma March) became the focus of Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.   It appears that Civil Rights Icon Diane Nash opted to be a public spectator at the Kangaroo Disciplinary Hearings conducted for the benefit of JoAnne Denison.   As there was a seat in the gallery of the courtroom right adjacent to yours truly, Mr. Larkin acted to protect my virginity and keep me from having to sit next to an elderly person who had a slightly darker skin color than me.   He barred her from the hearing room.
You cannot make this stuff up!    Diane Nash was actually the only person barred from the hearing room wherein JoAnne Denison was being subjected to the fixed inquiry inquisition.   After the proceeding, I met Diane in the lobby of the IARDC and she related to me that she wished to attend but had been barred from attending.   As such things are not supposed to happen in Chicago, I wrote and e-mail to Mr. Larkin demanding an apology – even the usual insincere variety would have been welcomed as the insult to not only Ms. Nash, but the entire African American community, was just too outrageous to let go.    Of course – Larkin and the elites continue in their JIM CROW ACTIVITIES openly and notoriously.
Discrimination and lawlessness is the credo of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission/Illinois Supreme court.   How else could the Illinois Supreme Court continue to employ Jerome Larkin and his gang of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.   
The African Americans who “do not know their place” as determined by Larkin and the Illinois elites are not the only victims of this obvious corruption — Senior citizens are another desirable target.   The pecuniary rewards for discrimination against Mr. Amu, Ms. Nash, ***** are slight; however, the rewards of elder cleansing are many.   Philip Esformes was indicted for stealing a billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars from Medicare!    
Hopefully, the new administration will keep its campaign promise to Make America Great again.   The elimination of Jim Crow from Chicago legal circles would be a very nice start!       
From Joanne:
Similarly, Ken Ditkowsky lost his law license for 4 years for revealing corruption in the Mary G Sykes case.  He wrote numerous letters to the authorities (many of which were and are published on this blog), complaining that Mary Sykes, an elderly 90 year old woman was guardianized but never served with a Summons or Petition by the sheriff.  This action is required for any court to take jurisdiction.
Mary’s elderly sisters, Josephine and Yolanda, were not provided with the time, date and place of hearing on the guardianship Petition 14 days in advance. The Sodini case establish that next of kin must receive this type of Notice, or again, the Guardianship court has no jurisdiction.
As if that weren’t bad enough, a Cook County Guardianship case running from 2009 to Mary’s death in 2015 without jurisdiction, her home was sold without an accounting, $1 million in valuable coins disappeared when the Guardian drilled out a safe deposit box, and a bogus judgement was entered against a family member, Gloria to gain access to her insurance settlement which was wiped out to pay for a nursing home–a place where Mary never wanted to go, and to pay attorneys fees in the matter.
This is how our probate courts operate.
Terrorizing innocent attorneys for reporting and complaining about corruption in Illinois is how the ARDC and Jerome Larkin operate. They ban discovery, strike witnesses and assemble together “tribunals” that railroad these attorneys.
Meanwhile the ARDC is busy writing nonsensical letters to summarily dispose of valid citizen complaints.
It’s time to clean all of this up and start operating on an ethical and honest basis in Illinois.
We need more blogs and books about corruption so others can avoid these fixed cases and situations.  So keep on reporting about corruption and I will be glad to publish, until there is nothing more to publish.

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