From Reese Witherspoon*–Making the courts do the right thing and treat disabled persons with the greatest of dignity

Very interesting case and the fifth circuit repeatedly kicked the crud out of the SDTEX for not doing the right thing. Based upon equal protection, if we could fund a class action modeled after this, we could change the law in Texas much faster for guardianship than each 2 years fighting Herman all the way.
That is why I want to begin fundraising . I think the timing is good because all of the tricks the legislature does like “suspending the rules” were not tolerated by the 5th Circuit. Abstention was rejected. Rooker-feldman has been dealt with by Anna Nicole. The probate exception does not apply. Even though it’s traditionally a state function, people are in danger. That means under the same 14th Amendment, the Court cannot say no. And I think we found the money…to make this attractive to a big firm or Lanier…as a qui tam.
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