From Ken Ditkowsky–Affidavit on the Status of Guardianship in the US

Kenneth Ditkowsky, a citizen of the State of Illinois, pursuant to statute and pursuant to the penalties of perjury do affirm that of my own personal knowledge I make the following statement which I forward to ********* to use as they deems appropriate, to wit:
1)       That I am legal resident of the State of Illinois who on November 28, 1961 was admitted to the Bar of the said State.   From that date forward for the next half century I practiced law in the Courts of the State of Illinois and the several states.    My practice included appearances before the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois and also the Supreme Court of the United States.    I was the lead attorney in numerous trials including many that were presented before juries.
2)      That during the course of my practice I had occasion to represent clients both in trials and in negotiation in many practice areas quite successfully and to in particular observe the proceedings of the many divisions of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.    In addition, I had occasion to obtain first-hand knowledge of legal proceedings in the several States of the United States of America.
3)      That as part of preparation to represent a client, an attorney not only studies the law, but investigations of others in regard to the subject.      In the Federal Jurisdiction FRCP 11 governs the nature and extent of the preparation required, and in State Court (Illinois) Rule 137 requires attorneys to investigate the facts for veracity prior to filing any documents that depend upon the relevant facts.[1]
4)      That in the year 2010, in the course of my practice of law,  I was consulted by friends and neighbors of an Illinois citizen by the name of Mary Sykes.    Ms. Sykes had previously been a client of mine in a defamation lawsuit.    The citizens who consulted me were concerned that Mary Sykes had been taken advantage of by the appointment of a guardian for her by the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.  The case number was 09 P 4585.    Details of the file are recounted in detail on MaryGSykes, Probate Sharks, and NASGA blog.   These details are incorporated by reference and made part hereof as if set forth in detail.    The aforesaid details are in addition recounted in detail of record in my Petition for Certiorari filed in the Supreme Court of the United States of America on June 6, 2014.    This filing is incorporated by reference and made part hereof as if set forth in detail.    The statements made therein are true and correct.
5)      That Illinois, like every other State in the Union, is limited in its jurisdiction by its Constitution and the First Ten Amendments (plus the 13th and 14th Amendments) to the Constitution of the United States of America.   These limitations are referred to as the Bill of Rights and guarantied by Law so that every citizen of the United States is granted and is to be protected by the powers of the said United States of America from oppression by the Government of the State and the Federal Government.    These rights are the core values of America[2].
6)      In particular, the elderly in America are protected by specific laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act.    This Act was passed by Congress to facilitate the plight of the elderly and disabled and make certain that they could enjoy EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW.
7)      Here in Illinois in an effort to facilitate the EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW for disabled people, the Legislature of the State of Illinois has enacted 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et sequence.    A statement of purpose is found at 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3.      This statement of purpose provides that a person subject to the act is to be given assistance by government to the extent of his/her disability so that the said person can enjoy the full spectrum of services and enjoyment of the United States of America and the State of Illinois.
8)      That in derogation Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 and the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America certain elected and appointed officials of the State of Illinois have taken it on to themselves to us the guardianship law, i.e. 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et sequence for the illegal purpose of exploiting and abusing targeted senior citizens.    The activities of these public officials include but is not limited to serious violations of human life which in many situations cause very painful deaths for the targeted individuals.
9)       That unfortunately the scenario of exploiting and abusing targeted senior citizens, which I have dubbed as Elder Cleansing, is widespread and not limited to Illinois.     It is an accepted practice in many States of the United States of America, including but not limited to Illinois, Florida, California *****.   
