From Robin Thompson–the Missing and the Dead in the US–there has to be a connection


One woman who works on cold cases as a citizen volunteer has run across the following video in her work:

If you have a loved one who has gone missing and has worried frantically about them, not knowing if they are dead or alive–and all the police tell you is they probably got tired of living at home, or they ran away, or they live with friends now, and you get no sympathy or good advice, this video is a must watch.

The video explains that there are 80,000 reported missing people on any given date in the US, while at the time, coroners across the US receive 10,000 unidentified bodies each day.

There is no uniform approach or laws to help identify bodies.  Coroners and the police never interact.

In Illinois, while funeral directors must identify all physical damage to a body they receive, that report goes no where and is not shared with the police, even though funeral directors are mandated reporters of physical abuse.  These should be automatically shared via email with local police and it should remain part of police records.

Nursing homes are not supposed to drug the elderly and disabled. All persons who died in these facilities should receive a tox screen and there should be a mandatory report of all psych drugs and opiods to the coroner’s office and the funeral home and the body should be tox screened for abuse of these drugs at these facilities.  Too many of the elderly and disabled are drugged to death while food and water are withheld.  Just because these are the elderly and disabled and cannot speak for themselves, this is still murder of the worst sort.  Starvation and dehydration is not a painless way to die and besides these nursing homes and their staff have no rights to participate in murder.


5 thoughts on “From Robin Thompson–the Missing and the Dead in the US–there has to be a connection

  1. We are currently in a fight with state k
    Of Missouri and my husband just can’t walk. The public administrator says he is incompetent but the phsy.dr. and another Dr.says he’s not. But together we just witnessed an old man being starved an unkept for a couple months. He kept saying i want to go to v.a. hospital but wasnt taken. When they finally took him he passed away.i think my husband would have the same fate if it wasnt for the food i take to him.

    • Dear Helen;

      I am so sorry to hear that. Yes, people are starved, neglected, doped up illegally every day in nursing homes across the nation.
      I would like to blog about your case. Can you send details and pleadings?
      Your husband must be cared for properly while in a nursing home. What is the other man’s name? Where was he at?
      This all has to be reported to the states attorneys offices and the FBI and I would be glad to assist you in any way that I can.

  2. My dad was starved and dehydrated for 4 days two times in one month, and 911’d out from Mesa Verde SNF in Costa Mesa both times to Hoag Hospital. The first time, the ER doc taking care of dad tried to report my mom to Adult Protective Services. When I told him to look at the ambulance transfer face sheet, he came back white as a sheet and and just said “well take good care of him, he has multiple organ failure, but we can reverse some of the damage”. The next time they did the same thing, he was also sent to Hoag. I asked for the same doctor. He nearly fainted when he saw us, and immediately called for hospital administration before he would talk to us. This time, was 2 weeks after the first incident. My brother and I had a relapse of our bronchitis, and again couldn’t see my dad for four days. Dad was again grossly dehydrated and malnourished. Mind you, he had a g tube in to augment his oral nourishment for a large decubitis ulcer on his coccyx. HOW DO YOU STARVE AND DEHYDRATE A MAN WITH A G-TUBE??? Before he was starved and we got sick, the Mesa Verde doctor said he was doing so well a skin flap surgery could be done. I have no idea why he changed his tack on my dad’s treatment. I think this is the Liverpool Care Pathway, and that these SNFs get some kind of bounty on dead bodies. We saw this happen over and over at this hospital (we have some very compelling stories), and at the LTAC to which my dad was transferred -which tried to assign a conservator, harassed us over transferring my dad (after they exhausted his Medicare benefits) but continued to assault him with every form of malpractice and nosocomial infections. Now they are accusing us of “warehousing” him, even though I have done much of the diagnosing of his complications, and even though there was no place to transfer him because of the needless complexity of his case ( because they did not dc his trach as they promised), and the fact that he had a g-tube, stoma (to keep his wound clean). It was more like he was being held captive. Every time he stabilized enough to transfer, he suddenly developed a fever, pneumonia, vre, mrsa, c-diff. In each of these cases I pointed out what lead to these complications and that if he was treated properly, none of these complications would have occurred. One of the nastiest was the yeast infection that developed in his decubitis ulcer on his coccyx under his leaking wound vac. This happened three times over a year. They never detected the problem, even though the smell of rotting flesh would bowl us over every day when we visited him. Because there was a doctors order required, nothing was handled in a timely manner. He always deteriorated to the point of near sepsis, and the iv antibiotics had to be restarted once again. I am not even discussing the issue of his trach not heing taken care of in a timely manner. He had a traction wound at the site of his trach stoma from being rotated roughly. Seriously, I can write a book about the attempted murder and the assault that continued at Kindred, all while we are being sued, billed $6600.00 per day, subjected to defamation of character, told we are crazy because we are trying to get our dad (who is just an old man) better to lead a comfortable life of freedom to travel and visit his family. My dad was a jock (similar to my friend Jack Lalanne…whose death I need to find more about). His labs and vital signs were far better than his souless doctors (who looked to have one foot on a banana peel, and the other in a grave). There is so much discrimination against the elderly, that nobody will help us with his case. It appears that they will be allowed to seize my mom’s property, as well as all of the property of my brother, sister and myself. They have included us all in the lawsuit. We are all very scared, still visiting my dad in a new, better facility that has its own problems (like no continuous read pulseoxymeter, so his saturation is always a mystery). If you know any serious lawyers in Orange County, CA., we would appreciate a referral. There is much more to this saga, but I am exhausted beyond belief. Thanks for listening.

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