Jill Jones Soderman makes a statement about a con artist who engages in blackmail, a warning about Christine Sirgent

Okay, we all know that they are out there, you know the type, the claimed “victim” that comes to you begging for help but is nothing but trouble themselves.

This blog gets rid of trouble makers by requiring they upload numerous pleadings and we confirm our sources.  However, that was not the case for one activist Jill Jones Soderman and a crazed couple that visited her office looking for help.

First the defamatory post:


Now Ms. Soderman’s response


Christine Sirgent contacted staff of the FCVFC after a brief discussion with me resulted in a denial of engagement of the FCVFC with her BF. The contact took place in April, 2014.

Christine Sirgent’s BF seemed to have been engaged in a long standing, high conflict divorce. I declined taking on the case after a brief phone consultation with him.

Christine Sirgent and her BF called my office, engaged sympathetic staff who persuaded me to provide them with a consultation for the BF. (April, 2014)

I received a carton of court documents related to the divorce of the BF of Christine Sirgent with a check for $1,500. I agreed to review documents, provide a consultation. I did not agree to any further involvement with them beyond that commitment.

I received a fee of $1,500. to provide a consultation based on the papers and one phone consultation with the BF. I agreed to speak with the client individually and jointly by phone to discuss the case status on one occasion. The period of time for phone contact is limited to 1 ½ hours on one occasion.

The office of the FCVFC is in Manhattan at 275 Madison Ave., New York, New York 10016.

The New Jersey Office for the FCVFC is the Child Forensic Safety Center, a private Safe House used for the protection of children and adult victims of Violence. (see attached incorporation documents). The clients dropped off a carton of papers for review at the New Jersey office where they were seen for a few minutes as I opened the box to briefly review the papers.

Services provided by the FCVFC are noted in papers and description attached.

The FCVFC NEVER provides legal representation for clients in high conflict custody cases. Ms. Sirgent was never introduced to an attorney as part of my consultation with her BF.

All of the rambling commentary described by Ms. Sirgent in her web site is thoroughly and completely incomprehensible

No letter was ever prepared or sent to a judge on behalf of for Ms. Sirgent’s BF.

I am aware of a letter having been sent to a judge dealing with Ms. Sirgent’s BF because the judge’s clerk called me to ask if the BF was a client of the FCVFC as she thought he was using the name of the FCVFC falsely and she intended to put him in jail. I dissuaded the court clerk from seeking jail time for the BF.

After the call from the Judge, I contacted Ms. Sirgent and told her that I was terminating all contact with her and her BF and would never agree to any further contact / work with them via the FCVFC.
I kept the BF from being jailed because of false representation of engagement with the FCVFC and intended to have no further dealings with either of them.

Following that interaction I continued to receive an incessant barrage of threatening letters and e mails from Ms. Sirgent and her BF. The e mails were referred to junk mail. Phone calls were never accepted.

I became aware of Ms. Sirgent through her web site when it appeared on Google defaming me.

I sought consultation with numerous attorney and was constantly told that there was nothing that I could with regard to having Ms. Sirgent take down her web site.
As far as I knew, the BF was homeless, had absolutely no funds.

Ms. Sirgent was unemployed, but I had no address for her and she was not the intended client.

I have ignored Ms. Sirgent and her BF, responding to their defamatory, libelous, false communications by publishing about them in the USWhistleblower – the on line press for the FCVFC.

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