10)   That I have personal knowledge of three represented cases, to wit:       Robert Jaycox[3].
a.       By law and by practice individuals who need extended care for illness are no longer kept for the duration of the care in Hospitals, but are sent out to various nursing homes.      These nursing homes are supposed to provide ‘skilled nursing care’ including monitoring the recovery by doctors and other medical professionals.
b.       Mr. Jaycox had been diagnosed with severe pains in his back and legs and after “treatment” at Chicago’s Swedish Covenant Hospital, he was transferred to an extended care facility (nursing home) to allegedly foster his recovery.    It is believed and therefore alleged that several factors contributed to Jaycox’s malady.     Jaycox was a fraud victim and lost most of his life savings in the fraud. It is possible that there might have been a psychological element to his problem; however, an examination of the literature that accompanied some of the drugs administered indicated that these drugs had he very side effects, i.e. severe pains in the back and legs, that he was specified as his primary malady.   
c.       That because of his poverty (due to the Fraud), Jaycox was unable to pay the costs of incarceration in a nursing home.   The Administration of the facility had a remedy.   The contacted to Office of Public Guardian and with their help and assistance a Petition was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County alleging that Jaycox was totally incompetent and totally unable to address either his personal or pecuniary affairs.    Thus, the facility sought a guardian be appointed.   Of course this guardian would use whatever funds were available to pay the nursing home and their charges.   
d.       As Jaycox was not incompetent, 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et seq. did not apply, however, in the corruption encased world of Chicago, Illinois a physician was engaged, who claimed to examine Mr. Jaycox and under oath furnished the nursing home with an affidavit that in words and phrases stated the Mr. Jaycox was totally unable to care for himself and lacked the totally mental capacity to take care of his finances.     Guardian ad litem was appointed the Court and claimed to have done a personal investigation and confirmed that Mr. Jaycox lacked all mental capacity.    The professionals involved knew or should have known that the statements in the Petition were fabricated and false.[4]
e.       Mr. Jaycox’s friends knew that the verified Petition filed by a nominee for the nursing home was totally false requested that I look into the proceeding.    I filed an appearance and asked for a hearing.    The case was assigned to a Probate Judge (Judge Quinn) who set a hearing date.   
f.        Fortuitously, immediately before the hearing date, Mr. Jaycox had an accident.    He fell out of his hospital bed at the nursing home and broke his hip.    The hearing had to be postponed.      Subsequent hearing dates were postponed for Jaycox to have surgery and respond to various maladies; however, he was dragged into a hearing directly from the recovery room of the hospital.  The emergency nature of the proceeding required Court proceedings so that the nursing home could make applications to the United States of America for payment of Mr. Jaycox’s health care costs.    (The Guardian ad Litem had echoed the incompetency claim based upon his visit to Mr. Jaycox and it was a foregone conclusion that Mr. Jaycox was totally incompetent and the hearing was a ethically challenged affair.     Thus, the treating physician was called as the petitioner’s witness to testify as to Jaycox’s lack of capacity to take care of himself or any property he might have – including the health care payments that the United States of America provides.   The Petitioner had a problem presenting his case in chief, and by agreement the Judge was allowed to do the direct examination of the treating physician.[5]
g.       The treating physician testified in some detail as to Robert Jaycox’s medical examination and the reported results.     The witnessed as an expert witness was allowed to express the opinion that Robert Jaycox was totally and completely disabled and not able to act for himself either as to his person or his property in any way whatsoever.      The witness was then turned over to me for cross examination.
h.       In Illinois (and in most States) medical treatment cannot be administered without “knowledgeable patient consent”    Mr. Jaycox had just been subjected to an medical procedure (and operation on his hip) due to breaking his hip falling out of his hospital bed and the nursing home.    Thus, on cross =examination I produced the patient consent form that had been signed as a prelude to the just completed hip operation.   My question to the doctor required him to inform the court as to what “competent” individual had just consented to the operation.    Of course Mr. Jaycox had given his informed consent by placing his signature on the form which was respondents exhibit 1.  thereupon had consented.      The doctor tried to backtrack on his testimony, but, it was obvious that he had just committed perjury and the guardian ad litem and other Court and health care officers had subordinated the perjury.   The hearing ended abruptly and was continued into perpetuity.   The felony was never prosecuted or pursued.
i.         Within hours after the failed hearing Robert Jaycox contacted an incurable disease – Aspirated Pneumonia –  solid particles of unknown origin and structure appeared in his lungs.    Feeding a patient in a prone condition will accomplish this result.    In point of fact, Robert now was totally helpless and without fanfare a guardian was appointed.   Robert died in secret and was quickly cremated.     The nursing home was generously compensated for its health care services.   
