From Ken Ditkowsky–Another nursing home operator indicted for $16 million!

It looks as though the feds are now finding medicare and medicaid and state funded nursing homes a lucrative source of fraud=indictments means more money returned to the state and federal government.

here is the link to the DOJ annoucement–great job and WHY ISN’T THE CHICAGO MEGA MEDIA FOLLOWING THE THEFT OF $16 MILLION?  WHEN ISN’T $16 MILLION NEWS.

My only question is, what took so long and what about investigating whether not some or all of theses elders can be returned to their family members and these estate draining guardianships be ended?  Also the massive funds spent by medicare/medicaid on psychotropic and other drugs which are non FDA approved for such an usage should be returned to the source of funding and the persons involved–judges, attorneys, guardians and lawyers,, who supported the illegal drugging should be arrested and imprisoned.  The war on street drugs is nothing compared to the war we should be waging on nursing home drugs.  Unless and until the FDA approves these usages, every should be arrested.

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From Cynthia Stevens

One big answer I think is those of us with a conscience, no matter our ages or whatever, must start running for office.  Start local and keep on keeping on. Have your friends join you.  We had a couple of cousins with a conscience get elected to Chillicothe City Council to help put a tourniquet on the hemmoraghing of public funds that would occur every time  Council voted.  It did work for a while but one cousin was more outspoken than the other, and the weaker cousin got played off against the stronger as the dirty gang on Council declared war on the stronger guy, who had then been running for mayor.  He should have won but he refused offers of help from sources like, evidently because we were “too radical”.   We had better start figuring out who are enemies really are, and our friends.  We are going to have to TAKE this country back.  The demons in charge won’t hand it over.
From Ken Ditkowsky

On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 12:00 PM, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:

Elder Cleansing is a National tragedy.   The other night I was watching Fox News and they had a piece on how some Indiana nursing home group and it miscreant ownership had run afoul of the law.   The next morning I searched the Chicago news papers and the internet to learn what, if anything, was going down in Indiana.  Was Indiana cracking down on the criminals who were preying on the elderly?
My search turned up empty.  Today I found a link which I am forwarding to you.   It is absolutely amazing.   Every Establishment politico is touting about how he/she is the friend of the elderly and the disabled and therefore we should run out an vote for them.   It is a bold faced lie!    Not one is interested in the anything but garnering the vote of the elderly.   Between voting seasons they could care less if grandma was lying in her own urine in a nursing home while Court appointed guardians were rummaging through he mouth to find if they could salvage a few grains of gold from her teeth!   Indeed – grandma is a non-person whose only value to the Political souls is her vote.
Congress has a committee to investigate elder abuse, exploitation, etc (all elements of elder cleansing).   Elizabeth Warren was hear saying that the committee did not have enough information to deal with the problem.   Senator Warren should have known that the Government Accounting Office has done four investigations and written four reports to Congress. (There is to be another one coming about by the end of 2016 that the ARDC can start cringing about instead of doing something about).   NASGA, Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, AAAPg *** all have referenced the GAO reports and literally hundreds of citizen complaints of elder cleansing and health care fraud.   Of course Senator Warren is not alone – I wrote Senator Durbin – I got back a copy of some silly speech he gave as to his efforts to save Social Security.   The Senator knows or should knows that the social security that he is saving is being used by the miscreants, court appointed guardians et al to compensate and fund the elder cleansing of hundreds of elderly people.    I wrote the Presidential candidates who would like the elderly to vote for them — Not a word of reply.
Apparently every one of the political aspirants believe that the nursing home operators are the people of importance and the residents and the other elderly are unimportant.   Historically from my investigation they are correct.   The residents of the nursing home are induced to vote for the candidate of the operator’s choice and the mobile elderly are so gullible to believe that the ponzi scheme known as social security will be best protected by candidate x who says that he/she is “fighting for the elderly”     We have done a terrible job in choosing our elected representatives (some of whom have surrogates who openly brag how they put something over on us because we are STUPID!).
Democracy is not a spectator sport – the dues are high!   It is time to take back America from the political class.  Exactly how you do this is beyond my pay grade, but we have to start now or the cancer of corruption will consume us.

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Indiana nursing home company’s ex-CEO indicted for fraud

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP/WLFI) — A grand jury has indicted the former CEO of a company that operates dozens of Indiana nursing homes, accusing him a…
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