From Ken Ditkowsky–those who saved the Jews and “undesireables” during WWII are still working to keep seniors and disableds at risk to day safe from harm in abusive guardianships.

It is amazing striking that the similarities between the 20th Century Holocaust and the Elder Cleansing scandal are so obvious.   It is also so obvious that the Nazis of yesterday survived into the 21st Century and left many of same marks.
The no holds barred ‘cover-up’ and denial is well in hand and well managed in Illinois by Jerome Larkin, the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court.  These miscreants do not even pay lip service to the Bill of Rights!    A demand for an HONEST INVESTIGATION so infuriated the modern day Holocaust survivors that perjury (lying under oath) and intellectual dishonesty were their first lines of defense and when parred with intimidation the picture is complete.    A similar situation exists in just about every other American State.   The funding is accomplished by health care dollars.
The dehumanization and infamy of all the miscreants is documents in the Alice Gore case.   Right here in public = in Chicago, a grandmother was the victim of theft – the miscreants opened her mouth, and systematically removed for their own benefit the grains of gold from her teeth.    Illinois public officials applauded the rescue of the gold.    The presiding Judge awarded the rescuer of the gold with substantial attorney fees and the family with intimidation humiliation and a large dose of predatory conduct.   Even today the miscreant Guardian ad Litem who orchestrated the infamy is awarded assignments by Probate Division judges and is so secure in her clout that she can venture forward into other States – such as Florida – and ******.    
The time for all good people to stand up and be counted is right now.   The infamy perpetrated cannot be swept under the rug!   The cover-up has to be exposed and we – the great unwashed – have to stand up and be counted once again!   
Ken Ditkowsky
Wrongfully disciplined attorney activist speaking out for the elderly and disabled.

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