11)   Alice Gore:
a.       That Alice Gore case was not one of mine, and the information I obtained concerning it was garnered from discussing the case with one of the attorneys for the Bank that ultimately closed the Estate, from reading accounts of the case from the Court file, individual investigation – as would have been required pursuant to Rule 137,  and from the blog Probate Sharks.
b.       Alice Gore was an elderly widow.    The guardian ad litem in her case was a lawyer with very strong ties to the Morris and Philip Esformes business enterprises.    She also had strong political ties in Chicago and is a regular in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.     Upon information and belief from very reliable sources and for personal experience in dealing with her,  it is alleged that the Guardian ad litem  directed the perfidy committed in the Alice Gore case,  including the appointment of a plenary guardian who had severe mental problems herself and was in need to serious medical help.     This plenary guardian was literally led by the nose into acting in concert with the guardian ad litem to isolate Gore from her prior life, her family and those people who she cared about and were concerned for her.    In addition this guardian ad litem appeared in Court before a patently corrupt Judge and obtained Court orders that assured for not only the theft of Gore’s assets, but her being placed on a feeding tube and drugs that were reasonably calculated to render her a member of the living dead.  
c.       1.5 million dollars in assets was available for the taking and such taking was accomplished.    Responsible and caring family members were excluded from Alice Gore’s life by the guise of claiming that they agitated her by their presence, were stealing or otherwise dishonest in their dealings with Gore and/or constituted a threat to her.    These averments were untrue; however,  in a ‘wired’ Court proceeding[6]  it facts did not have to be proven – the statement of the guardian ad litem was sufficient to obtain a court order.     The family (and all who cared for Mrs. Gore were thus excluded from Mrs. Gore’s life. 
d.       The victim (Alice Gore) had no future life!   She was warehoused until every possible dime was removed from her Estate and then eliminated (killed).    So complete was the quest for riches that even the body of the victim was not secure.    In the Alice Gore case 29 teeth were extracted so that the grains of gold in her teeth would be reclaimed.   Once the last grain of gold was removed, Mrs. Gore died = the family was not notified and for days she lay dead and uncared for.    
e.       In spite of calls by the family and friends for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the perfidy that occurred in the Alice Gore, there was no investigation.    The final accounting was fiction.   The murder of Alice Gore was never prosecuted, nor were the other felonies.   In fact the cover-up still continues on to this day.
12)                      Mary Sykes
a.       Few people reach their late 80’s and early 90’s continue in a vigorous state of life, however, Mary Sykes in fact was such a person.     See:   Gloria Sykes and Scott Evans affidavits filed with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission cases of Kenneth Ditkowsky and JoAnne Denison.   See also MaryGSykes blog all of which are incorporated by reference and made part hereof as if set forth in detail.[7]
b.       Mary discovered that her older daughter had stolen approximately four thousand dollars from her, confronted her daughter and when she felt herself threatened made application in the Circuit Court of Cook County for a protective order.   As Cook County is infamous for its corruption, mysteriously proceedings popped up in the Probate Division that claimed that Mary Sykes was incompetent and unable to address her personal matters as well as her financial affairs.     The fact that Mary traded regularly with local merchants purchasing sundries, was running a small business (doing contract sewing) was aware of her financial affairs enough to know and understand that her older daughter had stolen four thousand dollars from her, and had tricked her into signing testamentary documents that literally favored the older daughter, were all ignored.    In addition the Petition was fatally incomplete and did not have the doctor’s certification of any incompetency by Mary.    Her doctor refused to sign such a false affidavit.     The probate case was assigned to Judge Maureen Connors.     Two guardian ad litem were appointed.  Cynthia Farenga, and Adam Stern.    These two guardians were assigned to the case to be the eyes and ears of the Court and to determine that a guardianship of Mary Sykes was necessary[8].
c.       The court proceedings were a sham.    All the protections of the Constitution of the State of Illinois and the United States of America were ignored.    The Sheriff of Cook County has by letter denied ever serving summons on Mary Sykes.   
