From Ken Ditkowsky–Free Speech making come back on campuses

kenneth ditkowsky

7:42 AM (4 hours ago)

To: states attorneys and FBI and probate and court bloggers
It is unsafe to be old in Florida, Illinois, New York, California *****.    Too many seniors are literally taken off the street and placed into guardianships designed to strip them of their liberty, property and humanity.   As long as their is one Mary Sykes or Alice Gore case that remains unpunished and protected by the likes of Jerome Larkin and his Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission the core values of America are in jeopardy and the First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments is being trampled on.    Attorneys who called for an HONEST INVESTIGATION were greeted with Kangaroo proceedings masquerading as disciplinary proceedings.  Families who complained were told that the corrupt judges and lawyers conducting the violations of our constitution were lauded.   The Guardian ad Litem who orchestrated the elder cleansing of Alice Gore not only was allowed to get away with ravaging the mouth of Alice Gore to obtain the few grains of gold from her teeth, but, to literally steal a huge amount of money from a Florida Probate Estate!   She teaches legal ethics in the Illinois Continuing Education Program.
The future however is bright.   In spite of the concerted efforts of the Judicial Establishment piece by piece the public is gaining knowledge of the outrage.   The Government Accounting Office has written five reports to Congress, Philip Esformes was indicted for stealing a billion dollars from Medicare, intellectuals actually are aware of the elder cleansing scandal, and the great unwashed are no longer complacent.
Exhibit 1:   An Article concerning Free Speech on Campus, to wit:
The only protection we have from ‘ourselves’ is openness and free speech.   The fact that I do not like the message that ******* has to give does not give me the right to silence him, or he to silence me.   That is our First Amendment!    We all must pledge to fight for the right of those who we disagree with to speak out and be heard.   That is the core of our democracy.

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