From Ken Dikowsky–stop the FRAUD in health care

THERE CAN BE NO HEALTH CARE PROGRAM THAT WILL WORK until the fraud is gone.  The government has commissioned and received five Government Accounting Office reports to ignore.   These reports detail the fact that there is a War raging against the Elderly and the Disabled.   Corrupt public officials, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges **** have banded together to pervert the Probate Court systems to isolate elderly people so that Court appointed guardians can strip them of their savings, assets, dignity and humanity.   This redistribution of the wealth program is detailed in the Mary Sykes case (O9 P 4585 Circuit Court of Cook county), the Alice Gore case ****, the MaryGSykes blog, the Probate Sharks blog, the NASGA blog, the AAAPG blog *****, the criminal prosecution by the USA against Seth Gillman, Philip ESformes, *****.   
Thousands of Elderly citizens are herded from their homes and placed into guardianships that literally isolate them from their families (the family agitates them) so that every medicare or other health care dollar can be extracted.   Even the gold in the victim’s teeth is not safe (see Alice Gore case).
This secret War against the Elderly and the Disabled rages on raping our government and its citizens as Republicans, Democrats, and other political souls worry about whether Putin acted on his preference for the “Devil” or the “Deep Blue Sea.”
America must wake up to the corruption in the health care system.   The 200 dollar aspirin tablet is not the only problem with our health care system.   The Doctors who received a 100 million dollars in kickbacks in Arizona for prescribing certain drugs to Veterans are minor players.   Philip Esformes is also a minor player – he was indicted for stealing a billion dollars in Medicare funds.   Un-prosecuted players, who bring in 100% of their nursing home resident votes for the prevailing political party reputedly and/or allegedly are the major players as their nursing homes, hospice facilities, pharmaceutical outlets and health care provider companies laugh all the way to the money laundering facility.
 Every election we watch these same individuals take advantage of motor voting, absentee voting, proxy voting etc to deliver huge majorities in Chicago, New York, ***** for the dominant political party. In return for this accommodation corrupt judges appoint corrupt lawyers (and others) guardians that deliver profits to the health care industry.  It is no secret that a doctor who supervises the medical care of nursing home patients slows his vehicle to 30 mph as he drives by the nursing home and then bills residents health insurance and medicare for visits.   It is no secret that physical therapy consists to taking the patient out of bed, placing him/her in a wheel chair and putting the chair in the hall or propped up in front of a TV, drugged out their mind, drooling and unable to speak if spoken to.   It is no secret that non-existent qualified nursing services are routine, and residents are loaded up with pills to render them zombies.   It is no secret that State inspection is non-existent or so lax as to be totally ineffective  – in fact unless the cash flow is interrupted no one really cares what happens to these elderly victims (except some mesne lawyers and family members).
Any individual who exhibits any indication of caring is promptly addressed.   Lawyers who demand an HONEST INVESTIGATION can expect severe disciplinary action from the State Regulators (in Illinois the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission) and the Supreme Court.  (Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 be damned).   Family members are fined, sanctioned or have their property confiscated.  In Gore, a family member found a $60,000 judgment against her, and in Sykes, an Insurance judgement was literally confiscated with a well used rubber stamp.
This billion dollar industry has so polluted our electoral system and everything else it touches that we do not have to worry about Putin or ISIS or al queda or the devil name de jour.   We have to worry about the fact that it is very dangerous to grow old in Illinois, Florida, California, New York,Arizona, actually wherever there is even a bit of wealth ***** and our country is going bankrupt as Mr. Esformes, Mr. Gillman, ***** are trying to be a rich as our President elect!
We, the great unwashed, know the score!   We are getting older each hour.   As we drive by the nursing home we speed up a bit and turn our eyes tightly on the road.   Yes, we have loving families who will protect us -== MAYBE!  –
NB.  Judge Maureen Connors was the presiding Judge in the Sykes case.   Her evidence deposition was taken, and on page 91 thereof she affirmed under oath that she was “fixed!”    The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (and the Illinois Supreme Court) was unimpressed that the Court file showed that the victim was never served with process (as required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10) the jurisdictional notice was never provided, no hearing on competency was ever held, however, she appointed a guardian (who was the subject of a Petition for Order of Protection filed by the victim) and blindly allowed the estate to be looted.   A call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION caused disciplinary action to be brought against the callers; however, Judge Connors was not prosecuted for her breach of the public trust – she was promoted and elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois.
Whatever evils that are reported in the news on a day to day basis are nothing compared to the extent of this evil, looting and wealth.

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