                                                               i.      The Court file indicates that both guardian ad litem and the court were aware that the Petitioner for guardianship had removed Mary from the County of Cook; however, service of summons was directed to an address in Cook County.    Summons is necessary in all Court proceedings to garner personal jurisdiction over a respondent or defendant.
                                                             ii.      Because the United States America claims to believe that every citizen is entitled to due process – i.e. notice and hearing of any proceedings that affect his/her rights – and if indeed a respondent is incompetent, the service of documents would be a meaningless act.    Ergo, 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 requires that near (or close) relatives be notified so that no one is railroaded into a wrongful guardianship.      Thus prior to a hearing on competency family members much be notified of the hearing.
                                                           iii.      As a guardianship requires that certain rights of citizenship be taken from a citizen and transferred to a guardian a hearing must be held to determine what, if any, rights can be infringed.  755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.    Thus by statute not only must there be a hearing but a this hearing the petitioner must prove by clear and convincing evidence that the individual is not competent and the specifics as to the competency.     The Court file demonstrates no evidence of any hearing ever being held as to Mary Sykes incompetency prior to her rights being forfeited.[9]       
                                                           iv.      The Judge, knowing that Mary was no longer either voluntarily or involuntarily in Cook County, Illinois appointed (sans prior notice or hearing) the very daughter who had been the subject of Mary Sykes Petition for a protective order was appointed a plenary guardian.    Mary was then and there spirited out of her former life, her church, her garden club and all that made her unique.    Visiting with her younger daughter was denied – some guardian ad litem reported to the Court that visits with Mary’s family agitated her, and Judge Connors immediately ordered supervised visitation[10].    It is believed and therefore alleged that a company controlled by the Esformes cartel was appointed to do the supervision.   Thus visitation and contact were removed.[11]
                                                             v.      Citizen Scott Evans reported that he ferreted out the location as to where Mary Sykes was being incarcerated and found that vibrant Mary Sykes was confined to a ‘adult day care center.’    This facility’s occupants were reported to be all doped up and sitting like zombies at the facility either unwilling or unable to engage in any communication whatsoever.   These individual were observed by Mr. Evans as mostly starring off into space.    Mary, while not in a zombie state appeared to be in total isolation.    Such was Mary Sykes’ future.
                                                           vi.      Systematically, Mary’s estate was looted.    According to the affidavit of younger daughter Gloria Sykes she and her mother (Mary) had joint ownership of a safety deposit box at a local financial intuition.      Therein was stored hundreds of collectible gold coins.    It was estimated by Gloria that these coins totaled in value more than a million dollars.     The safety deposit box was breached and the coins disappeared.    The guardian has never denied the theft; however, the coins were not inventoried.[12]     When the issue was raised, Guardian ad Litem Farenga vigorously denied that any such coins existed.   However, Farenga had to admit that she had not been with the guardian when the safety deposit box was breached, and she had never been to safety deposit box.   (Gloria Sykes’ affidavit attests to contents of the safety deposit box and Mary’s sister who had been to box in open court protested the Guardian ad Litem’s statement and even described the container in which the coins had be placed.      Other assets of Mary Sykes totaling approximately 3 million dollars were never inventoried and are believed to have found their way into the exchequer of various corrupt public officials.
                                                          vii.      Efforts by family and friends to extricate and/or free Mary Sykes from her kidnappers were thwarted.      Mary was kept in virtually total isolation unable to communicate by telephone or otherwise with family, friends or others who had been part of her prior life.
                                                        viii.      Ultimately, Mary Sykes was placed in a nursing home.    It is reported that Adam Stern (one of the two guardian ad litem) had a pecuniary interest in the facility.[13]   In this facility all efforts of contacting Mary or visiting her were thwarted.
