From Candice Schwager–the amazing story of Tim Lahrman, probate activist

Want to hear something outrageous? Tim Lahrman was fraudulently stripped of all rights and placed in guardianship by his brother to steal $1 million. He’s a genius but hasn’t been able to escape 30 years.
Tim suddenly had a heart attack making everyone think he died. We prayed Ezekiel when he prophesied to dry lifeless bones ? We played it all night. He was breathing on ventilators and heart beat 30/ minute. Drs said since he didn’t breathe even 1% after they unfroze him and heated him 0-95 degrees, call hospice. They planned to pull plug at 6:30 pm Sunday and I couldn’t handle it so I went to bed sobbing. I woke up at 9:00 pm and a text said he began breathing moments before 6:30. They removed life support and his vital signs returned to perfect. after no oxygen or heart beat 10 minutes.
Drs say he now has a strong heart and the body of a younger man. It’s like he’s asleep but he’s deeply sedated. Drs said he was brain dead ,which is legally dead. Sherry Johnston blurted out “That terminated the guardianship” by law.
If he recovers he is free because he died, death is usually the only way out but Tim found a loophole in the law and began freeing people with his work. He just had no way to free himself until now.
His brother & guardian) put him in guardianship 30 years ago, the guardian abandoned him 15 years ago penniless and Indiana is one of a few states with no program for indigent. 15 years His mother, sister and children abandoned him. Yet he found happiness in just being alive and fishing.
His brother asked for his social security number and His girlfriend has nothing because he’s not been able to legally work in 30 years. he couldn’t use it after his rights were removed to vote, work, marry, sue, pay taxes, apply for state or federal money, and the only person with authority was his guardian, or a federal judge, who refused saying he had no capacity to sue.
So an act of 2/3 of congress to impeach a federal judge or that Judge dying would have been the only action he could rely on. Only the federal judge and the one who deemed him incapacitated had jurisdiction. Federal judges serve for life. Not even the president of US could help because separation of powers and 10th amendment and abstention doctrine prohibits a federal judge from ordering a state judge to do something — unless his civil rights under 42 USC 1983 were violated. 1983 didn’t include disabled as a suspect class but race, sex, age, national origin.
The US and State were immune so they didn’t care. I searched for his guardianship but there’s no record of him being in guardianship in Allen County, so. The prosecutor, sheriff and judge in the criminal case with 17 year old bogus charges laughed in my face when I threatened to sue for illegally detaining an incapacitated person. They falsely imprisoned him 73 days and he wrote his own habeas corpus and got released. The sheriff refused to let him go because he could not verify he was in guardianship. His girlfriend of 26 years could have been his de facto guardian if they married but he lacked capacity as a ward and lacked even a valid ID.
Indiana does not recognize common law marriage to make his 26 year life long love his de facto guardian. Since he was deemed incapacitated he could legally work so he didn’t have a social security card or IRS document because he lacked capacity.
It’s as if he was dead since 1987. He had no rights and didn’t exist–if that were possible to take away inalienable rights.
Indiana has no indigent program for wArds of the state, so as soon as they took every penny and he was totally broke, the state of Indiana abandoned him. His guardian said stop harassing him or calling and was much older so he’s likely dead, incapacitated or has no records because he had to have thrown them away after he knew he couldn’t be sued.
Tim filed a suit in 1987 and the federal court ruled he lacked capacity to sue and threw him out. The only person who could sue was his guardian and he wasn’t going to sue himself or get his capacity restored because he could then be personally liable.
The US Supreme Court ruled in Jackson vs Indiana that you can’t hold an incapacitated person in jail but who could do anything about it?
He had no authority to get representative payee social security benefits because they denied his application saying he wasn’t disabled. I don’t know if an appellate court could even make a ruling because there was no order to appeal and no records. Well even though he’s off life support and seemingly very alive, the law defines brain death as legally dead. Those 10 minutes he died ended the guardianship because death immediately terminated guardianship.
His brother can’t sue because he has no standing because of what he did. Nor can other family members. So why ask for his SSN? To protect himself, the guardian or the federal judge who threw his case out for lack of capacity. Intentionally violating Constitutional rights is a death penalty crime if he died!!
Now rule 17c gives federal judges the authority to appoint someone to be a guardian ad Litem to sue in his place where his guardian has a conflict of interest,
if we went to the Supreme Court on habeas corpus we might win based on Indiana constructively falsely imprisoning him but states are immune under 10th Amendment. The state has no law like that so legally he was trapped. Worse than a dead person or death row inmate, the State purportedly removed all of his inalienable Constitutional rights even though that is a legal fiction or treason because any state law violating federal law is void under Supremacy Clause. Caperton V Massey.
The governor could not do anything because he had only power to pardon and he committed no crime. The state can’t tell a federal judge what to do under the 11th amendment and it would violate separation of powers. the civil rights act of 1964 didn’t include Disability as a protected class. The only statute that could have helped him was the ADA of 1990 and he was declared incapacitated in 1987. So now he’s free and he isn’t really dead just like he was never really incapacitated but a genius.
What a mess but Oh Lord let him live and have no brain damage so when he wakes up, watch out!!! He was never incapacitated which means he was kidnapped and falsely imprisoned 30 years. Try $10,000 per day x 30 years x 3 for punitive damages and add 6% interest. My calculator won’t go that far! Pray!!!!!

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