Tim Lahrman is gone, prayers for him and his wife Cindy

It is with heavy heart I repost this. Tim was at my ARDC trial all the way from Indiana, and an ardent supporter, though we had many, many intellectual disputes.

From Atty Candice Schwager:

Thank you everyone for your prayers. Miracles happened. Tim stuck around a few days and His family and brother cried and apologized for taking 30 years of his life and rendering him dead in the eyes of the law. His girlfriend Cindy never got to marry him but she finally got a beautiful picture of them together when he started breathing again and life support removed all of those awful hoses and wires. A childhood friend wrote and said he knew he had little time due to heart and lung problems. I think his heart was broken. I should have known because the day our foundation logo was done and I had his vision, he was praising God that his suffering was over. I asked if he wanted me to get his capacity restored to give him the right to sue and though he knew his lawsuit was worth millions, he said no. We were getting calls and emails to file cases together in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada. He was so happy he found a lawyer who he really wanted to work with that understood his vision and was happy to sit at the feet of a genius and learn. Strangely we did not become close friends until 2016 but instantly we hit it off like best friends. I am honored to know that he felt the same way. I was so amazed at his genius but he humbly said “Im only a vessel” . We were supposed to sit by the lake and eat steak as we strategized. We finally had the money to buy steaks and airline tickets to meet. I wish I would have moved faster. Cindy and Crystal sent me a photo of Tim so I could see what he looked like. He has a big fish. Then I saw pictures of Cindy’s son and grand daughter who were Tim’s family. Each one was holding a fish. So I decided to make them laugh by showing them my fish was bigger. We went back and forth laughing. A lady on Facebook told me her father went fishing with Jesus while in a coma. So I thought Tim has gone fishing and is coming back. Suddenly his heart was perfectly healthy and Drs said he had the body of a young man. Vital signs were normal. But he had no significant brain activity except seizures requiring he be sedated again. I just found out he passed away, and can only surmise he was fishing with Jesus too.

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4 thoughts on “Tim Lahrman is gone, prayers for him and his wife Cindy

  1. So, sad, I am crying. He is indeed on a fishing trip with Jesus and all his best friends and family who earlier passed to glory. Mother Theresa was canonized yesterday as a saint. Tim was always a saint. He knows it now

  2. I re-read your post this morning. I miss Tim. Maybe because he just had a birthday, maybe because the Holidays are sentimental. I loved him and always will. We laughed so loud and so deeply. Thanks for your words. If you want,please call me and I would be glad to do a private reading for you. jlmk. 773 255 7608
    Terry Brauchla Brilliandt (Tim’s childhood sweetheart)

    • Dear Terry; I am soooo sorry for your loss. Tim was a great help and a comfort to many, many victims. I think it’s the holidays when our emotions are heightened and we appreciate all those we have loved and do love. Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts about Tim. He has and will continue to be greatly missed. We were all very lucky to know him. Joanne

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