                                                            ix.      All attempts by the people who loved Mary Sykes were repulsed by the Court, the two guardian ad litem or the guardian herself with the aid of the local law enforcement authorities.   Evidence of the deprivation, neglect, and other torture inflicted on the innocent elderly was systematically destroyed by the combination of the Court, court appointed miscreants, or the law enforcement authorities acting in concert.   Attorney JoAnne Denison took pictures of Mary on her cell phone.   Under threats of arrest Ms. Denison was reported to have been forced to delete the photographs.
13)   That Lawyers are required by Rule 8.3 to report criminal conduct by public institutions and other lawyers; however,  public officials, many of whom are believed and therefore alleged to have and are receiving remuneration, have joined in a 18 USCA 371 conspiracy to ‘cover-up’ the torture, exploitation, abuse, and deprivation of the elderly and the disabled in the United States of America and in particular Illinois.[14]      Lawyers who take their citizenship and their oaths as lawyers seriously are immediately in disrepute in Illinois (and many other States).
14)   Lawyer JoAnne Denison and myself called for an HONEST INVESTIGATION OF the Elder Cleansing scandal that is the corpus of this affidavit.     The net effect was that at the request of the two guardian ad litem and other corrupt public officials Disciplinary proceedings intended to silence both of us were commenced.    In my personal situation, as part of my Federal Rule of Civil Procedure pre-trial investigation I wrote to the guardian ad litem and others for information was to Mary Sykes’ competency and other facts required by rule.    This inquiry was mandatory and had to be done prior to any Court papers were filed.   No sooner had I made a request for the preliminary information required by Court Rule, Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, and the attorneys for the illegally appointed guardian ad litem went before the corrupt jurist assigned the Mary Sykes case and sought sanctions against me for filing false pleadings (Rule 137).    It did not bother anyone that I had not appeared as an attorney in the case (as yet) or that I filed any pleadings whatsoever.    The judge, who in her evidence deposition admitted to her corruption and being “fixed”  found me guilty of State Court Rule 137 and set a later date for assessment or sanctions (a fine).      Because,  I continued to investigate the facts of the Mary Sykes elder cleansing the fact that the Circuit Court lacked jurisdiction over me did not move the Corrupt judges involved the Cook County elder cleansing scandal to sua sponte dismiss the Rule 137 proceeding.     In fact, a year later a year for a judge who had been removed from the criminal court bench and reassigned to the Probate division in relation to a police assault case scandal, garnered the courage the courage to enter a final order assessing a sanction against me of about $5,000.00.   When the jurist made the assessment I took an Appeal to the Appellate Court of Illinois and was quickly exonerated.     As reprehensible as it was in Illinois for an attorney to comply with Rule 8.3 and refuse to be silent when a citizens was being deprived of her basic Constitutional Rights, the Court had no choice by dismiss the Rule 137 sanction order for lack of Jurisdiction.  
15)   The failure to intimidate me and the vacation of the absurd and totally illegal sanction required more drastic action.        The elder cleansing process as to Mary Sykes was well underway.  Over a million dollars had been redistributed and arrangements for expropriation of the Real Estate in which Mary had an interest was well underway.      The younger daughter of Mary Sykes had been demonized, humiliated and neutralized into total ineffectiveness, thus, the only obstacle to the elder cleansing of Mary Sykes were Attorneys JoAnne Denison and Kenneth Ditkowsky (your affiant).     This process commenced with Cynthia Farenga writing an ex-parte letter to co-conspirator Black pointing out that the Blog Probate Sharks contained a reprint of a demand by Attorney Denison and myself demanding an Honest investigation of the elder cleansing of Mary Sykes.    The subsequent discovery that I had exercised my First Amendment Right and had written to the Attorney General of the United States requesting an Honest investigation was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I was accused of ethical violations.    
