From NASGA–Body cam videos show 91 year old man tazed by police

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In most situations, nursing homes call the orderlies and simply restrain a man and shoot them up with Halodol or Seroquel–both dangerous drugs.

However, for whatever reason in this nursing home in Missouri, Kansas, police tazed a 91 year old man.

Of course, the police found some to say “there was no other way” and “restraining the elderly man” would have been worse. What hogwash.  If police are going to respond to nursing home calls for the elderly, they need to bring with tranquilizer shots and an RN and someone trained in restraining the elderly.

The footage is disgusting and should not have occurred. I can’t imagine how the family feels that put him in such a horrible environment.  The man would have been better off at home with a trained, skilled male caregiver who could de escalate any dementia fits.

The police look stupid in this. The nursing home looks worse and just gives a great amount of credence to the fact that many nursing homes are in fact very dangerous places to put your loved ones.

Keep them at home. Get an in home caregiver, but a nursing home is one of the last places to put them. Nursing homes are nothing but slums and ghettos for the elderly in far too many instances.


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