From the Illinois IDPR–Morgan and Messina–my corrupt and unlicensed court reporters at my ARDC trial–gone, gone gone.

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

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Name City/State/Zip DBA/AKA
JO ANN MESSINA-EGAN Joliet, IL 60432-0745
Contact Information


License Number Description Status First Effective Date Effective Date Expiration Date Ever Disciplined
084002114 CERTIFIED SHORTHAND REPORTER PERMANENT INACTIVE 03/15/1979 03/15/1979 05/31/2005 Y
License Information

Disciplinary Actions

Case Number License Number Action Discipline Start Date Discipline End Date Reason for Action
2016007446 084002114 Fine 11/14/2016 for practicing on a non-renewed license.
2016007446 084002114 Permanent Inactive 11/14/2016 for practicing on a non-renewed license.
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Please Note: Reason for disciplinary actions which occurred for Real Estate professions prior to February 1, 2008 will not be listed here. Please contact the department for information regarding past Real Estate disciplines.

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From JoAnne —

For the record, I did NOT report anyone to the IDPR.
I just let the process take care of itself.
My court reporter was not licensed.  As you will recall the court reporter said in her affidavit that she filed with the ARDC and I filed with the Illinois Supreme Court that she “was going to get her license back.”  So I felt it was best to wait and see if she will admit to the IDPFR that she did transcribe without a license and let them figure out what to do with her. (Of course, if she was not honest and did not admit to what she had done to me, I would have reported her).
I happen to know that when you fill out those forms, you have to let the IDPFR (Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation) know if you have committed any violations–and she clearly did, taking thousands of pages of transcripts without being licensed.
I am compassionate, and I like for people to fix their own stuff when they have screwed up.
I believe that my court reporter admitted her error–and in return, the IDPFR told her she had to surrender her license permanently.
Now, with this, what will the ARDC do?
Will Jerome Larkin, head Administrator of the ARDC reinstate my license, together with Melissa Smart and Sharon Opryszek or will they again tell the Illinois Supreme Court it is no big deal for a court reporter to transcribe without a license.
I see this as res judicata and collateral estoppel and massive Fraud on the Court in my case that any judgment against me was nothing more than Fraud on the Court.
I did a google search for the name “Morgan and Messian” and found nothing.
I think their business and website is gone.
I am going to FOIA the information on her license renewal information.
Let’s see what happened.
While I feel sorry for her, it is not an excuse for her to practice court reporting and transcribe without a license and she has to take her lumps. She should be the one to come forward and to admit she committed a serious fraud against me and the public.
I think she has done that now, let’s see.
I forgive her for what she has done to me.  I am not going to hold on to that.
But the Illinois Supreme Court and Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart have not taken their lumps and apologized to me.  I am waiting. This blog is honest.  The case against me was nothing more than a witch hunt, a circus and violated the First Amendment and any and all notions of Due Process in a free, open and democratic government.  They know all they did was protect clouted attorneys.  And that’s wrong.  My blog is only “crying fire in a crowded theater if the theater is filled with crooked judges and lawyers.”  No honest judge or lawyer has to fear my blog. Ever.

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