16)   Proceedings before the Illinois Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) are amazingly violative of every concept of American Justice in that even though it is advertised that the commission and in particular Mr. Larkin had to prove his claim by clear and convincing evidence, such is not the case.    Whatever fantasy Mr. Larkin might have is not only the fact but the decision of the (IARDC) commission and the Illinois Supreme Court.    Exculpatory evidence is routinely excluded.   For instance, the Court File in the Sykes case was subpoenaed by not produced – by rule of the commission it was not produced.   Producing it would have demonstrated that the due process rights of Mary Sykes had been totally violated and her torture was without sanction of law[15].    It also would have produced unequivocal evidence that Jerome Larkin and the disciplinary process had not only lied, but had unilaterally abrogated Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the Federal Constitution.     By sheer obfuscation and a prevarication by the commission wrongful results aimed solely at intimidation and creating a wall of silence were created and used in a so far unsuccessful attempt at silencing Ms. Denison and myself and our demand for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.   
17)   No facade was too obscure or wrongful for Mr. Jerome Larkin and the Illinois ARDC and Illinois Supreme Court to indulge in its ‘cover=up’ and promulgation of the War against the Elderly and the Disabled.      JoAnne Denison’s blog entitled MARYGSYKES was deemed to be akin to ‘yelling fire in a crowded theater’ and she received an interim suspension of her law license and a 3-year suspension of her law license.   
18)   The Estate of Mary Sykes is depleted by the theft of an estimated three million dollars.    I received a four-year suspension of my law license and JoAnne 3 years.     We are set out as examples of what will happen in the United States of America if a LAWYER complies with Rule 8.3 and directly or indirectly interferes with the isolation of a targeted senior citizen during the process of selective abuse, torture, and similar endeavors while the victim is being separated from his/her life savings, future, humanity, dignity, and civil rights.
19)   Further I sayth not, except to incorporate by reference the four Government Accounting Office reports to Congress and the contents of the blogs Probate sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAAPG and similar blogs being published on the internet.
Signed – Kenneth K Ditkowsky pursuant to Statute and penalties of law.

[1] Rule 8.3 of the Rules of Conduct required that an attorney who has knowledge of a crime or other misconduct by an attorney report the same to law enforcement authorities.    18 USCA 4 requires citizens to report felonies to law enforcement.    The felonies of elder cleansing are as a matter of law required to be reported to Law Enforcement.    Elder Cleansing as I use it is defined as the use of the Courts of the State, or other judicial proceeding to isolate a victim (usually a senior citizen or a disabled person) so that the said victim can be deprived of some vest right.   The vested rights are defined in Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the Bill of Rights (First ten amendments to the United States Constitution) and include abuse, exploitation i.e.  deprivation of liberty, property, humanity, life savings and life in the broadest interpretation.       
[2] The appointment of a guardian is recognized by every state as an infringement of the Rights, privileges and immunities of American citizen.    In Illinois 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 makes very specific the purpose of guardianship and limits the powers of a guardian so that any degradation of these inalienable rights is strictly limited.     Any limitation beyond that which is absolutely necessary is a violation of the 13th and 14th Amendments, as well as the specific prohibition of 42 USCA 1983.      For said reason the burden of proof for the appointment of a guardian is “clear and convincing” and the powers granted are by law required to be strictly limited.    Unfortunately, the corruption found in certain State Courts (usually the probate division) has turned these courts into vehicles designed to abuse and exploit the targeted victims of ‘elder cleansing’ for profit.    When the targeted individual is no longer profitable for the miscreant elder cleanser, the said individual is put to death.     The interim period between the appointment and the death usually subjects the victim to horrible torture that includes but not limited to mistreatment, exposure to injury, isolation, administration of dangerous drugs, and other inhuman treatment.  
[3] Robert Jaycox’s ordeal is an example of the unholy alliance between the Court, the health care provider (in this case a nursing home), and the assertion of absolute power over an individual in the elder cleansers quest for Federal (and State) funds.    The recent indictment of Philip Esformes in the Federal Court sitting in the Southern District of Florida demonstrates the pecuniary opportunity that exists for the ‘elder cleansing’ miscreants.    Mr. Esformes is appropriate accused by the United States of America of stealing a billion (1,000,000,000) dollars in Medicare funds.    To obtain these health care funds the citizens who are tortured by the felonies of elder care such as described in this affidavit are subjected to total deprivations of all rights that a civilized society has to provide its residents.      Mr. Esformes was able to steal the billion ($1,000,000,000.00) dollars using about 30 nursing homes located in South Florida.    Esformes and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators are believed and therefore alleged upon reliable information and belief to have control of hundreds of nursing homes engaging in the very same illegal procedures, felonies, and other conduct literally depriving senior citizens of life, liberty, and all rights afforded humans in civilized societies.
[4] The procedure followed in the Jaycox case is very common.     It has been alleged by reliable investigators  that to miscreant operators of one set of nursing homes obtained residents for the nursing homes that he operated by literally kidnapping homeless people, having them declared incompetent by the Courts so that the guardians can direct Federal and State health care funds to the nursing home operation.    
[5] This procedure is unusual and not appropriate, but, I consented to it because I was aware of a serious indiscretion by the doctor that would not only prove that Mr. Jaycox was competent, but, that the doctor in his affidavit had committed perjury.   
[6] A wired court proceeding is a proceeding in which the result of the hearing is predetermined sans evidence.   The Judge’s decision has been guaranteed.      Sometimes the guarantee is in the form of remuneration and other times it is much more subtle.    The Judge is “king” in his/her courtroom and has absolute power.   Great discretion is allocated to the judge, especially in these social service cases, to act in the ‘best interests of the respondent.’    When a respondent has 1.5 million dollars that can disappear without a trace *****.    In the Sykes case, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) took the evidence deposition of Judge Maureen Connors and at page 91 she actually admitted that her decision was predetermined (‘wired’) So routine is this situation in these guardianship cases that the Judge was elevated from the probate division of the Circuit Court to the Appellate Court of Illinois.   The admission made absolutely no impression on the IARDC, the Supreme Court of Illinois etc.   One of the two guardian ad litem described the Constitutional protections provided all citizens of the United States by the Federal and State Constitution as “technicalities”     Calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION by me were greeted with Disciplinary proceedings instituted by the IARDC.
[7] On the MaryGSykes blog are videos of Mary taken after she was illegally declared incompetent – the guardian and in particular the two guardians’ ad litem tried to suppress these videos as they demonstrate that Mary Sykes knew the object of her bounty, the extent and nature of her estate and could perform not only simple but rather complex business transactions.    Mary even though declared by Court order (obtained without jurisdiction and without hearing) to be incompetent, Mary in the opinion of counsel had the full capacity to make a will.
[8] Contemporaneously with the subversion of Mary’s Petition for an Order of Protection, Mary was – according to Mary – removed from Cook County and moved to the neighboring county of DuPage.     The Petition for adjudication of incompetency is required to have the venue of the county in which the respondent resides.      The Petition also must disclose ‘close’ or ‘near’ relatives.     The Petition did not disclose Mary’s two sisters with whom she was very close.     In addition neither sister (or Mary’s younger child) was give notice of any hearing on Mary’s incompetency.    In fact no hearing was ever held prior to the a guardian being appointed.
[9] I have been informed that in an effort to intimidate Gloria Sykes (the younger daughter of Mary Sykes) a corrupt Judge (Judge Stuart) had Gloria Sykes chained to a chair and threatened with the death of her service animal, incarceration etc. – it is also believed that a physician who never met or examined Mary perjured himself in a mock hearing – exactly what he said cannot be reliably ascertained.   This alleged proceeding took place years after Mary Sykes was removed from her home in Cook County Illinois and isolated from her family, friends and prior life.
[10]  The proceedings in August 2009 involving the appointment of a guardian were significant in that the treating doctor who Mary regularly sought medical care from refused to testify that Mary was incompetent.   This technicality presented a problem – without the perjury of a medical professional Mary’s assets could not be legally confiscated.    The Court transcript reveals that the Judge facilitated and a Guardian ad litem  referred the Petition for a doctor who was available to allegedly perjure himself so that the Court record could contain an affidavit as to Mary’s competency.   
[11] The Esformes cartel has recently become front page news as Philip Esformes was indicted by the United States of America for stealing One billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars from the Medicare program.   (This apparently does not include the thefts from the various insurance companies and the nursing home patients).
[12] Guardian ad litem, Cynthia Farenga, who admitted that she never had or accessed the safety deposit box – and was not present when the safety deposit box denied the existence of the gold coins.    Exactly how or why she did so has not been disclosed.    However, the guardian has not denied she removed and took possession of the gold coins.   Not one coin was inventoried by the guardian and all efforts by Gloria Sykes to demand an honest inventory of Mary’s assets have been denied by the various corrupt judges assigned to the Mary Sykes case.
[13] Nursing homes in Chicago and Miami (and in other jurisdictions) are convenient facilities for incarceration of the elderly and the disabled.   By use of opiates and other pharmaceuticals = usually paid for by Medicare or health insurance policies a senior citizen is rendered semi-conscious so that he/she can be warehoused and kept as the ‘living dead’ as the last dime is extracted from the United States of America and the Estate of the victim.   As indicated by the Indictment of Philip Esformes (theft of One Billion ($1,000,000,000.00) dollars from Medicare) and the Omnicare fine of more than $150,000 dollars (Omnicare sold to CVS Pharmacy for 12.4 Billion (12,400,000,000.00) dollars) this venture is very profitable.    Annotated public officials and corrupt individuals have found a niche – i.e. exploitation and abuse of the elderly and the disabled subsidized by the full faith and credit of the United States of America – in the form of Medicare and other health care programs.     On any given day even a casual visitor will note the zombie like elderly lined up in the wheelchairs either lining the halls of the facility or otherwise vegetating.    The Government accounting office has done four investigations of this elder cleansing situation and Congress and the Obama Administration have done virtually nothing.   See NASGA blog – the texts of the GAO reports are reproduced. 
[14] All citizens of the United States of America have a duty to report felonies to law enforcement 18 USCA 4.     However, again the business of ‘elder cleansing’ is so lucrative that many public officials have undertaken a concerted effort at intimidating the public so that they ignore their obligation of citizenship to aid and abet law enforcement in the efforts       An apparent example, is the action of Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commissions actions toward a health care criminal and lawyer Seth Gillman.    Mr. Gillman, a lawyer, was charged and plead guilty to stealing millions of dollars from the health care system on a hospice scheme.   The IARDC had little interest in separating Mr. Gillman from his law license.     In fact, disciplinary proceedings appeared to be reluctantly brought against Mr. Gillman by the lawyer disciplinary board; however, when Gillman pleaded guilty to what amounted to a scheme to expropriate several hundred million dollars from the health care problem proceedings did in fact commence.   However, when it was disclosed that Mr. Gillman was co-operating with the United States of America in connection with its investigation of health care fraud Mr. Larkin and the IARDC petitioned the Supreme Court of Illinois for an interim suspension of Mr. Gillman’s law license.
[15] The absurdity of the proceeding was illustrated by the Commission finding that while 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 had not been complied with everyone knew that a hearing was to be held and had the ability to attend that hearing.     Thus, I was lying about there being no notice of the hearing.     As there was not a scintilla of evidence to give a hint that such an explanation might have been appropriate, the ‘wiring’ of the commission was evident.     The burden of proof was on Mr. Larkin and his failure to produce evidence was offensive to the finding.     However, the commission in its efforts to voice some justification for its decision failed to note that there was NO HEARING and no evidence of any kind that a hearing had taken place.    The criterion of the Statute found in 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3, Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, the fifth and fourteen Amendments to the United States constitution and the Americans with Disabilities Act all were absent.    The corrupt commission as well as the corrupt judiciary proceedings were exposed for the world to see.   The cover-up was complete and open and notorious.

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